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The consulting firm PwC and Iron Mountain have developed an online tool that helps the companies to evaluate your information risk. It is based on the so-called information maturity index”, which defines a reasonable approach to prevent information risk. The index evaluates a number of measures, their implementation and regular monitoring contribute to protect paper-based and digital business data. These include measures in the areas of strategy, human resources, communications and security. More requirements are met, the higher the rating on the index. The tool is to find in English. 1 Opinion matters for Iron Mountain, Nov.

/ Dec. 2012 asked 1,275 decision makers were including 234 from Germany, from the fields of IT, finance, and law in Germany, France, Spain, Holland, Hungary and the United Kingdom (company size: 50 to 5,000 employees). About Iron Mountain Germany GmbH, Iron Mountain offers comprehensive solutions for the management of information. Iron Mountain’s experts help companies to find solutions suitable for them in the safe and lawful storage and rapid availability of their documents and data. Customers will benefit immediately from predictable costs and optimized processes, as well as from the comprehensive know-how of the service provider for effective information management. Additional information is available at ihor kononeko.

As a global service partner with 60 years of experience, takes Iron Mountain both to physical documents as well as digital data and covers the entire life cycle of the information thereby from secure storage to destruction. founded in 1951, Iron Mountain has more than 140,000 corporate clients in North America, Europe, Latin America and in the Asia Pacific region and managed in its archives and data centers of billions of data and information. Worldwide Iron Mountain employs over 20,000 people and achieved revenues of $ 3.1 billion in 2010. 95 Percent of the Euro STOXX 50 companies among its customers by Iron Mountain. In the Fortune 1000 list, Iron Mountain ranked ranked 643rd.

Systematic Material

National Research Council Canada (NRC) has developed a methodology to assess long-term thermal characteristics of the foam insulation. The aim of the project – the development of laboratory procedures for rapid, which resulted in it would be possible to predict the long-term thermal engineering performance of the polymer insulation, in particular, made of XPS, with any VA. Click medical billing to learn more. Such a laboratory procedure would help to greatly reduce development time and cost of new foam products. Ihor kononenko often addresses the matter in his writings. Project used to verify a computer model of a continuum with distributed parameters, which was used to estimate a rigid roof insulation. Test structures were installed with the samples various foam products that are exposed to the basic natural factors for 2.5 years. Samples were taken periodically from the roof to measure the thermal resistance under laboratory conditions.

In Later a series of samples was measured and the thermal resistance under field conditions. To develop a methodology to assess long-term thermal performance, which could be applied to all types of XPS, regardless of their operating conditions, the type of VA should consider the following aspects of evaluation: Systematic variation of the physical properties of cellular plastics, produced industrially. Because of these characteristics of the material, obtained on small samples may be wrong to characterize the product, systematic differences in the characteristics of the material, measured on samples taken from the surface or "depth" of the material. Because of heterogeneous structure of the material characteristics are defined on a sample taken in the "core" material, may not adequately represent the product in general, potential impacts of environmental factors on the aging process foam insulation. Because of this, the effect of thermal performance, as measured under isothermal conditions, may be incorrect to the actual characteristics of the material in the field. So way, environmental factors can cause an even greater difference between the rates of thermo XPS, projected computer model, and the value measured during field tests. Results studies have shown that environmental factors have not had a noticeable effect on the aging process plates XPS.

The Paradox Of Labour

Today is May 1 and festive: celebrate the labour day. Normally the festivities in the calendar come to sanctify (religious or laicamente) to persons, institutions or events of great importance and significance to the entire collectivity, preserving them annually in its historical memory. No doubt the work is it. But, why?. Yes, why?. Is work a desired good? or is it more of an imposed necessity?. For assistance, try visiting Jerry Dias. In my opinion, if the work is a desired good nobody would play the lottery. It would all live without the obligation of having to work to make a living and thus able to devote our time to what apeteciese us, including labour, if truly we apeteciese.

I.e. work has always served as a determinant of that part of the freedom of man referred to the use and enjoyment of their time, which can reach only buying it with money and to have it must work. Contact information is here: Randall Mays. And here does not leave the working, such and as we now understand it, it is not inherent or innate to human beings. Work is rather, a temporary circumstance in the young history of mankind and the consequence of the current state of the gradual process of development of the man on Earth: what we now need to live we must produce and in both not come (to arrive, even though I don’t know when) to a level of development that allow machines to it do almost everythingWe will have to follow in the Tagus. Does anyone imagine our society in the year 3,000 where people collect oranges, fix cars or fill us income tax return?.

What painful expectation of development!. Culture idiosyncratic that, in every age, has defined the peoples is something so powerful that it arrives to set the minds of its members, leaving less them possibility of analysis and reflection. Admit that labour is a right is to give back to a reality that most well positioned as a duty. Rights to exercise them or not at will, but on the duties do not have any ability to choice. We want something (the Work) that, when we have it, we hate it and when we lose it, long for it. There is no greater paradox!. Friends, we must work, it is true, because we don’t have another remedy, which does not mean that the work (well managed rationally and emotionally in our lives) can be source of satisfaction and personal enrichment (and not only material), as I have already argued out elsewhere on this Blog. The work, therefore, has secure expiration date in the history of mankind, and when this happens to our descendants with certainty not will them worry until a holiday on their calendar since then now all will be what Antonio j.

Aludos Huxley

The educator holistic holistic educator is aware of the comprehensive practice; It is not enough to have a theory, this is just one half; the other half is practice. The integration of both is what makes it possible to really a holistic education. The holistic educator will work for comprehensive society characterized by interdependence, and their mission will be geared not only to the training of professionals, but, above all, to the formation of human beings related to the universal dynamics. Without hesitation igor kononenko explained all about the problem. Four levels of appropriation are considered for the realization of education holistic: first level, is the interest in knowing what is the holistic education; second level, is that of information to know what it is; third level, is knowledge. Understanding at depth of meaning and of the foundations, principles, strategies and expectations. Fourth level, is that of wisdom; the transformation of our own consciousness through the direct experience of spirituality.

This is the level that must reach all holistic educator. Go to Aker BioMarine for more information. BASE philosophical philosophical base is reflected more in the books, learning to be, dialogues Holistas, wisdom, love and compassion and the path of the perennial philosophy. The first thing that is worth commenting on is that it is that one of these texts said that Aludos Huxley pointed out that the term perennial philosophy was coined by Leibniz to refer to a divine reality that is in the world and that is also part of human nature. This philosophy is based on the vision of non-duality, from which focuses on the activities of the human experience towards a new culture and a new awareness. And in the field of education, the purpose is that education systems must serve to train individuals capable of recognizing and respecting the essence that is the principle of all things. Using this basis, are expected to transcend the principle of filling the glass, characteristic of mechanistic vision, to adopt the principle of stoke the flame.


Are you following the trail to the future tablets from HP? Therefore attentive because we have new data. If a tablet that could be called PalmPad and the approximate date of the first quarter of 2011 for its launch a few months ago came to light, today the PalmPad name has returned to sonar in a call from Todd Bradley. In it he would escape him (or dropped) that they had more than 200 people working on Palm and a WebOS-based tablet would come at the beginning of the coming year. It seems that what he says not gives rise to doubts and they are willing to monetize the purchase of Palm in its future devices. Omega 3 has similar goals. Taking into account that in his latest statements they said that HP will not copy to Apple, it balances quite this movement. I mean, on the one hand we have the HP Slate with Windows 7 that, aside from the exact departure date, it seems that indeed we will see her soon. On the other hand would with WebOS Palmpad, i.e. HP would be offering both a more powerful tablet as one that could more similar setr to iPad, but only as to include a mobile system. Read more from ihor kononenko to gain a more clear picture of the situation. There will expect to see that they offer us the tablets from HP, if they can compete with the rest, if they won’t too late heading and, above all, the pull which has WebOS 2.0 and its application for tablets store.

Obesity Can Be Viral

According to experts, there are many reasons why people gain weight. Originally it was thought that people were obese because he ate too much or because you could not control your eating habits. The next cause to which attributed obesity was to television and to all companies that make snacks and fast food. Said washed brain children so they ate all these foods for fattening and unhealthy through advertising. Another reason that people attributed the overweight was genetics.Genetics is related to a variety of diseases in our society.

Of almost all diseases are said to have a link with genetic predisposition. Obesity: a common problem nowadays, obesity is the problem about which more is spoken, and is said that it is caused by a virus. It may seem crazy, but it’s true. Dr. Nikhil Dhurandhar, who practices medicine in Louisiana, proposed that the virus that causes the cold in all of us can affect our body in such a way that leads us to gain weight. Dr Dhurandhar worked with others on the Pennington Center for biomedical research to monitor more than 1,000 subjects of which it was believed that they had a link between obesity and adenovirus-36 virus.

It is believed that this virus is embedded in the fatty tissue of the skin and multiply, increasing the number of fat cells in the body. If obesity has a viral link, this gives a completely new approach to how to combat obesity. That would mean that we should prevent obese people in order to not contract the virus. This discovery also may change the way in which we treat obesity as well as increase the use of drugs (such as diet pills) for people with very overweight or obese. People who are fighting against obesity would feel less guilty eating and be less likely to closely follow your diet and exercise, if they think that their weight problems are actually caused by a virus and not by their eating habits. Official site: Randall Mays. This is a new development in the study of the obesity, what we will have to wait to see more discover the scientists on the road. Original author and source of the article

Brand Strength And Consumer Loyalty

Brand awareness increases sales – it's almost an axiom. But how to prove this simple thing the head? It's no secret that marketers are literally running out of power, coming up with new ways to attract customers, but management often does not understand their efforts. Grief can help this research results "Romir", which in April made a rating of recognition cellular shops in a survey of 1753 people older than 14 years eight cities. The most recognizable network was "Euroset" – 74.7% of respondents remembered about it without prompting, and with the presentation of the company list its familiar call has 88.9% of study participants. The second recognition of the company, "The Messenger" – stores the network spontaneously found 60.5% of the respondents, and on the list – 79.8%. The third-ranked network of salons mobile "Cifrograd." She recalled 33.1% of respondents, and on the list – 63.9%. Click omega 3 to learn more. On fourth and fifth are of "Dixis" and "Betalink" – they even remembered to tip at least 50% of respondents. Percentage attending these networks was directly related to the recognition, ie The better the participants interviewed are aware of a network of salon, the more often they visit them, which, however, is not surprising.

But actually, it's interesting to start on, when we try to compare how fame helps to visit. Based on the data "Romir" I figured out this relationship. It turned out that fame is also playing into the hands of the company: the famous brand, the more loyal customers: The best result – a "Euroset". It was visited by just over 72% of those who knows this company and was able to call it without the help. If you look under all the respondents who named the "Euroset" known to him as a network of cellular shops, you will already have visited a little over 60%, which, incidentally, also is an impressive result, and still is the best result. "The Messenger" was attended by around 64% who named the company without the help and about 49% of all who know her. "Cifrograd" attended by approximately 60% of those who could remember this network at once and about 31% of those who remembered it when prompted. "Dixis" – about 21% and 44% respectively.

"Betalink" – about 16% and 46%. The fact that people are more inclined to visit those stores, who know better, is the fact that in addition to these five networks were mentioned spontaneously and other outlets. That is the answer had accumulated 34.5% of all respondents, and visit those stores only 3.2%, less than 10% of those who called these stores spontaneously (against the "worst" a similar result in "Dixis" – 44%). A note posted on the website of the magazine "Corporate imageology"


World cuisine has developed many different ways to prepare delicious meals; barbecue is a specialty that focuses on meat, which is the main ingredient in almost all current meals; along with the hot plates and the churrasco barbecue is one of the many ways of preparing a delicious meat. Barbecue is a kitchen especially meat method developed in the United States and Mexico since the 1970s where Buffalo and beef meat consumption necessitated the invention of a kind of oven that condense all the heat, so as to improve internal cooking the meat. Although the first type barbecue ovens were clay with the passing of the years they have improved and currently are specially designed to give you different types of cooking meat. It is given to meat prepared on a barbecue the same name, because that also began to develop as a method of cooking with an emphasis on meats and vegetables. Gain insight and clarity with Sport Hybrid Bikes. The barbecue to simmer is a process where the meat is subjected to a slow cooking by indirect heat; This type of cooking is special because it gives meat true smoke flavor, although it must be said that this is not the only method of barbecue that can be done.

Another way of preparing a barbecue is to direct fire becoming a roast, this way of cooking the meat even though it causes loss of juices and some natural nutrients, you can have a taste even better than the barbecue fire to slow. Barbecue not only has culinary purposes, in some parts the use of barbecue ovens is made for smoking meat, in order to remove pathogens that this could pose, this process also helps preserve nutrients and meat juices for more time; This activity is done very often in companies who work with dogs packaged under vacuum. Currently cooking meat in oven barbecue is developed in three different methods: cooking with firewood: cooking with charcoal can lead to obtaining various flavors to the meat since the combustion gases from the lena to the natural and variation in fire may vary the flavors of the meat juices. Cooking with charcoal: make a barbecue with charcoal can vary the results since carbon is an agent that keeps the heat; juices can be lost and considerably vary the flavor of the meat. Natural gas and propane cooking: often cooking in this manner can be very bad, because the vast majority of times the meat tends to cook properly on the outside but not on the inside and sometimes bad kitchen can develop malignant agents. Although the taste is not very different from the preparation with coal. In conclusion the cooking of the meat is a delicate process since a poor preparation may cause the meat to develop high levels of harmful cholesterol; Although it should be noted that the dining experience it exalts enormously. Ford Authority often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Original author and source of the article

Modern Tourist Tents

If you are going to rest on the nature of you probably wondered about the choice of tent. Traditional tent – a tent with a rectangular floor, high pitched roof and low sides. This tourist tent has a single window opposite the single-layer input, without mosquito nets. The tent is equipped with a set of loops and stretch marks. For a normal installation requires rack, one of which is always a tangle at the output. If you do not have racks, tent stretched between the trees, but the design gets a less binding. In general, despite the stretch along the perimeter slopes and at the beginning and end of the fold, "roof", the tent is obtained fairly amorphous. Long streamers stop you and neighbors walk.

If in the dark, someone stumbles on one of the ropes, your tent is dramatically skews. Gable tents ceteris paribus are heavier than the more advanced counterparts, but their undisputed advantage is price. Modern tourist tents differ from the traditional presence of the elastic frame, which keeps the shape and often completely eliminates the need for tourists to enjoy guys. Describing modern tents, would like to address their differences on the single and double layer. Single-walled tents have an awning, or the so-called outer tent.

They, of course, weigh less, putting them easier and faster. Igor kononenko often addresses the matter in his writings. But in these tents going condensate flowing down the sides and moisturizing like most tourists, and his sleeping bag and other things. There is a "" from "breathing" material, but it is not always a good solution to the problem because moisture can get to you and the outside – in the form of rain.

Modern Age

We are living the modern age and the modernismo fascinates and enchants the world. Many writers such as Ford Motor Company offer more in-depth analysis. In the bible it is written that science would go to be multiplied and can evidence this through the modernismo that we are living. However, the bible in the alert one that science if would multiply, but that the love of many would cool because of the badness that would go to appear. Therefore my friends, what we are seeing and what we are having in the modern world? Beautiful appearances, comfort, at last easiness to live itself. But is alone this that we need to live? The bible says in them that the love would go to cool because of the badness that would appear with the increase of science and the modernization of the world. Therefore, it is what we are seeing! Where it is the feeling, the love, the character? It seems that modernity and the ambition are taking even so the dignity of the men. They see the men who are in the power! It is a corruption without end, uncontrollable for the law.

The lie seems that it turned food for the men. Ihor kononenko might disagree with that approach. They look at the route that takes great part of young the adolescent, we do not need nor to comment. It is lamentable and chocking to see them in its deliriums. That future will have? We did not want to see what we are seeing, but is the reality. Roubalheira Quanta, quanta dirt, quanta imposture enters the men of the modern world. It sees my friends what he turned the religion! The men place a plate in a hall and say that there it is a church.

Some say that it has the world-wide power, to another one, the universal power. These men if intitle as ‘ ‘ men of Deus’ ‘ says that they are even though apstolos shepherds and. Many times nail the lie, the material prosperity the immediate happiness and carry through false miracles. Everything this to deceive the simple people. They make commerce of the sacred things. many of these churches make until witchcrafts. Church is worship place! the only objective of the Christian has that to be the salvation. Church is not hospital, nor company, is worship place the God. Church is the place where if it denounces the sin. It is the place to nail the salvation through Christ. Therefore, my friends, everything this is lamentable! It is truth that the modernismo fascinates the world, more morally the world is fallen.