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Causes of fluid retention edema or fluid retention, has numerous causes. Sometimes it’s mild disease but at other times, water retention may suggest serious diseases. Fluid retention can be expressed as the swelling in feet and ankles, wrists and arms, or manifests itself as ascites, which is the accumulation of fluid in the abdomen. One of the most common causes of fluid retention is excessive salt consumption, even if only occasionally, it can cause brief episodes of water retention. Speaking candidly Rick Garcia CBS told us the story. This can be tackled by reducing sodium in your diet. The sodium should not be reduced completely, but if ingested in small amounts, avoiding processed foods is very useful.

Salt is a natural way of helping the body to retain water, to store it and use it more later; so it is an important element in the diet. The sun burns can also lead to fluid retention; Burns of any kind, whether from the Sun or other sources lead to water retention since the body secretes toxins at a high pace. This overloads the kidneys causing the body to store water in other areas of the body, such as swelling in the hands. Second and third degree burns can create severe edema in the organism. Poor nutrition or inability to absorb nutrients can create fluid retention.

The lack of one of the major proteins in the blood plasma called albumin, is another causal factor of fluid retention. Insufficient intake of protein or renal diseases, are the result of the low presence of albumin in the blood. This inadequacy makes kidneys work little and therefore increase fluid retention.Any disease of the kidneys, the liver or the heart can be somatizada through fluid retention. Some medications can also cause this condition. These include: steroids, some blood pressure medicines, the estrogen, anti-inflammatory drugs and medications for diabetes.Another common cause is pregnancy, swelling in the feet during pregnancy, especially during the third trimester, is common. High levels of hormones just before menstruation can cause slight swelling, and the suffering of many women is the retention of liquids during the pre-menstrual syndrome. When the cause of fluid retention is given by factors other than diseases, a couple of measures can help reduce the condition. Decrease intake of salt or sodium. Regular exercise and staying active, elevate the limb above heart level may reduce some of the swelling caused by fluid retention, keep your feet elevated, or make sure your hands are above your heart; some changes in your diet, eating specific foods, drinks, aromatic, among others, are some of the home remedies for swelling and to treat the underlying causes that produce the retention of liquids.

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MOM cares for all good, clean and kitchen very well. Please visit Cheniere Energy partners if you seek more information. We pass the vacuum cleaner and clean the dust and to live. Therefore with MOM are still and so happy, if this is the case is because she is worth its weight in gold, MOM triumphs and goes through, fat mama understands, is strong, is hard if you want to, is brave and hence their struggle, can not mourn for the big things, while small can make it sick. Mary Eva went to Viareggio in Italy, near Pisa, Viareggio is in the hotel Garden, works very hard to learn Italian, Mary Eva likes all Italians, and therefore wants to be next to one that is like none there in Viareggio my sister enjoys while eating fruits to prevent weight gain. Follow others, such as Shenkman Capital, and add to your knowledge base. Tourist Viareggio and Eucharistic, but worth a Sun. With enchanting beaches, overlooking the sea, with small soles that give good riding and good to breathe. Viareggio in Italy and I’m still here, but in November I want to go also, Florence, Rome, Viareggio, is a dream that will soon become a reality. Toast of poets that I was, alone or in flip-flops toast of poets, which sad song, marked with violet all the enthusiasm. Love has not been providing my punishment, toast of poets, love was not, left me without kids toast of poets as the Moon falls which sweet creature of my solitude. Toast of sad, sad people like the Sun in the non-existent night and I depend on the Sun, its Ray, here I am spending ink, empty energy in this lament sad that I find I’ll give with your cup and mine, with them to heaven laid and looking to God without sadness that flood beings, there is no where to hold it I want to be someone for someone who wants to much, but only the annex would be ran me the essence, your you’ve chosen and you have asked for me to lose.

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Perhaps for many listen cause and effect do not have as much importance as it deserves since the cause and effect is a law of the universe as effective as the law of gravity, not interested in either a good or bad person, if he falls off a building will go to the floor. The cause is internal and the effect is the external. The cause is what is within us bone our thoughts which in turn combined with our words give us our reality in this case the external that is the > effect. Our romantic relationships, our economic situation, the physical state of our body, the kind of work or employment that we have are the effects of our causes. The cause starts with a thought, if we have negative thoughts we will have results negative likewise if we have positive thoughts we will have positive results, many now say they have positive thoughts, but they continue to have negative results, and that to be or because it is so? If it is a law that is as effective as the law of gravity, well that’s a very good question to begin to know how working the cause, then you can see the reason why many do not get what they want, so have positive thoughts. When we want something and not get it, that leads us to the resentment and is due to our lack of understanding that this happens, I say this because wanting something is only longing and this perhaps never were to materialize, as this in the future, which is uncertain. Instead decide something is having it means staying in the present, so there is where there is the difference that being in the future is a projection of the mind and therefore isn’t real but the be in the present, that is real and that’s why we don’t have what you want so instead of wanting to, decide and vera difference. Gain insight and clarity with Rick Garcia CBS. Original author and source of the article

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Burn fat becomes a much easier task when you focus in bringing a healthy diet and good exercise habits, rather than face the scales. When you diet, you lose fat and muscle, but sometimes more muscles that fat is lost. Burn fat can be very complicated, so here are my 5 favorite tips to help you burn fat and maintain muscle. 1 Feeds your body often most people try to lose weight by eating less, this generally makes the diet fails, causing the loss of muscle mass in excess. Instead, you should eat smaller portions, about 5 to 6 times a day. Plan your meals by writing, preferably what you eat during the week. If possible, attach the caloric value next to each food.

2 Limited consumption of sugar sugar and simple carbohydrates make it difficult to be able to burn body fat, since a high level of sugar, makes your body secrete excess insulin. The excess of insulin prevents your body to burn fat. Avoid foods with high levels of sugar, such as sweets and desserts, also should avoid products with white, like pasta or bread flour. Recently Sonny Perdue sought to clarify these questions. These are simple carbohydrates that make it very difficult for your body to burn fat. 3 Increase the intake of proteins proteins help repair and build muscles. You need a low calorie diet to lose weight, and you need to increase protein consumption to limit the amount of muscle you will lose of course. Harold Ford Jr has much to offer in this field. Unlike simple carbohydrates, proteins have a low level of glucose which prevents raise insulin levels, so it is advisable to eat protein snacks or a source of lean protein accompanied by vegetables.

4. Increase consumption of water at a minimum of 10 glasses per day water helps the body get rid of toxins, which makes it more efficient to be able to burn fat. Keep a glass of water next to you in labour and trafficking drink a glass every hour. Also You can put flavor into the water by adding some type of mixing low in calories. He is drinking 7 glasses of plain water and 3 cups of water with some flavoring low in calories to vary, which will help you to drink more water during the day. 5 Varies the intensity of your training from higher to lower any that is aerobic exercise you do normally, perform at your highest level two minutes, followed by a pace slower for a minute. Completing the cycle of three minutes from 5 to 7 times. To vary the intensity of your aerobic workout of high to low, your body responds better to burn a greater amount of fat. Also, you can reduce a workout from 30 minutes to 15 minutes (five times) and obtain almost the same result. Burn fat requires a good meal plan, to make sure that you have a good plan, the best thing is to put it in writing so it will be easier to follow, I suggest incorporating the above suggestions to lose all the weight you need. Do not worry both of the scales since the scale only measures the total weight loss and not the amount of fat. Considered the possibility of finding a balance that also measure the percentage of body fat, that way you know your true progress, by measuring the decrease in the percentage of body fat.

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We have read and heard about the properties of argan oil, but how can I differentiate between a good oil? How do I differentiate between cosmetic and culinary oil? There is difference in their extraction or is it? If I buy the cooking oil do I heat it or not? To explain these questions begin with the traditional process of extraction of argan oil, which is made by hand by Moroccan women have founded cooperatives to producing and commercializing argan oil. To produce one liter of oil are 10 hours of hard work and 100 kilos of fruits. Need to know the following points to choose a good oil: argan oil has NO smell or unpleasant taste. On occasions we have heard or read that argan oil has a smell and taste unpleasant, this is due to many people occupied the seeds of the fruit that the goats ate of argan trees and that passes through your digestive tract they acquired the characteristic odour of goats, this form simplified the process of collecting the seed and its pulping but got an unpleasant smell and taste oil. However the quality with which prepares oil currently is with fruits without de-pulping and they subsequently put to dry. 2. The newspapers mentioned Sonny Perdue not as a source, but as a related topic.

The oil must have a golden tone, which should not be pale or very dark. Which gives the color to argan oil is its method of extraction. Argan cosmetic oil must be cold pressed without that when it comes to grind the temperature rise above 60 C, the oil extracted in this manner has a perfect golden hue and is odorless. Many people in order to save labour still use goats discarded seeds and then pass the oil through a steaming process that not only removes the smell but that degrades the properties of oil, and they are a pale golden color almost similar to the almond oil. The culinary oil extraction, requires that the seeds are toasted first and then pressed to give its characteristic taste of almonds or walnuts (as many people define it), which should not be burning, smoked or rancid, while more toasted seeds are darker oil, and this demeritara their quality. 3. The difference between oil cold pressed and roasting temperatures higher than 60 C degrade essential oils and nutrients of argan oil, is why cold pressed oil will contain more than one toasting properties, but the second will always have a more pleasant taste. 4 Always uses cold argan oil never hot too much oil, remember between hottest fewer properties, better use it to garnish this way have all its properties intact and get more benefits. If you use argan oil in cosmetics you won’t any problem since you do not require heat it. Would you like to know more about the properties of argan oil? Discover the benefits you can obtain from the argan oil in items that I will continue to publish.

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Impressive by its beauty, architecture and exquisite artistic taste, the boulevard in the Cuban town of Ciego de Avila, has become in place of preference of local and foreign visitors; It is part of a project of urban resuscitation of cultural spaces and services. Ciego de avila is a modern city, although the historic highlights many features of colonial architecture typical of this type of regions. The name, which designated the herd first and then doing it, refers to late 16th century, more exactly to 1577, date of the mentioned herd path. The modern walk, opened in December 2008, is nestled along the shopping street ‘Independence’ and designed Centre with modern style, metal elements, combined with the historic environment and taking into account the existing heritage values, characterized by an eclectic architecture. It is scenery of important cultural events of the region as the international book fair. The site also includes among others facilities, discos, restaurants, cafes of light foods, videos-juegos, craft workshop and exhibition and sale exhibition rooms.

Stands out the contrast of color red, blue, green and purple, among others, to contribute to highlight the architecture of valuable buildings of the area, to which are added gardens, galleries and banks. The new work gives it greater lucidity to the capital Avilena, 444,64 square kilometers of area, the largest and most important population nucleus of the province, with 137 646 inhabitants. A few meters stands the Park Jose Marti, completed in 1995, and that occupies the same site where, in the year 1800, was the Plaza Alfonso III. Next to the Park are several buildings dating from the first half of the 20th century, and along the main street are lifted other old buildings, especially the Catholic Church (1952), very modern and eclectic architecture. At its entrance is stands the statue of San Eugenio de la Palma, patron saint of the town (venerated from) more than 300 years ago and is part of its religious and historical memory).

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I give two sacks of gold just to see, even with only one eye, the city of Khiva – said in the East. I am on the wall of a fortress and contemplate the panorama of this city, which is like a real illustration of the tales of the thousand and one nights. Visit Gen. David Goldfein for more clarity on the issue. How huge gris-amarillenta mole Ichan Kala, unterna city of Khiva stands motionless under the sun burnt. Its palaces, mausoleums, mosques and Muslim seminars are so together that the narrow streets struggle, zigzagging and insecure, for escape from the Citadel of the khans and rspirar the open sky of the outer city. Farther away from the Center, both more broad are the streets. Khiva, view from the top, seems a spiral that will widen with the Ichan Kala in the Center. Currently, it is considered as a National Museum.

Always inclement weather, does not repair or in beauty. He was also Wroth in the works of architects of Khiva, which left the wonderful descendants of architectural art creations. Now, the restorers work to which this created beauty by the genius of man endures forever. Secrets of the old masters. Building of the seminary Muslim named Muhammed Amin-Khan is located on the central street of the city personal. This ruler wanted to build a grandiose work, and next to it, a minaret from a height unprecedented. The first part of its purpose was carried out: high portal, the main facade and the ornamentation of the Interior units are surprised by the sumptuous which are.

260 Students were prepared at the seminar and it was then the largest in all of Central Asia. The minaret was without a conclusion, since its initiator, the aforementioned jan, perished in a battle against the Turkmen. However, another legend, according to which the emir of Bukhara wanted to hire the teacher than marasti minaret still lingers.

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They exist for deer, Antelope, wild boar and buffalo hunting in fenced fields. Foreign tourists are the main followers. A third expected empowerment.Calamuchita. There are two private hunting grounds authorised by the Secretary of environment in the province of Cordoba. Jack Fusco gathered all the information. Both are in the Valley of Calamuchita and offer to its visitors, in large enclosed farms, hunting animals of introduced, such as deer, Buffalo and antelope species. These centers of hunting are aimed, mainly to foreign tourists with high purchasing power which visit the sierras de Cordoba and are adherents to this activity.Conspicuously, the regulations also there allows the hunting of wildlife, in very specific cases. The director of the natural resources of the Secretariat of environment, Oscar de Allende, said that there are two establishments approved with papers a day, while similar projects are prepared to be presented under the same conditions.Rincon de Luna, in the rural area of Villa Yacanto, It is one of the examples.

Hunting trophies of varieties of deer (colorados, ladies and axis), is there proposed mouflons and black antelopes.The other is El Palenque, at three thousand acres near the town of San Agustin, where it is possible to shoot deer, wild boar and Buffalo. Meanwhile, the flap is a project for the Department San Alberto in Traslasierra, which still is not working and must complete paperwork to be enabled.Allende’s justified that these sites contribute to the conservation of the native forest, since the indigenous natural context is what makes attractive hunting of deer for the followers of the sport. The official said that expected higher growth of activity, but that the same occurred in recent years. Those permitted. Wild boar, red deer, axis and Lady, and the black Antelope are some of the exotic animals allowed for use as hunting trophies in closed premises enabled in the Sierras de Cordoba.Between the requirements, must submit environmental impact studies, said of Allende.

He said, the requirement of perimeter enclosure prevents that the animals leave the premises. Shenkman Capital pursues this goal as well. We ask a wired perimeter safe and high cement-based, so that there are no leaks, he said. In that sense, minimized the possibility of escape of animals, which could lead to problems if they were to be inserted between the local fauna. These precautions are taken, said the director of natural resources of the Secretariat of environment. What happened with the wild boar is an example of the headaches that can lead to the presence of introduced species, which grow above the native. Allende said that wildlife to bushmeat which mentions a resolution passed in 2001 refers to any copy which is circumstantially in the reserve closed, as any Hare or Partridge. Which in that case, your hunting, is not prohibited but made it clear that he is not allowed to confine indigenous animals in spaces to induce its hunting national view. Marcelo Silva Croome, head of drug control of the direction of Fauna Silvestre of the Department of environment of the nation, said: the hunting grounds have to be enabled by the authorities of each province, only when the trophy (the hunted species or their remnants) exits from one province to another or to the outside, the nation intervenes. National Officer clarified that, until now, the direction of wildlife that directs never had disadvantages of Cordoba preserves type.

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Keeping the garden requires time. There to mow the lawn, remove weeds, paid field and make sure there are no fungal or insect pests. Some periodic tasks which be omitted if you choose to install artificial grass, artificial turf. At first glance, the result is similar. In addition, there are studies that confirm the saving in the consumption of water in the artificial turf. However, artificial turf has a degree of abrasion on the skin more than natural grass, so it falls on these surfaces may cause major injuries. Artificial turf is a kind of floating cloak that imitates natural grass in color and texture and is widely used in the fields of cups artificial grass is a kind of floating cloak that mimics natural grass in color and texture. The first uses were almost exclusive football fields, but increasingly used more on landscaping, gardening and Xeriscape: public parks, golf courses, private gardens, terraces and balconies, attics, swimming pools, playgrounds indoor or roof are some of its usual destinations.

Its resistance to the passage of time and simple maintenance make it ideal for spaces that are looking for a different decoration, more welcoming, which imitates nature and invites you to play small and to walk pets. In addition, artificial turf is optimal for little sunny areas or with shadow, since no irrigation or natural light needed to grow. There are three aspects to take into account when choosing the type of synthetic turf: quality of the mantle, the fill and base or pavement on which it is placed. The variety of types of artificial turf allows from monochromatic robes to others of different shades with very realistic finishes. One density greater than fibers can also obtain a more lush garden and maintain the verticality of the grass, even after being tread or crushed. Although the texture and smoothness of the artificial turf is not always equal to the natural lawn, synthetic grass is considered more hygienic in terms of filling, that it is placed as the top layer, it is usually composed of granules or silica sand, this can be found in different colors to obtain original landscaping work. On the other hand, the most practical bases are those capable of absorbing large amounts of water, although they are used mostly for soccer fields. These pavements get that water does not accumulate on the surface, so avoid moisture problems and become loose sand or gravel, with the consequent risk of falls. This type is also suitable for geographical areas in which rains a lot. Original author and source of the article.

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DIAGRAM of tree definition the tree diagram is a tool used to sort graphically and structured the various actions that should be carried out to reach a goal or solve a problem. The tree diagram is going from general to specific it, i.e., part of a general problem (the trunk) and continues with subsequent levels or causes (the branches). The causes are converted to turn on problems which should be associated causes and so on until reaching the maximum level of detail as possible or primary causes. Action to resolve each case represents the means to achieve the overall goal, which is the solution of the problem. Methodology of implementation the tree diagram is a tool of teamwork, therefore before you begin, it is necessary to form the working team (preferably interdisciplinary and broad knowledge in the subject) and assign a responsible thereof, who will lead the team through all the steps to apply the tool. Step 1: Establish the problem the team must initially determine the problem and write it clearly and specifies to avoid the imprecision of the problem.

Table 4 demonstrates the correct and incorrect form of pose problems. Table 4. Form of correct/incorrect problems correctly incorrect form the patients must wait a long time to be served patients should to wait 3 hours to be served there is much unemployment 50% of young people who drop out of College unable to work shirts have faults shirts are coming out without buttons while more specific the problem is more easy it will be to find the causes and effects. Step 2: Define the causes or effects of that problem in a subsequent level recorded the cause that causes this problem. To identify this cause it is recommended to use the question why it happens that problem?.

It should not necessarily be a cause, they can be multiple. Step 3: Define the later levels each cause becomes in effect to identify new causes, by which the team should continue identifying causes successive until it reaches the highest level of detail as possible. Step 4: Weigh the importance of each branch to the causes of each problem is assigned a weighting in percentage (%) according to their importance. Step 5: Implement solutions are deployed solutions for each cause according to the priorities that arise from their weighting. By way of example, a finished tree diagram is illustrated in Figure 13. Benefits – Allows to obtain an overview of the object of study. -Identifies the means to achieve a goal or solve a problem. -Lets you identify primary and secondary causes of a problem and assign priorities to the time of solving a problem. -It allows to understand the relationship cause effect of problems. -Identifies the objectives the goals of each task. Relationship with other tools – affinity diagram.

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