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The youth travel industry is booming the first vacation without the parents benefit youth tour operators from the economy of Berlin (November 15, 2010), only travel with friends. Nothing seems to be so important for adolescents. Young people have the desire for freedom outside the school. You want to escape out of the home and everyday life during the holidays. Who want to travel alone, with friends, must work first conviction with his parents.

The right time recognize the time of first youth travel matters now sooner than many parents think and want. This shows the years of experience of the passenger by Freebird travel. “It was that tend to the girls from 12 years of age a youth travel very positive and open in front and when the boy with the threshold found 13 14 years is reached”, says Andreas Kuchenbecker, Managing Director of Freebird travel. Communication, honesty, and above all trust between the parents and their children play a very important role”, so Mr Kuchenbecker next. The Initial differences in the family can trigger a wide range of holiday ideas, but there are solutions.

All in the family should talk openly about their wishes and concerns at a youth travel without parents. We like to help with our many years of experience in youth tourism. Travel without parents – the most important points for young people who are first youth camps without parents are a very special experience. This place most juvenile great value on recreation, relaxation, culture and parties. However, also in this case, that one has to abide by rules in the community”advised Mr Kuchenbecker. Travelling in a group of young people is an important part in the development of young people. Sport plays in”one of the most important points, Huth youth travel conductor Freebird-Reisen said E.T.. A we feeling it characterizes very young people to develop and create something together”as E.T.. continue Huth. The interest of young people should be at every youth trip to the fore and we build our program at Freebird travel on”said E.T. Huth us. Confidence in the tour operator the confidence of parents in the tour operator plays a very important role, because ultimately they decide about the departure of young people without parents”, so Mr Kuchenbecker. You should watch on certain main quality criteria: quality of advice, quality of the accommodation and of the Urlaubsprogrammes, as well as cooperation with a reputable bus companies. These main points should be observed when a renowned youth tour operator and a successful youth travel is nothing more in the way,”Mr Kuchenbecker is recommended. Our youth travel fun, it’s here:

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Every parent thinks about raising a child, ask yourself the important question: how well my upbringing, is it necessary to educate, to help my child-rearing practices of these brave and determined to grow up? In this, parents often unconsciously bring to the process of educating their feelings, complexes, and unrealized dreams. In my practice I have experienced these moments, and provided some of the models of education that can lead to deviations in the child's mind. More information about these models of education. Model: "The child must …. Shame on you … "Right Parents" – "the right child." A child brought up on such a principle, is approval from teachers, neighbors and all the surrounding adults.

He obeyed, not naughty, does not stain clothes, engaged in many circles and sections. Such a child is more like an adult than their peers. Baby was coined "development plan" before he was born, in which parents identified the main trends and ideas: nursery without fail, English, swimming or gymnastics section. Strictly complied with the regime and discipline, actively inculcated norms and rules of conduct. Parents respond immediately to the slightest infraction, but did not notice the success of the child. Cons child deprived of his choice, his inclinations and desires are not taken into account. He is prohibited from negative emotions: anger, anger, resentment, fear, which in turn can lead to psychosomatic illnesses, or to autoaggression (when the child begins to destroy itself.) The saddest thing is that when This type of love is education a bargaining chip: a well-behaving – like, bad – not like. In the future, children raised on a "need" may have difficulties in building relationships, and if the child vulnerable, he may develop a complex viny.Chto do? Do not be afraid to show their love. Speak often of his love, hug, kiss your baby. Believe me, love is not much to think of a list of common byvaet.Postaraytes Affairs, together with the baby.

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One is about a qualitative research where the choice of the cases was not given randomly, but from the presented and disgnostic symptoms confirmed for specialists. The involved ones are of the masculine sex and met in psicoterpico process when being invited to participate of the study, being oldest in accompaniment since November of 2006. The applicability of the research was carried through in setting therapeutical in the period of January the October of 2008, with weekly meeting of 50 minutes, and nor always an artistic resource was used, being the therapy many times in the verbal plan. For this reason, one is not about a case study, but of a description of the fragmentos of the clinical cases you say from them of the involved ones, bringing the experience of the art as coadjuvante in psycotherapy so that the reader can have clarity of as this can be significant in the process of conscience taking and in the elaboration and ressignificao of the presented symptoms. The used boarding was the gestalt-therapy, for making interface with the arteterapia, conceiving the human being as a being of infinite possibilities. is in this dialogue that if finds the instrument of facilitation of the citizen with he himself and the connection with its interior universe.

Art and gestalt: a dialgica relation To the speech of the relation between Arte and Gestalt, we will make an analogy here what Buber points in its philosophy as a dialgica relation. For the philosopher, ' ' the dialgico includes the relation and the attitude to go in the direction of the other, in it searchs of the meeting of the totality of the existence humana' ' (AMORIM apud D? ACRI. et. al, 2007, p.69). In Arte and Gestalt this relation will be characterized for the meeting with the object bred. The other will consist from the form that is projected in the art object, therefore being created for it, when expressing by means of the artistic construction its interior world, will be capable to presentificar it, becoming visible what before he was unknown.

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The term cruises must be attributed to the Pilgrims of Jerusalem, but in contrast to the warlike crusades they are not related to the military. From the traditional seafaring language, the word cross is put together, which relates the crossing on the sailing against the wind. As the airlines have not yet proved large, the ships were equipped with luxury not meant for the cruise, but for passengers. The transatlantic connections reinforced the importance of cruises as the fine board the very famous Queen Mary, Bremen and the sunken Titanic. In the present, the cruise holiday as the purpose and for the diversion routes be traveled in various beautiful tourist destinations. In addition to the seas trips are also available on rivers such as the great rivers Mississippi, Volga and Yangtze, which runs through China. Depending on the surface of the passenger vessel is different, the variety of recreational programs that are fun for young and old .

Offer Most visits are made to certain route points at night, because to take place during the day walks in the countryside and there is even the possibility of shipping in small groups with special excursions, but advance bookings it would be useful. Besides the exploration of foreign countries and cultures as cruise ships uses in sports, casino, dancing, and musical theater are included. For land explorations of course the anchor also place small expeditions intensive practice, if a stay in the ship times can be annoying. Many ships modernize strong for the future and some have a capacity of 4,000 passengers. The risk in such a vacation is that terrorists hold out for decades on cruise ships and rob.

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Alone the parents choose childcare allowance nor Kita what parents really need to deliver on the their children before the compulsory education in Germany – it says in the basic law. Like the majority of parents in Germany by this decision right, exhausted from exercise, believed the debates in politics and the public, in two ways: childcare allowance or Kita for all are the slogans with which the wishes of the parents and their children are supposedly sufficiently described. Parents want to therefore either in full-time work and in good hands give their children during the day, or “Stay at home” to be as far as possible for their children. In between there is nothing apparently. And she, the parents trap lies precisely in this alleged nothing.

Children are problem or rest when publicly talked about parents, children and care in Germany and written, is worth it, just pay attention to the nuances, are revealing this on all sides: there must “Management problem” and it must be released – just in vogue – the women in the case of part-time. Even the youngest children must not only maintained, but – by all means, it seems – “promoted” and finally the State untutored “rest of children” must be managed somehow. You know what? Children are in German debates – we noticed before it at this point – especially one: A problem and apparently especially for their parents. Schizophrenic and functionally it’s a schizophrenic finding, in his Gruseligkeit hard to beat that. What went wrong, when parents begin to think about the greatest happiness in their lives – their children – in staff fear and issue categories? When are parents looking after the simultaneity of successful professional career and perfect parenting is seemingly tear? Now, if something went wrong, depends on the location of interest. The parent trap is economically considered an absolute model of success.

What could be late-capitalistic ideology formation fit better in that, as workers who answer emails before loud bad conscience on the changing table? What parents really need to deliver childcare allowance nor Kita would the parents ask themselves according to their needs and would this obligation free answer, you would get the reply, it stated that above all this probably “either / or” is that it keeps the parents in the case. A flexible concept of working life, actually long overdue in the ‘developed’ world, would depict the basic knowledge, however, that the life, especially the parents, consists of stages with changing priorities. That a to deriving from this permeability between family, work and other life priorities must be no utopia, would show an honest look beyond Central Europe to the North. In the meantime but parents March foreign bidding, straight into the parent trap. Andreas Kellner…

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8 probable reasons why high-intensity training does not produce results. It is not enough hard training. You may find omega 3 to be a useful source of information. We must strive to ensure that each repetition was performed with perfect technique. Below-average pace. Each approach bring to a complete muscular failure. Reps 6-12. Less than 6 is not enough to work out the muscles, if you can run more than 12, then the weight of a heavy rod is not enough.

Number of approaches are not more than three, but again, each approach is to bring to failure. Poor nutrition. After a heavy workout your body needs material for building muscle. The source of such material – quality food. Your diet should consist of such products as: meat, fish, seafood, eggs, dairy products, cereals, legumes, fruits and vegetables. Try to gradually eliminate such products as: pastries, meats, fast food, fizzy drinks. Also, do not forget about sports nutrition. It can greatly assist in the recruitment of muscle mass.

Bad holiday. Muscles do not grow during a workout, and after it, during the holidays. Therefore, the rest is worth special attention. Sleep – the most important factor in the recovery process. No matter how hard you train and how well-drafted your diet – regular sleep deprivation would nullify all your work. Need to sleep at least 8 hours. Permanent load. From workout to workout, you need to increase the load, either by increasing the bar weight, either by increasing the repetitions. Using the same weight training slows and then stops progress. Too much exercise. You should not perform too many exercises in training. The frame of any program should be the basic exercises: squats, deadlift, bench press, bench press stand, pull-ups (pull the block to the chest) Dips. If the maximum laid out in each exercise, it will hardly do them all in one workout. Therefore, divide them into two or three workouts, add a pair of auxiliary exercises. In end each workout you will perform exercises 5.4, but with extreme intensity. Frequent training. As I said earlier, the growth does not occur during exercise, and after it, during the holidays. Therefore, frequent exercise hinder the recovery process. Need to train 2-3 times a week. But remember, the more you get, with more weight than you are, the longer it takes you to recover. Lack of training diary. If you do not keep detailed records of their workouts and nutrition, it will be very difficult to determine the cause of the lack of progress or overtraining, if it happens. Therefore, this blog will take time necessary adjustments to its program or diet. Frequent changes of exercise program. When should you change your program? Only when it stopped giving the result. But before you do this, look at it carefully review your training diary. Perhaps one reason for the lack of progress described above.

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School holidays is an expensive time to travel permanently. On the contrary, if we decide to escape at other times, we can save much money. School holidays is an expensive time to travel permanently. On the contrary, if we decide to escape at other times, we can save much money. In the world of supply and demand, airlines and accommodation providers raise their prices during the holidays, which complicates the task of finding, forcing parents to pay up …

With abundant snow in the Alps, Geneva is an ideal destination, as last-minute trip, for lovers of winter sports, offering more than 100 ski resorts in just two hours drive. One of the closest is Lelex, prepared a small resort with 13 lifts, ideal for beginners. Another is Morzena stations, part of all Les Portes du Soleil, a huge ski area linked with about 650 different tracks, equipped with over 200 lifts. Travel the week after the brackets and you get flight school for less than a quarter of the cost during the holidays.

Sharm el-Sheijh, Egypt with almost guaranteed sunshine and lots of beach area, Egypt has long been a hit for families. Avoid traveling children’s invasion the week before the school break and save over 170. This will have much more to spend on adventures in the Red Sea diving, quad biking through the desert, and of course, beer. Orlando, Florida With the promotion of Harry Potter and magical dimensions reaching Muggles around the world wishing to enjoy the pleasures of his “Magical World”, Orlando will become even more popular when it opens this spring its new attraction on the famous character .

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Moreover, if the first second expansion expansion velocity substance would differ from the actual values by only 10-18 percentage of its value in one direction or another, then, writes in his book “Superforce” the famous British physicist Paul Davies: “The universe collapsed in a long time initial state ‘of a point’ under the influence of gravity, a substance in it completely dissipated. ” This means that the force behind the Big Bang, was designed with incredible accuracy. I wonder who? It is worth mention again about the first time – “inflationary” phase of expansion, which lasted about 10-35 seconds from the time that “earned” a world clock. During this time coming from the singular points (almost out of nothing) “embryo” of the universe had to increase its size to 10 100 times (AD Landa “Elementary Particle Physics and Cosmology information”). From the perspective of the Big Bang theory of elementary particles (in fact they not elementary, and complex formation) occurred spontaneously and in an optimum structural-functional version. And it happened in minuscule fraction of a second.

So, for the appearance of hadrons, leptons and photons It took just 10.10 seconds. According to the calculations of physicists, about the same time formed the protons, neutrons, electrons and all particles according to function harmoniously. As in a fairy tale: “Stand in front of me, like a leaf before grass! ” Fantastic miracles do not stop there.

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For many companies, this method of attracting specialists became the standard. They are excellent workers and pay him less than he deserves. But why experts are worthy to take this job and turn a blind eye at the blatant injustice? And on that count so thrifty business leaders? Simple. Now it is very difficult to refuse a job offer and the real count on it, many managers of companies. For Professional job offer, even for less money, when money is already completed and sitting at home does not make sense just to get a lifeline. Job Search One of the most common way to lure workers who have arrived on property, is a promise, the fulfillment of which is very vague. You can promise anything, but no one will execute. You'll be amazed at the promised bonuses and social package.

But if you try to understand what it is to be paid premium, or any social guarantees included in the employment contract, the clear answer to you nobody will. Many companies indicate in advertisements as possible salary, and got a job, you will discover with dismay that you have the minimum salary for this post. There is only one way out. It is urgent to raise the professional level to the maximum. Working for two, you'll soon notice and increase wages. There are some interviews, especially where lower wages and watch as you defend your point of view, to fight for themselves.

Most often, get to a interview can be agents for sales and trading, where you need the ability to "fill" price and to know how to argue. Still, whether or not to accept jobs which promised some good and brings a completely different? Even if this happened to you, you should not get excited and slam the door. If the job you like, it's worth a little to bargain with employers. Before looking for work should assess yourself with a professional point of view of the labor market. Stay on the potential work and then we solve the problem of increasing the pay of their labor. It is possible that the employer agree to your terms. If you were turned down, then quietly suck it up and stay in the post or look for another job.

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The office staff is always judged by their looks. Psychologists say that a person has the opportunity to make a good impression in the first 30 seconds. For such a short period only thing you can catch – it's appearance. Women have an advantage over men. Business style allows for some liberties are in the clothing, the man is supposed to be a model of classical restraint and elegance. About me in a suit said first color.

Blue is accompanied by the professionalism, leadership, authoritarian style of management. Gray is associated with conservatism, self-esteem. Black dress made to wear on special cases, and blue – is universal, and gray suit for everyday use. Deciding to buy a suit, do not discard the rules of etiquette. The main rule – the clothes must suit the situation.

When choosing a suit, try on the most expensive model. If it fits, try to find cheaper counterparts. You should not buy a jacket that pulls or wrinkles at the shoulders. Complexion of a person depends on that of the range of shops can be measured, and what did not touch. A tall man is recommended to focus on the cellular fleecy fabrics, large suit costumes made of smooth fabrics with narrow vertical stripes. Expensive clothes will last longer and looks much better than. Well-known brands, such as paying attention to the material not only products, but also the internal fittings. The most expensive fabric is wool. Price depends on the thickness of the threads, as well as the coefficient of torsion of the thread. This concept represents the distance in kilometers thread, which goes on manufacture of 1 kg of wool. The most popular thread by a factor of 110'S -120 'S. Comfort owner provides viscose lining, which is not electrified at contact with the hair. Unknown and cheap brands often point to the reality does not match the quality of the material, giving the usual cut suits for prestigious. About the true state of affairs will tell factory label with the mark of the degree of torsion. If the store you can buy a shirt for the ridiculous price, and quality of the costume should be put under doubt. No matter how expensive suit was, at the owner he would look good subject to experience the convenience and comfort. When a thing is chosen correctly, the person moves freely, smoothly and keeps your back is not bound to hand gestures.

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