Amor Bizarro Artist

Clara Hdez. 20 m the Galician training obtained, among other recognitions, the best artist and best album of the year for his work Holy year. Hello everyone, El Guincho or Los Delinquentes were other groups awarded in the sample. Minister Angeles Gonzalez-Sinde presided over the gala. The Galician band and Xabi Triangulo de Amor Bizarro was erected Monday in the III Edition of the independent Music Awards winner, a few awards organised by the independent phonographic Union (UFI) in order to promote the work of artists, labels and promoters who work apart from the more commercial channels. Although the only corunenses were four of the nine awards for which were initially nominated, were the two most important – of best album of the year by his Holy year album and the best Spanish artist-, as well as the best rock album and best direct. Best song went however to the topic black Pop-El Guincho, a Canarian young man who has managed to seduce to international criticism and part of the national with its original combination of samplers and miscegenation.

Pony Bravo (best band revelation), Hello to everyone (best pop by their self-titled album), Depedro (best album by clouds of paper world music), Orion Child (authors of the best heavy disk) or Los Delinquentes (best CD of flamenco) were other winners overnight, which also recognized the work of Rap Susklei in the rap category or Delorean’s electronics and the best music video. The violinist Ara Malikian was commissioned to deliver the trophy to the best classical album to Judith Jauregui. The musician acknowledged that the sample had taken into account forgotten classical music and claimed with humor, while it shook its huge curls, that classical musicians are not as bland as they seem. Sinde, a the Minister of culture, angeles Gonzalez-Sinde, unexpected godmother was unexpected from this Act of NULL budget godmother, as he stressed the organization.

Serenade With Mariachi Music In Weddings

The wedding music planning is as important as the planning of the party itself because the music creates an ambience of elegance and grace in the ceremony, music must be planned depending on the style of the wedding, if done inside or outdoors, the music must always evoke a sense of intimacy and comfort of all those present at the ceremony. One of the more traditional styles of music in the festivals of marriage is the Serenade with mariachi, Mariachi term is an acronym for a French word which means wedding. Therefore the Mariachi music has an indissoluble relationship with the matrimonial ties and ceremonies. The unique style of the Mariachi created by the combination of guitars, trumpets and violins makes a traditional and festive atmosphere to live at the ceremony. Mariachi music has crossed ethnic boundaries and they have become a popular genre in the celebration of weddings in all of America. The mariachis set the pace for the feast, among their repertoire they include from the traditional Mexican music to the romantic ballads and rhythms from other countries with the folk style that prints the Serenade of mariachi.