Lie Tremendous Liberation Theology

I read an article in clubs, where the author speaks of theology of liberation from a perspective that from my humble point of view this wrong. With all due respect Maria Cecilia Valecillos it deserves, I say that we can do such radical judgments although we have certain criteria of valid judgments from our personal perspective. I don’t think personally that the liberation theology of a failure, though there have been failures and disappointments that we live in past decades. The theology of liberation, is the great contribution made from our reality as Latin American believers, she transcends even to many of its creators or rather sistematizadores, because the true creator of the theology of liberation is the people, the communities. Sad is that the theology of liberation is judged by an author out of the pages of The Economist, visible expression of the economic right. To be able to analyze the reunion with the Church. It is imperative to find us from a real religious epistemology with the concept of Church and ecclesial reunion with that Church. We do not confine ourselves to the reductionism of a right economists who make a bad attempt of theologians. I would like to ask Maria Cecilia Valecillos if today the liberation theology can catalog failure when so many people died and are dying for this option for the poor that has led to the total delivery on the other with the other? The theology of liberation is more than theologians of liberation and their religions. Then I would say, that the effort of many people in our own country that we have remained faithful to our principles and liberating values and firm and we have fully identified with the ideals of this revolution, not worthwhile because the guys economist, the Chicago and Boston Boys, or circles of intellectuals of right decide to make a call to reunite with an image or fantasy of Churchthat they have been built since its economic tenets.


The main purpose of these materials – to dissolve and dilute the paint materials. Knowing the composition and appointment of solvents and thinners, can be successfully used them for other purposes, for example, for the manufacture of adhesives, degreasing materials, etc. Simple solvents Acetone – dissolve natural resins, oils, polystyrene, epoxy resins, vinyl chloride copolymers, polyacrylates, chlorinated rubber. Gasoline Galosha, B-70 dissolves rubber, hot form – polyethylene. Benzene dissolves oils, fats, waxes, rubber, cellulose ethers, some silicone resin in hot form – polyethylene. Butyl acetate dissolves cellulose ethers, oils, fats, chlorinated rubber, vinyl copolymers carbinol resin. Dichloride dissolves dammar, Ku-maroon, vinyl polymers, acrylics, polystyrene.

Xylene dissolves alkidnostirolnye and divinilatsetilenovye (lac 'Etinol') polymers. Methyl acetate – acetone analogue. Methyl alcohol (methanol), dissolving the cellulose nitrate, polyvinyl acetate, novolac resins. Turpentine dissolves Kopal, dammar, colophony. Thinner oil, al-kidnostirolnyh and epoxy paints (varnishes). Solvent dissolves oil, bitumen, rubber, urea oligomers poliiefiry tetroftalevoy acid Polyetherimide and polyesterimide. Toluene dissolves shellac, Kopal, cellulose esters, polystyrene, silicone resin. When mixed with other solvents (he – the main component) dissolves epoxy, vinyl and acrylic polymers, chlorinated rubber, skinny alkyds.

In the hot polyethylene dissolves. White Spirit (Heavy fraction of gasoline) dissolves fatty alkyds, butyl-and tsiklokauchuk, polibutilmetakri-lat epoksiefiry. Cyclohexane dissolves etiltsellyu-vine oils, fats, waxes, rubbers. Cyclohexanone dissolves cellulose esters, fats, oils, most natural and synthetic polymers, polyurethane. Acetate dissolves most of the polymers. Cellosolve dissolves urea oligomers carbinol resin polivinilformaletilal (vinifleks).

Holidays In Greece For All The Family

This is a mini-club for Russian-speaking children, open at one of the best family hotels in the Peloponnese – a five-star Aldemar Olympian Village. New children's mini club OLIMP is unique not only in the resorts of Greece, but also in other countries Mediterranean. The club will be open for visits during school holidays, that is, from early June to early September. Classes will be performed at the club every day, seven days a week, from 10:00 to 18:00. From 12:45 until 14:30, set a break for lunch and siesta. Parents the right to choose the most appropriate treatment for children visits: to bring children into the club can be 2.5 hours in the morning, 3.5 hours in the afternoon or full day – in this If staying at the club will be 6 hours. Programs developed by the club, designed for two age groups: 4 to 7 years and 8 to 12 years.

The program includes a variety of tournaments, contests and other competitions developing creativity, heals outdoor play and theatrical performances in the hotel game rooms, discotheques, water rides, including the central place long waterslide 93 pm for guests of the club employees of the restaurant complex developed a special children's menu. Mini-club OLIMP help diversify each day of vacation in Greece with their children, making the stay in the Peloponnesus and fun unforgettable. For more information look at this site. In contrast to the ancient sights, hotels in Greece glitter of modern beauty and adaptability. Athens, Thessaloniki, Halkidiki Hotels Rhodes and Crete, with joy and Honorary take care of tourists from all over the world. Resorts in Greece are so diverse and unique that every traveler can choose a vacation for the soul and interests. Someone more appealing to rest on Rhodes (A small island in the Aegean Sea), others like the sun and the beaches of the Ionian Islands, and some believe that the Corfu holiday much more pleasant. Many tourists simply in awe of what apartments in Corfu, with any tour operator in Greece today offers the prices are quite affordable, even a person with average income. holidays in Greece

Economic And Political Problems

An economic disadvantage CANDU reactor design is the initial cost, one-time, heavy water, although this penalty of high cost of capital is normally offset by the low cost of refueling the fuel compared to other models, and that does not require enriched uranium. CANDU reactors require graduation purest heavy water (higher than 99.75 purity). The deregulation of the energy industry in New York has seen the flourishing of a number of ESCOs, including making our gas and electricity needs affordable It requires tons of this expensive material to fill the calandria and the CANDU heat transport system. The high purity heavy water is expensive because the heavy water one can hardly distinguish, chemically, the normal water, and comes in extremely low concentrations in natural water (about one part per 7,000). The new generation reactors, the advanced CANDU reactor, also called “ACR” mitigates this problem by having a regulator and the smaller sizes do not use heavy water in the heat transport system heating (uses light water as coolant).
A political issue with the New York CANDU reactor is the assertion that their ability to refuel without household shutting down also makes it easier to produce plutonium “for weapons of graduation”, ie, plutonium with a high concentration of Pu-239 and low concentrations of other Pu isotopes . e. All types of commercial reactors produce plutonium as a byproduct of the fission of natural uranium (a portion of this plutonium to BELOW suffer the same fission and contributes significantly to the total output power of the reactor). The remaining plutonium andalusia removing fuel from the reactor is typically “graduation reactor” (lower in relative abundance in Pu-239) making it less attractive as a material for weapons purposes. The assertion therefore is that the refueling on the fly possible in CANDU reactors, the New York City fuel is allowed to download after short periods of irradiation, energy where the gas spent fuel would contain high levels of Pu-239 compared with the spent fuel in PWR / BWR, or the normal in the CANDU. However, the capacity to produce plutonium with short irradiation times is not unique to the CANDU type. As with all power reactors, a misuse of these facilities would not cooking gas only wasteful in terms of energy production, if not easily detectable with the established international safeguards. It is of utmost importance, hence the requirement that all types of reactors are safeguarded at a level comparable and acceptable, as it sees the international community.
In particular, Canada signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which requires states his acceptance of non-nuclear weapons in order to buy CANDU models (which are in use or being built in China, South Korea, Argentina, India , Pakistan and Romania). All CANDU reactors are energy costs subject to the safeguards of the IAEA to ensure that they comply with the standards of the global proliferation of non-UN agency. there are thousands of New Yorkers who have switched their utilities company to in order to cut my electricity and gas bills The acceptance of full scope safeguards of the IAEA in a CANDU facility makes it very difficult to download illegal fuel burned under suitable for the production of war. There are no known cases natural gas of CANDU spent fuel has been diverted to a weapons program.
There is a common error that the plutonium for Operation Smiling Buddha of India’s nuclear tests was produced with a CANDU model, in fact, the plutonium was produced by the Cirus reactor which is not protected based on the NRX design, a model Canadian reactor different. India has some non-safeguarded reactors based on the model of a pressurized heavy water reactor, used for generating energy and that any spent fuel from atomic power plant in Madras (MAPS) was a plutonium reprocessing in the last 80 years. Although green energy these reactors could, in principle, for plutonium production, India has been autonomously developed and built the ‘pool type reactor’ (Dhruv) is an expanded version of Cirus type designed for the production of plutonium. It is this reactor which produced the plutonium for Cree recent nuclear tests in India Operation Shakti.

Maria Montessori

After the above exposed, it is worthwhile to publicize the results demonstrated progress in reading PIRLS international study by (its acronym in English, Programme for International Reading Literacy Survey), which started in 2001, it assesses three aspects of reading: comprehension processes, purposes for reading and behavior and attitudes toward reading. Argentina and Colombia, whose students are among those with lower levels of performance are among the 35 countries participating in this study. This study demonstrates the importance of early support reader development, organization and school curriculum and instruction in reading. A relationship exists between reader performance of fourth grade students and their early involvement in activities for the promotion of reading before starting school, such as reading books, tell stories or narratives, sing songs, play with alphabet toys and wordplay. In all these activities the parent involvement is based 6. Is evident then find, strengthen or restructure the methodology, pedagogy, teaching or everything that has to do with the teaching process learning being used in educational institutions in other words: parents, teachers, educational institution, our students we are asking for change in our educational system touch! den Pat on the chest and hands to work. The boy and the girl preschool, are motivated very easily when they feel loved, respected, and useful, especially when they feel the accompaniment of teaching parents, and classmates in the educational process. They are content and it pleases him to see your classroom attractive with bright colors.

likes singing, playing, listening to and reading stories. Given conditions foregoing I consider that learning becomes self-learning, if he is pleased in their tastes and all pedagogical situation is exploited to fill with significant experience teaching practices than to the same time will benefit from the reading process of students. To illustrate this, it is worth mentioning the thoughts of Maria Montessori 7, who emphasizes on the importance of acquiring a constructivist model at this level even at the top level since it is based on the idea that if the child builds based on experience and therefore absorb like sponges all the informations which require and need for his performance in daily lifewhich will find very useful in your professional life.

Vorontsov Palace

During our stay janitors and cleaners trash we saw virtually no boxes – they are replaced by cardboard boxes overflowing, garbage is often stored for several days in black bags at the most inappropriate places. In the parks along the coast lies the old perennial foliage and rake cleaning requests. Appearance and design of green areas the most primitive – the flower beds with flowers in Mishor not, here and there lawns trimmed with just grass. The Crimea has always been something to see. The peninsula is surprisingly rich natural attractions, historical and architectural monuments. Buy the girl, running from the tour desk "Breeze", on the waterfront excursion by cable car to Mount Hay – Petri, 400 rubles per person.

During an excursion to any organization. Continuous delays and waiting in the heat (instead of 3 X-scheduled hours to get 6 hours of tedious). Even trips to Arab travel agents abroad were an order of magnitude better organized. On the next trip to Vorontsov Palace in Alupka go already "savages" – turns out cheaper, faster and more interesting. Go back to Tver in Krasnoperekopsk, Kherson and Dnipropetrovsk region stocks of gasoline and cheap fruit. Customs clearance mere formality. Happy holidays (unless You can be dissatisfied with the sea and sun), but remained a residue of unkempt and desolate.

The magnificence of this nature are used to wear. The impression that just having a rest in the Crimea, a source of enrichment. In average cost vacation in the Crimea on the road, accommodation, meals, excursions to 1,500 rubles per person per night, which is comparable to the cost of holidays in Egypt, but much inferior to him in the general level of service and service. Obtained in Egypt (in the former desert) for the same money you can wash with shampoo paving tiles, and in the Crimea can not even remove the debris. Yuri Chashin 09/01/2009