Cooperation Between MasterSolution AG And ENTIRETEC

Innovative multimedia and entertainment package for hospitality and healthcare in cooperation with ENTIRETEC, the internationally active specialists for industry-specific solutions, the MasterSolution AG developed a graphically unique multimedia front-end for the in-room application ENTIRETEC ETAIN. IP-based communications and multimedia content are at the heart of the development such as audio, video and TV streams, Web and mail services and the integration of social networks. So Premium Hotels and clinics offer their guests and patients a wider spectrum of services with more comfort, more mobility, or the feeling of being at home. Even while on vacation, on a business trip, for treatment and hospitalization requires the user of today modern multimedia and entertainment possibilities. ETAIN provides the desired content guests and patients at any time on various devices available and enables access to videos and others in real time, Web TV, Instant Messenger and a direct connection to the social networks of Web 2.0. Through the Customers in hotels and health care get a scalable, intuitive and technologically excellent multimedia solution of the future, available even in the own CI. Sandy Schindler combination of ENTIRETEC applications, advanced Web technology and the interactive control concept of MasterSolution AG

Lillehammer City

So everything about what happened. Here's a short story about the trip and places to dive … … Come out of the house had left early that morning. All the while traveling to Vyborg, pouring rain.

Just a wall of water. They say it's to good luck. Before refueled abroad – go further. Ferry Ferry Finland-Sweden-place and time to rest before the road is not near. After walking up and down the boardwalk and look at the frolicking animators decide to dine. About booking places in the fish restaurant, best take care in advance (as soon settled on the ferry), what we do. We get the best table, next to a large viewing window. Trifle, but nice.

After dinner, a little "push" on the ferry … Morning the next day. Arrived in Stockholm. 9:00 am. Moving to Lillehammer … Again heavy rain. Probably for good luck. Lillehammer (Lillehammer) The first stop for the night in Norway – Lillehammer. The emblem of this city shows skier, a sign that Lillehammer and is now a center of winter sports in Norway. Tradition of skiing in Lillehammer, have their origin from 1206, when skiers rescued the young king Haakon Hokonssona, pass it through the mountains. And in 1994 city was the site of the 17 Winter Olympic Games. In the evening walk around the city. The quiet calm of a provincial town. Take pictures. A very good restaurant Blamann. In the menu there is even a crocodile and kangaroo meat. Exotic decided not to indulge in – ordered a fish.

Twitter Online Reputation In 140 Characters

Twitter in corporate communications are initially traded as hype the free microblogging service Twitter has become”too in Germany of increasingly popular. Growth rates of 30% per month are impressive evidence that German companies need to think more and more about use of this communication channel. But in practice, what is Twitter? How can companies, self-employed, freelancers or sales staff benefit from the use of this microblogging service? How to build up a professional Twitter account? How do you find the right followers? What are Hashtags? How does Twitter search actually work? Communication expert Jens Schluter gives a first overview of the possibilities of Twitter in his presentation the participants and is also the most important tools for the professional use of Twitter. The speaker is using the microblogging service Twitter, many tools, as well as the appropriate monitoring tools around Twitter in daily practice. Focus of his work as owner of the Agency emandu communications (authentically communicate customer delight!) online marketing, social media marketing and social-business networks and the use of these marketing tools in the corporate communications. So it is not surprising that many tips, tricks, do’s and dont’s are addressed in his speech. More information and registration:

Cinematic Employer Info At The Job Board

Recruitingvideos by JobTV24 help with the job search on the Internet of Linz, July 14, 2010: Austria’s job board cooperates with the specialist for recruiting videos and employer branding JobTV24. Companies can now issue with short videos, which they will present themselves on the online job market, revealing insights. The search for jobs on is still informative. In the competition for the best brains pure business descriptions and listings no longer suffice. Employer videos the candidates provide an authentic insight into philosophy, requirements, and career opportunities. Job seekers find out sooner whether a company to them suits. Pages of the company saves time and money, because with the help of videos false Bewerbungen earlier dropped. Recruitingvideos are an important addition in online ads. with this cooperation offers its customers the possibility to insert videos effective and user friendly for the targeting of applicants”, as Jurgen Smid, CEO of Rainer appurtenances, Managing Director of JobTV24 GmbH, about the cooperation: we are very pleased that now also relies on the strengths of moving pictures on the Internet and our award-winning online video technology. JobTV24 is the leading Austrian career portal in the growing network of partners.” The Austrian job portal benefits from the fast-growing online job market. With financial and economic crisis, the trend has further strengthened. Clear advantages such as high topicality, search and notification capabilities bring the page already now every month over 450,000 visitors. More than three million potential candidates for companies be achieved together with the recruiting network. The more potential candidates for a job, the right selection is even more important.

The new video tool to help this at an early stage. Companies that are potential candidates with the help of videos, stand already visually in the hit list on by others through a video icon. On the side of the Abroad can then be played off the Recruitingvideos of the employer with a video player.

Kids with Down Syndrome

It enters .causing the evidentes congenital patologias and depreocupao on the part of the parents, is the Syndrome of down. With this, opresente work had for objective to investigate the feelings epercepes of the parents front to the birth of a carrying son destasndrome. For the accomplishment of this research, we use as instrumentouma half-structuralized interview, elaborated with the objective of conheceruma parcel of the feelings of the parents front to a portadoradesta child syndrome, I contend open questions and closed they quetipificam/characterize the feelings front to this problematic one. Aamostra was corporate for 30 parents of carrying children of the Sindromede Down, who are taken care of in the FUNAD. Through the analysis one dadosconstatou of them that more than a feeling had been lived deeply by the paisdiante of the birth of a child with Syndrome of Down, sentimentosrelatados through its speaks, as: shock, I fight, loss, indifference, negation and sadness. Through the speeches, quea acceptance of a son with Syndrome of Down is perceived it is a process devulnerabilidade and emotional readjustment that certain time requires, of inicioh difficulty in accepting the diagnosis and constant cure search. Emrelao to the level of knowledge of the parents was possible to observe atravsda interview that until the birth of the child with Down 50% of the same noconheciam this syndrome, 25% little knowledge and the others 25%possuam a bigger knowledge. We can observe that some of them paispercebiam the syndrome as being illness, currently these percepesvieram if to modify, starting to perceive its children as adorveisespeciais and ' ' normais' '. We must acquire knowledge the professionals to aconhecerem the emotional conditions dealing, thus, effectively with arealidade of each family. The research counted on the participation of responsible parents and for the carrying child of the Syndrome of Down, with an income predominantly of until a minimum wage, what it demonstrates the difficulties presented for the families, and the precariousness in the atendimentos, as well as the difficult level of knowledge of these parents, in what the syndrome says respect.


The specific COMPUDATA ticketing system for optimal customer support the concept of trouble ticketing system (TTS) is currently on everyone’s lips, and each major company that puts something up, operates such a system. Synonyms are terms for the same connection known as the help desk system, task tracking system, issue tracking system or support ticketing system. All those systems is common is that they use some kind of software to manage customer inquiries (tickets). Tickets are present customer requests received via different media such as Internet, email or fax in electronic form. The term risk\”means\” danger or risk; Hedge\”can literally in German with a hedge or fence\” be translated.

Thus the term risk hedge means\”in a figurative sense a hedge against uncertainty. Thus, a functioning system that turns away to this uncertainty, is the guarantee for completely satisfied customers. Because an adequate Ticketing system needs or deficiencies detected at an early stage and turn thus any dissatisfaction and so that any risk to alienate customers, or even losing, because so far it will never come. \”To customer requests are received, confirmed, classified or edited, is common to all systems that tickets for this so-called\” be assigned to further processing. As long as this request and that this ticket is pending, so crude, whose status as an open \”refers to. The ticket is then assigned to a person or a function body, which processed it. Aim of the whole is a satisfied the customer and therefore the resolution request.

This is the case, one ultimately speaks of the closed\”ticket. In accordance with the requests of the various request controller are differentiated according to the service level agreements (SLA) urgency levels and operational level agreements (OLA) distinguished. Failure to comply with the SLA or OLA are the associated Activate escalation levels. Customer concerns in the usual sense refer generally to problems or errors (incident).

United States

AWEK first friends of frozen yogurt store POS system a new trend from the United States arrived in this country: frozen yogurt. In the newly-opened friends of frozen yogurt shop in Hamburg, friends of ice-cold speciality from ten flavors and more than 30 toppings can put together their personal creation. Since the yogurt product is low in calories and contains probiotic yoghurt cultures, it represents a healthy alternative to traditional snacks. The trendy interior design of stores in Hamburg the compact POS system among 2015 with the software euroSCALE AWEK that is easy to use and its projected capacitive surface and the fanless design is extremely resistant and fail-safe smartTOUCH. The POS system consists of the compact touch POS smartTOUCH2015 with one 8-inch display, on which the customer can track the movements of the scale built into the table.

To underline the trendy design of the stores, printer and drawer located in the counter and all the cables are in the patented smartPOLE carrier system internal moved – and thus invisible to the customers. Checkout the software running euroSCALE, which reduces their ergonomics training periods and optimizes processes at the cash. At Headquarters, the Web-based back office solution euroCONTROL comes to the usage of the data of all branches wherever evaluated in near-real-time and edited master data. Our shop concept we have of the lightness and creativity of the California lifestyle be guided. The funds fit with its brilliant appearance therefore ideal in the design of our stores,”says the CEO of the friends of frozen yogurt, Andre Thieser. At the opening with peak period has shown how the funds properly, so that the entire sale is very relaxed.”

Cities Society

The cities can be considered an ecosystem since that they possess entered, exchanges and exits of substance and energy, as well as the natural way. The study on the degradation human being/ambient search to argue and to evaluate the study of the cities saw adjacent optics of the desenvolvimentista, the metropolis and its regions, increasing proeminence of concerns with the human being and the urban way. The modernization petitioned in elapsing of the period of industrialization until the age of the technologies of the information, beyond providing to the society well-being, the comfort and the praticidade, also brought it problems of health, hunger, water lack, of energy, between many others. When reaching ample dimensions, the sectors politician, economic and the vehicles of communication of masses cause forts impacts in the cultural values and the institutions of society. An environment objectified for these sectors has demanded transformations of the means of production, of consumption and a new social organization, wants either in the natural destruction, wants either in the search of the support. Result of reflections developed in the exercise of different you discipline, this research points some aspects that guide the current quarrel on the urban partner-ambient degradation. It is treated here, especially, to argue the notion of degradation, the evolution of the question human being and the consequent development of public politics directed toward the solution of the social problems urban and tied with the exercise of the citizenship, as well as a necessity of if searching a vision complex of the urban reality, from a new knowledge of the interaction between society and nature. The public politics that, when being unaware of the sproutings of the processes of popular production for the construction of the cities and the citizenship, constrangem the urban life.

Solar Systems Yes

Roofer master Michael Philipp informed about solar systems famous people give a new image the ecological consciousness such as Leonardo di Caprio and promote solar roofs. Except for personal use for the climate, there is another reason for the own solar roof. It provides not only the House power but it is also still a savings plan. After it has decided for a solar plant, one wonders how this works. There are two different types of solar systems. The one for the electricity the photovoltaic technology, where by solar cells which modular are mounted on the roof, the House electricity is generated. On the other hand, there is the solar baths. These collect heat energy and redirect it into the heating system of the House.

Solar Baths are very inexpensive compared to the solar cells. For the power supply of homes with solar energy systems to be secured, they remain connected to the local power grid. The advantage is also that power too much is produced which fed into the local power grid can be. The next question is what a roof requirements so that it can be converted to a solar roof. Every homeowner can install a solar roof, as they are subject to any special form of approval. It is rather the technical requirements which are responsible for ensuring that a solar roof may or may not be installed. The roof of the broadening should be ideal way have a tendency of 20 to 60 degrees, South point and does not lie in the shade, this applies to both the solar thermal and photovoltaic technology. If there is for example a four-person household water Spa should be six square metres in size. While at the solar-power system the size can be determined regardless of the captive, since unused electricity into the local power grid is fed, resulting in even more light in the budget book. An area of ten to twenty square meters is customary for a solar power plant. The roofer master Michael Philipp is this advisable you to experts like the Dachdeckerei Philipp because of the installation should be taken over by solar roofs always of special lists, because the single elements consist of highly sensitive materials.

So Paulo

Lack also in the quarter Popular Garden of integration and the will politics of the representatives, corporativismo, lack of resources, lacks even of culture that absorbs the participativo method of the population, and difficulty in the work to interdisciplinar Valley to also cite that in the quarter Popular Garden great part is not tarred, what also contributes for the consuming of the ground, and at these times of rains the trend is that the alone nothing more it absorbs and with this all the water of rain that to fall runs for the surface. Since until the had moment a great part of the quarter Popular Garden meets without asphalt, a society must assume its role, and try to preserve the damaged areas, in simple ways, but that with certainty it will have yes great result, therefore an erosion for simpler than either destroys the ground, thus finishing with the image it quarter where the majority of the quatromarquense population inhabits. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES? RABBIT, Maria Ceclia Nunes; Ambient impacts in Areas Urban. ; River of Janeiro2000. LEPSCH, I.F.Formao and conservation of ground. So Paulo: Workshop of Texts 2002.p.36-49? MONIZ.A.C (COORD) Elements of pedologia.

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