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On Saturday morning it was reported on 12 thousand 876 dead, 14 000 865 missing and 645 injured 4000. Recall that hit Japan on March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami were the most horrific in its disastrous consequences for the last 88 years. As will be offset by cutting Khimki forest? Last week, the press service of the Ministry of Natural Resources said that instead of 100 hectares of forest array, felled for the construction of a highway "Moscow – St. Petersburg ', will be planted to seven times more forest – 700 acres – in Moscow. An appropriate program of compensatory plantings prepared Ministry of Natural Resources in cooperation with the Ministry of Transportation and the City of Moscow. It is planned that will be planted 700 hectares of forest, which fully compensates for the felling of the forest in Khimki (100 acres) and create the necessary balance of nature in the region. New forests appear in the north of Moscow, will also be expanded to the National Park 'Elk Island'.

A FFA proposes that compensatory planting of forest Khimki, just landed in Khimki and around an area 236 hectares of 99 000 trees and shrubs. In addition to Khimki FFA proposes to plant 12 000 trees and shrubs on 10 acres in Krasnogorsk, for 129 acres in Chekhov and on 310 acres in Orekhovo-Zuevo forestry. At the same time Office finds that in addition to planting the trees, it makes sense to pursue other compensatory measures, for example, to eliminate illegal dumps. Now FFA is looking for land for compensatory planting in accordance with the decision of the governmental commission on December 14, 2010. While the area of deforestation of 145 hectares, compensatory planting should be conducted on an area of 500 hectares. And so time, environmentalists are unhappy with the tightening of the final decision on compensation for Khimki forest plantations: they indicate that the 'landing of the little square' is no substitute for forest, and suspect the presence in the project corruption component.

According to them, FFA just can not find a suitable place for such a large project, and suggested instead to plant some groups of trees around the Moscow area. Environmentalists point out that compensation for losses for the residents of Khimki is impossible. Lands, which allow a return of the lost Khimki forest area larger forest within a radius of at least 20 miles – not, say environmentalists. At the same time small plots of forest or parks will not allow the same environmental benefits as a large timber, and remote forest will not be available for one million inhabitants of the northern suburbs, refine environmental experts.

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At present, industrial production is pursued maximum precision and quality of parts produced at proizvodstve.V consequence of this the tool that is used in metalworking to apply strict trebovaniya.Odnim of such requirements is the surface roughness of the tool. Treated grinding wheel surface has a different shape and microroughnesses vysoty.Mikronerovnostyami called protrusions and cavities with small distances (pitch) between them arising at the surface. Totality of the irregularities with respect to small steps that make up the surface relief, is microgeometry or roughness surface. As a result of abrasive grains on the surface of the tool is applied to the processed a huge number of mikrotsarapin forming Micro-lined. The surface roughness can be longitudinal and transverse with different directions of machining marks, which is determined by the trajectory of the relative movement of the abrasive tool. Transverse roughness is considered in a section perpendicular to the main motion the grinding wheel relative to the treated surface, and longitudinal roughness – in a parallel direction.

On the surface of the sharpened microroughnesses have a relatively small size (6 to 0.5 microns or less). The height of asperities and polished surfaces have been brought even less generally 0,80-0,05 microns. According to GOST 2789-73 set the surface roughness, which is determined by the numerical values of the parameters Ra and Rz in the normalized base lengths. Microroughnesses on the cutting edge, and the conditional radius of rounding appear after sharpening tool in the form of pitting and serrations. Chipping edges define a plane rear surface. Under jaggedness understand chipping the cutting edge of the front surface of the projection on the rear surface. When measuring the roughness of cutting edges on the tool instead of a diamond needle use special diamond spatula. The roughness of the front and rear surfaces of the cutting tool has a significant influence on the cutting process, the nature of chip removal, on the coefficient of friction between the front surface and strand, between the back and treated surfaces. In the manufacture of parts multiserial engineering (automotive parts, motozapchasti, spare parts for agricultural machinery, etc.) should be used qualitative metal cutting tools, having no large surface roughness.

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Let’s wait a week – like – to pay for a second. No – you will find our neighbors the best option. Another tip: Abkhazia. Beds is 50 rubles per day. The sea is cleaner cars lower rates at all cheaper than in Sochi on 2-3. Problems with Border crossing no. From the train station and airport are GAZelle to the border and from there – also a minibus on Abkhazia.

Second: the food. Or dine at a cafe in Sochi expensive – prices are 30-50% more than in Russia. Of course, if you live in motels – no power supply problems. But if you remove room – advice – prepare yourself. Products a better buy in the shops where the locals buy (in the shops in resort towns and more expensive by 20-30%) or in the markets. As a result, you will save 100-200 rubles per person per day. And the money to spend on entertainment.

Third: entertainment. Of course, you want to travel with excursions in , in Abkhazia, to make jeeping or scuba diving, dolphin, or visit arboretum. Right advice – ask the long holiday, with a guide, they take trips, whether they liked it, how much and by comparing it all, you can choose. It so happens that one firm radeet for quality of service, and another – just tear off the money, providing for tourists broken down Gazelle without a guide. And advertising is the same, and the second is even cheaper the price. And of course, take a vacation or a digital camera camcorder – an indispensable thing for future memories. The result was this: Rest in Sochi will cost you $ 500-700 (a reasonable rate of course) experience is useful for experienced sochentselyubov to conduct this time for maximum benefit, from cooking the food yourself (if you’re not in a sanatorium), it is better not to give up – and stay well fed and to live enough. PS I wish you all a pleasant stay and a reasonable use of available resources ….

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