Frank Dr Young

Its father to a store of location of clothes of parties where the young was dressed, maquiada, sidewalk and plus it asked for all elegant ‘ ‘ sbrio’ ‘ in the party its objective age to present the president of the company who was if divorcing its fourth woman. Fernandes Joo arrived in the hour has limited in the party that was to make the triunfal entrance. Here one fits however, the young woman impressed to all the gifts, however the president did not have fond. Fernandes Joo dealt with if informing with the secretary who guaranteed that it only was delayed and that already it was the way. Fernandes Joo accomodated its woman and its mother in a table, and came back toward the parking.

It wise person very where the president would leave its car (it always liked well to direct) and Fernandes Joo and its pretty son if they dispatch by post in the entrance of the parking and when the president if approached the young woman who it was in the projection it sped up and it leaned in the car, practically closed the front of the other. Fernandes Joo if showed worried and asked for a thousand excuses. The young ran in direction of the president caught in its hand and it said the burning to it clothes: Frank Dr. I am moved, very obliged for existing! The president was without breath, magic with the beauty and sincerity of the young. The company only confraternizada a time per year, therefore in that year confraternizou two times. The Christmas party already was tradition and had the commemoration of the new year and of this time Fernandes Joo and family they were seated in the table of the president. Namoro lasted one year, was the time of the Frank Dr..