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History of Schengen in the mid 80s of the twentieth century, the mutual integration of the European Union has reached a level that was necessary to make a qualitative change in the rules of migration. As a result, on June 14, 1985 in Luxembourg in the Schengen part of the EU member states signed a document of global significance – the agreement on the abolition of passport control. The new standard visa Schengen he named. Currently, the Schengen area includes two half a dozen countries: Austria, Germany, Belgium, Greece, Hungary, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, France, Portugal, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, Estonia. The essence of this agreement lies in the fact that citizens were able to move freely within the Schengen area.

Condition for such freedom of movement is to obtain a Schengen visa at any of the above countries. The Schengen visa is a single model for states that do not belong to the Schengen zone. Because the types of visas, the objectives for the citizens of foreign countries differ, as well as the duration of stay abroad – Visas are divided into different categories: A, B, C and D. Category A – for this type of visa applies airport transit visa, which allows the holder to stay in the transit zone of an international airport with no visitation rights territory. Category B – This type of visa, which is also considered a transit is already to travel through the territory of one state to another visit. Category C – is the most sought, type of visa which, in reality, can be identified as the main Schengen visa. The Schengen visa is issued for this category of short-term visits. On it you can enter the country, the embassy which issued it to you, and only then you can move freely within the entire Schengen area without visas in more states within the Schengen Union.

In this case, it is important to note that this type of visa does not give you the right to work in these states. Visa C is divided into subtypes, which represent, as a rule, the length of stay and frequency of entry: C1 – entitles you to enter up to 30 days; C2 – gives you the right to stay in the Schengen group of 31 to 90 days; C3 – issued for multiple entries (multivisa), it is valid, usually within a year and gives you the right to stay in the Schengen area not exceeding 90 days; C4 – essentially the same as C3, with the only difference that is issued for 5 years. Category D – this type of visa is for entry to a particular country (national visa) and gives a fairly broad powers to its owner, namely the right to remain in the state for a long time, to get a job with the possibility of a residence permit, etc. Despite the fact that quite often you can hear the words "Schengen visa type D, still, I want to emphasize that the head of all these type of visas in the first place, the definition of a Schengen visa, falls into the category of visas under the letter S. The original article, visit the website of the Immigration

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But for this project him energy would be used to distill the marine fresh water water. DISTILLATION OF THE MARINE FRESH WATER WATER Aristotle obtained fresh water by means of the system of distillation of marine waters. In the century XVI Blasco Garay and Leonardo l$da Vinci, they presented/displayed similar machines that using boilers obtained fresh water distilling the water of the sea. In that then limited energy it was an obstacle. But 15 MW can provide electricity but that sufficient for all the operation of the treatment plant it requires. Turning thousands of cubic meters of fresh water salt water to the day. Closing the valve of the drainage pipe, the valve of the distribution pipe is abre that as to his same it says it name, distributes the water from sea to the boilers by means of the unloading pipes. These pipes of unloading also are used for pre to warm up the water before they enter the boilers.

When providing amounts of lukewarm water to the boiler, use excessive respect the times of the treatment process. Within the boilers, the marine water will boil like in a pot under pressure. The water of sea contains 4% of solids dissolved like salt, chlorine, etc. that can separate completes easily and by means of what is called individual distillation, first evaporating the water and soon condensing the steam in a cold camera, since it becomes in any still, obtaining like result; pure or distilled water. At heart of the boilers it would be the pure brine, that will have to be removed once in a while and can be given back to the sea, since it does not contain any type of chemistry or also it can be industrialized, extracting of this salt marine sodium chloride (86%) and the rest of other trace elements as they can be calcium, magnesium and manganese.

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Any human right – none other than the responsibilities of others. Instead of saying, "I I have the right ", you can always say," He must do it for me. " Approval of the second. In the relationship of people always comes first duty. Only after the appearance of duties can be said about right. When sewing clothing, along with face and clothes is always a wrong side. In a similar way relate to the duty and right.

Note to the second part: All normal people wear clothes face outside and inside the seamy. Part 8, in which the author tries to fly to the moon and get a job there in the author's right to walk on the moon? Of course there are, who can deny the author to walk on this beautiful celestial ! Only now, unfortunately, no one else's responsibility to deliver on the moon. Nobody wants to take on such responsibility. And just as there is no force would be desirable to realize their inalienable right to walk on the moon! "Citizens have the right to work, that is, to guaranteed employment. " So it was written in the Constitution of the USSR.

And every man really had in Soviet times, the right to work, and the right to work there was a man just because State necessarily suited man on the job. "Everyone has the right to freely use their abilities to work." So now written in the Constitution of the Russian Federation. As can be seen, right to work has disappeared in Russia. That's right it was, but somewhere around the mid-90s of last century it was no more. How is it right could disappear? Yes, everything is simple – the state abandoned its duty to hold people to work. Gone was the duty and then gone right. Part 9 in which the author pays tribute to the Convention on the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms Oh, it is fashionable today to remember the convention, when you need to talk about human rights.

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Tired of your hectic work, Frank Martin is enjoying the sun and fishing on the French Riviera with his old comrades Tarkona. But if you walk through the mud – you can not not stain the legs, and old acquaintances find Frank. In his living room in brand new "Audi" half-dead mercenary enters with a pretty girl of Slavic in the backseat. Now it is – a new job with the delivery of Frank appendage in the form of healing bracelets, bombs. French cinema or Hollywood cinema of the French directors and producers – are almost always dive into something indescribable, recognizable at first sight. These films or fall in love with himself, as it was with "Taxi", or cause persistent irritation and rejection, the average they do not know.

At the same fate was doomed in advance with the film, directed by Olivier Megaton outlandish name, replacing the central position of the creator of the first two parts of the franchise Louis Leterrier. And do not affect the film it could not. With the departure of Leterrier film Hollywood has lost luster and stiffness. Gone bygone entertainment pursuits, and the concentration of close-in fighting for a minute of screen time fell to just indecent. But we can get enough enough, as Frank tries to talk to Valentin: nice course, but it is very straightforward with the projected life of a movie, without a drop of imagination. Cinema as a direct reflection of reality – a thing very dreary. Better to let the cars come up from the bottom of rivers in the gas of their own tires and drive around on the roofs of trains: they belong there. Really original tricks from the movie disappeared as a class, the new "Carrier" crammed repeats and samopovtorami.

Stethemu still have to fight back in the ring of enemies, like Neo from Mr. Smith, under Burly Browl, a bicycle race through the neighborhoods and sewing factories, too, have failed to impress. Well, Luc Besson, on the sly shamelessly writes in his next script another skinny model with unnatural hair colors, apparently, is a syndrome, "Jovovich". From this "carrier" is so similar to the "Fifth Element", which somehow did not feel, given a slight resemblance Statham and Willis: Bravo limply Megaton. Entertainment motor racing has fallen practically to zero, there is no fighting on the roofs of trucks or anything pozanimatelnee, well, the use of the acceleration effect time to increase the dynamism of the movement – such a shame that you do not want to remember. The only thing shocking here, so it's natural ability to keep the margins of German cars and asphalt at once and rush to the cell, not dropping the rate, what is true, merits the director and the operator no. In general, say that "Transporter 3" has not met expectations – hence, say nothing. Can not be so carelessly refer to their work and the personality of Statham, man, realize the dream of the Anglo-Saxons, flying in a fight with the grace of Jackie Chan. Original articles on the site of the first series Kinoretsenzii

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Everyone knows that successful implementation of each portal is defined by ratings, which, in turn, is directly dependent on the number of visitors. To attract them need a good promotion page. During the period of international network created a large variety of different forms of high-quality site promotion. The most effective method today is the promotion of web sites related articles. If you need this kind of advertising, then you've come to the right place. Professionals in our organization will help you for a short period post links to your site or articles in certain directories. Registration papers in the catalogs can be both manual and automatic.

But you must know that autoregistration not as beneficial, but no doubt the advantage is low cost. But the more expensive manual or semiautomatic submission to article directories is a very cost effective. As another option, that can be made directly by all, but you spend a lot of time and effort to find the necessary directories, understand the rules of registration. It is much easier to use by professionals who provide this type of service. We can provide fast and reliable wishing to register. Our specialists will perform all the work, starting with writing relevant articles including references therein ending choice of a particular column in the catalog.

We also provide services to automatically register to a site directories. The use of these measures argued they need to among Internet users. Let's say you need a certain kind of information. Instead of wasting time in fruitless searching, collecting data on the grain, you are given the opportunity to go to the link directory, or in Articles Directory, select the appropriate section and get detailed information about the address required sites. This is similar to a system of file cabinets in the library. You have to understand that not all directories are effective and quality. But, as Typically, effective resources accordingly have very strict rules of registration and strict moderation. This fact has become a major cause of the risk of failure independent site owners trying to register. But our experts are known features of this work, we guarantee quality work. Almost immediately after the registration in the catalogs you will notice the rating increase the popularity of your site.

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Corporate events, festivals – a very important element in the life of any company. Large corporations spend millions and millions of dollars on the formation of corporate identity, corporate culture and corporate activities that reinforce what is called the “corporate spirit”. The meaning of this absolutely clear: the closer a company – the greater its success in the market, the healthier environment within the company – the more it success in the marketplace, the better the relationship between company employees and their bosses – the greater its success in the marketplace, the better the relationships between employees – the greater the success in the market. Nothing so contributes to the success and profit growth Companies like atmosphere of unity, friendship and understanding. It was such an atmosphere should be formed and corporate events, corporate holidays. All work is done for the organization of corporate events – from performances and to design the room florists – in the end it is necessary to create the right atmosphere, which later turned into pure profit. Organizing a corporate holiday, formation of the atmosphere, team spirit – it’s fine, filigree setting.

Setting up a complex mechanism consisting of a set of personalities, personalities of your employees, which eventually should create a single symphony corporate spirit, a perfect harmony of effective business. Reasonable and logical to entrust this work to professionals. Professionals who can arrange for you to truly high-quality, original, exclusive corporate event. Thus, the authorities will save yourself some trouble and difficulty, and the staff just to enjoy a cheerful holiday friendly, pleasant memories of which will remain for a long time. If you need to organize a corporate event – remember that the level of the organization of corporate parties depends on the prestige of your company and your employees to respect their superiors. Correctly organized corporate party – rallied employees, enhance team spirit and contribute to the development of corporate culture and the establishment of informal networks within the company. A well-structured corporate governance best any “team training”. Our experts will organize a high-level corporate party – according to your individual scenario or offer you your own original and creative ideas.

Arranged by us corporate evening remembered by everyone as the evening a successful and wealthy company. Advertising Agency DeCor organize for you a holiday from start to finish, we suggest you measure “turnkey” – from the stage of development concept, scripting, and ending with an exclusive design hotel rooms, which include phytodesign, floral decoration for the hall. After years of work in various areas of show business, the head of our department Special Projects Elena Dunaevskaya established relations with almost all Russian “stars” as well as with many foreign pop stars – in order to invite them to your holiday, we do not need intermediaries. In our file cabinet is the artists almost every possible genre – an entertainer, striptease and circus troupe – all that will be pleasing to you to your holiday, birthday, anniversary. Rent and design fields, laser light show and sound special effects, as well as organization of photo and video – all of these efforts we will undertake. Rely on professionals to organize your corporate event.

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An interesting fact is that modern master of mosaics copy does not look ancient mosaic panels, and that their kind that got us thousands of years later. Created in our time, stone paintings, as a rule, especially the 'old' – the so-generated image of antique items, like existed for many centuries. Often, contemporary works are full replicas of famous mosaic panels of the past. However, there may be conflicting versions, do not hide their youth. Popularity mosaics, like any fashion, caused a stir in this case, the mosaic production. Often the creation of the stone panels are literally put on the conveyor.

Ordinary workers who do not have taste and talent, without a creative agony put the item in the appropriate area of the mosaic pattern. So generated many identical and rather primitive works. Do mosaics right to exist? Yes, but their role is an analogy with painting, is reduced to printed in the printing reproductions of the Mona Lisa. Similar to the art works are very remote. Carrier understood the implications. As expected, the real works of mosaic art are rare.

In the world There are several places in our time are unique masterpieces. To the delight of Russian patriots, we must say that one of these centers is located in St. Petersburg. Hard to believe, but in the Black River, in the workshops of the company Strelets – Fireplaces Petersburg 'are works of art, comparable, and somewhat superior to the mosaic of Great Antiquity. The reason for the superiority of the St. Petersburg mosaic cut out many terms, but chief among them is likely all, is itself the mood to create not just a product, and works of art. Simple sum of quality materials, training of masters and modern equipment is not enough – a necessary 'ingredient success' and is embedded in the work of the soul. And that piece of art turned out to be an inspiration to reach several people. It is clear that the architect, develop projects and artist who creates a mosaic need to feel each other, but their companion in the creation of a masterpiece and the customer must make a stone panels. Its mission – to accept the order as introduction to high art. Positive mood and atmosphere of trust between these three people can really work wonders! Illustrations are only partially convey the beauty of the mosaic of St. Petersburg. Modulations of color, shape and figure minute details still remain behind the scenes. Well discernible one – a mosaic of the XXI century, as well as her ancestors left the memory of our time in centuries and millennia.

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The systematization of the data collected for the educators was in agreement (to see 1 and 2 attached; the table and the graphs). Then, after the elaboration of this table with the system of production and the infrastructure, for Cities, transferred it the stage of the elaboration of the graphs, having as evaluation object, the statistics of the production system, thus the graphs had been in accordance with the choice of the team for City. The used substances had been colorful penxses, papers, bristol boards, pencils and paper 40. Tera? Fair 13 -07 -20 Iniciamos this morning with the retaken one of the events of the previous day, then, all had participated saying what it happens in the second fair, thus the Formadora Selma alerted for the production of the daily etnogrfico and story of experiences, that many have difficulties in making. After this moment, had received with music the Flour of Djavan, then the people had said one alone word that identified the reason of many to be there, thus many had said that they were why: I believe the program, I accumulate of knowledge, practical theory and, force of will, curiosity, to know more, love, pleasure, satisfaction the video of Agroflorestao that approached the thematic one of the ground consumed. In this manner Selma attempted against for the activity that would be made, in which if needs to emphasize for the relation of the objectives and the problematizao, as well as the importance of the areas of knowledge to be integrated for the systematization of the project. Then the objectives had been elect, that did not give to finish at this moment, therefore, then more they would be mstica, together with the wheel of dialogues with the palestrantes Oscar Rover and Severino Branches. Then the representatives of the areas of the knowledge, explanaram its following questionings: Languages? knowing that this moment of transistion of the agronegcio for the agroecologia, is not easy.

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Podstolya for furniture in cafes, bars and restaurants have different personalities, like himself, the interior of these enterprises, as well as any furniture for cafes and restaurants. And manufacturers each year offering new models to help owners of restaurants emphasize their individuality. Actually with the selection of design concepts and premises are often good starting a cafe or restaurant. CC Riword engaged in manufacturing and supplying podstolev and support for tables, including furniture to bars, cafes and restaurants since 2001. During these years, we have proposed several exclusive models for stylish cafes and bars, as well as established supply chrome podstolev from China and cast podstolev with other Russian factories and from Italy.

All models feature an original design. Longevity of use is guaranteed by the use of quality materials – steel and aluminum, modern manufacturing techniques and painting. We offer podstolya with powder coating, durability is significantly higher than normal paint, color palette options for virtually nothing are not limited to, painted in such a way the product looks like a modern factory product, unlike products, painted a traditional hammer enamel. For those who prefer a chrome podstolya and bases for chairs, we offer a few wonderful Chinese-made products. Chrome podstolya expensive, but their quality does not let you down in any circumstances. Designing furniture for cafes difficult but interesting task. CC Riword their experiences and completed projects shows that this task will be successfully resolved in the future. Our model can be viewed at:. Or call: (495) 646 August 2000

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Any sooner or later, out of school. Where? This issue is common to all parents who are aiming to provide good education to your child. But here there is a detail: our mentality is that to make a beautiful formed a solid man of the lot does not know, raunchy, and modest young man will only education abroad. Popular, of course, states such as France, Italy, England, Germany and other European countries, as there is the highest classical school with established views on quality education. Universities of these states is a leader in the specialized world rankings, here the powerful send their children to learn. Clearly, education abroad has some undeniable advantages. This implies become acquainted with students of other states to adopt teaching methods and bring them home, and a show and see the world.

That is the reason why overseas travel and professors of our universities. I should say that thanks to the introduction of European education system, tn Bologna process, which means getting international diploma after studying in our universities, in the near future it will be easier to get an education abroad. Of special note is education in China. As you know, not so long ago, China was a dictatorship and a state with low standard of living. But today's China – it is occupied by one of the best places in terms of the economy rapidly developing country. And education is a popular and prestigious for the U.S. and Europe. Additional information is available at Carrier. Education in China is very different from our system of higher education. Education is divided into 3 stages: the first 4-5 years of a student studying for a bachelor's degree, the next 2-3 years aimed at obtaining master's, and the last stage in 3 years can become a doctor of sciences. Leadership of the state is interested in the educated people, so education in China is a budget item, which invested heavily. Organize by 2021 one hundred higher education institutions, leading in quality education on the planet – is the goal of the government program "Project 211" operating in China.

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