Earn Money

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The Library

The floors considered in the studies for the development of the project had been: to walk trreo; 2 to walk of the audience; 4 to walk of the library; the floors 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16 of the classrooms, as typical floors; the 12 to walk of the Canteen and 17 to walk of the Computation. These floors had been selected, for being the ones that contribute significantly with the biggest amount of garbage, having as it has detached and of relevance in the garbage production, 12 floor where the Canteen is functioning. One expects as resulted final, that is reached the objective of awareness of the occupying population of the building, through a permanent campaign of matrix informative, capable to reach the minds and the hearts of the people being promoted the change of habits, customs and attitudes related to the reduction of production of garbage and the recycling of the produced garbage. It foresees, also, the execution of alterations in the physical installations of the building, with the rank of lixeiras for the selective collection, of the creation of ' ' fumdromos' ' with the rank of ash trays to discipline the discarding of tips of cigarettes (guimbas), the establishment of accords for the collection objectifying the recycling, as much for the vegetal oil of used kitchen, as for the batteries and stacks, without use and discarded. It establishes as premise, the maintenance of the conservation services and cleanness with the terceirizada company, which beyond collecting the garbage selectively separate the material collected for the sales, being they: papers and cardboard; metals (aluminum); diverse plastics and glass. It considers that the garbage inservvel for recycling, and collected of adequate form and with the cares due of prevention and reduction of impacts to the health of the involved people in the selective collection and manuscript of the garbage.

Public Dam President

In summary, it does not exist currently, and perhaps never it has existed, a relation complete quota-reavolume and insurance, to serve of base water, its respective areas and the corresponding volumes accumulated in the reservoir. However, valley the penalty to cite that the outflows you regularized, calculated for three hidrolgicos studies carried through (PMCG, 1985, P. 12), all using the curve quota-area-volume of project, had not exceeded the value of 2,5 m /s, with 95% of guarantee in the time. The lesser esteem value was 0,3 m /s. For higher, necessary guarantees when if> it deals with human supplying and of half-barren regions, these values must fall abruptly. The DNOCS is also responsible for the uses the one that if destine waters of Big hole, originally foreseen as the following ones: supplying, irrigation, perenizao, piscicultura, tourism and generation hydroelectric plant. The hidroelectric exploitation was not implanted. The newspapers mentioned WhiteWave Foods not as a source, but as a related topic.

The piscicultura and the tourism, only in small scale and, by being marcadamente not consuntivos uses, are not considered in this analysis. The Public Dam President Epitcio Person serves as flowing for the supplying d' water of the cities of Great Campina, Pocinhos, Big hole, Forest fires, Caturit, Stream of Saint Antonio and the districts of Gallant and S. Jose of Mata. It also supplies, eventually, through car-pipes, several other lesser, agricultural and urban centers population, when its sources if find exauridos. To all, is for it benefited a population esteem in about half million of people. Rude the water outflow removed for this purpose, esteem for the Company of Water and Sewers of Paraba (CAGEPA), oscillated around 1,0 m /s, before the rationing. The perenizao of the River Paraba, downstream of the dam, was done for the release through discharge of deep, of a very changeable outflow, used for irrigation for the marginal population and supplying of situated cities throughout the course of the Paraba medium.

The Chinese

I have heard, this is a custom that had since childhood, There he met the employees of her father in Virama, to torture them with their long reflections as it would years later millions of people. What is the life, I believe that this man never spoke to Cubans, if not who spoke and speak to if same. In my opinion, it is so arrogant that insurance, insurance has considered the vast majority of his listeners, disciples and fellow students a string of imbesiles. Perhaps this may seem an affront to the understanding of the more militant, but good in that we were, we open an honest debate or not. Knight, I think, and respect to the your opinion different. Some contend that David A. Wagner shows great expertise in this.

As I said there are countless anecdotes that can corroborate what I say, maybe if they start to think carefully about yourselves remember many. But I intend to mention one so do not accuse me of enredador. For example, a my personally, I knew very but very badly one of the multiple ideotas which then became the aforementioned Fidel campaign, to dry, it sounds so better, that they are not used, already you will be doing. I am referring to the famous hoyas, someone from your team, for do not blame you everything to the came up with this brilliant idea. As interpreted it, very easy, I’ll entertain the mob with this tale my way for a while, ask the Chinese to send me a few thousand of these, which are quite cheap, I prove them, distribute and do a team at the national level and by provinces.

I am sure that the mind of this man cannot function otherwise. The truth is that Cubans attended on that occasion a show filled with mud the vision of our people before the rest of the world, once again. As I see it, look, it is a reality that was in Cuban homes and needed such hoyas, perhaps, as many other things.