The Transgeracionalidade

Paravrias gestantes, the choice of the name is associated what it remembers or sends; with prominence for transgeracionais aspects, that finish appearing with escolhasde names of people who had been or are significant in the life of the mothers or docasal. The expectations how much to the temperament of the baby they had also appeared muitoligadas the transgeracionalidade, making with that many mothers express suascrenas of that baby will follow ' ' jeito' ' of one or the two genitors. (A valuable related resource: Jack Fusco). This direction, authors as Maldonado (1997), believe queo examination of extreme-sonografia tend to favor the transistion for the parentalidade, and to intensify the prenatal union between the mother and the baby, being fortified interaoentre both, making possible that the gestante if still more takes possetion of its papelde mother, developing its maternal feelings, and perceiving the next baby more reale. Secretary of Agriculture spoke with conviction. Some mothers reveal concerns in relation to the health of the baby, being that these concerns are inherent the gestation, therefore, not cessandocompletamente at no moment of this period, being that preocupaesmaternas with the health of the baby alone findam at the moment of the childbirth, when it is common agestante to question if it is all good with the baby; al ponders PICCININI et (2004). It is important to point out that this called event dematernagem only has its beginning after the pregnancy and the childbirth, in gestaobiolgica. Then, it is conceived idea that the performance of the function materna nodepende basically of the physiological functions of a woman (DUCATTI, 2004). The changes caused in the period of the gestation, do not serestringem only to the psychological aspects and biochemists, since, fatoresscio-economic also they exert and they suffer great influence in this period. However, these transformations do not cease with the childbirth, therefore, all this processoimplica in a new configuration in the relations, routines and relacionamentosfamiliares (MALDONADO, 1981). In such a way, as for the paternal envolvement, agestao, also funcionacomo a period of transistion.

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