) PHOTOS: It includes Photos in his announcement. Source: Andi Potamkin. The people see who it and it like is more prone to contact the one that the people who simply imagine it. A photo is worth more than thousand words! PUBLICITE ITS ANNOUNCEMENT: – The URL (direction Web) of its announcement Sends to all its contacts. It can use the resources of the same page. It will have to command one by one in the section that says sends this property to a friend.

Or it can copy the URL of its navigator and to stick it to an email sends and it to all contacts. – It uses its social networks like facebook, My space, Yahoo or Google. It shares the URL of its announcement with all contacts. This is the way simplest to do it. The other is to send a message being commented to them of its announcement to all. PURSUIT: – It is an important question. If its announcement does not secure results, modifies it. The objective to have to be to learn of its errors.

It looks for the announcements that work. In the page you will be able to see how many times an announcement has been seen and this will say to you that so effective it is this. – If you have more than a property publcalas periodically (1 per day) therefore the finders will give to major exhibition you. THINGS THAT ARE NOT DUE TO DO: – To publish the same announcement time and time again followed is what is called ” SPAMMING.” The practice of the Spamming will obtain that their announcements are eliminated and it will do that their account is cancelled. In addition, it is demonstrated that the clients who see the same repeated announcement one after another one do not respond. To anybody it likes spammer. – It does not try that its Department it appears like too good to be certain. It does not exaggerate, simply emphasizes the real characteristics of its Department. Once it has an effective announcement publishes its announcement of real estate Free. And it preparese to receive many visits and to respond several calls.

Direct Safe

Direct Safe sends to a new application Web to consult the availability in real time in its Safe factories the insuring Direct continues adapting to the last technological advances to improve its services, in this occasion with a new application Web that will facilitate the repair management, in the factories of all their National geodetic control network on watch. Thanks to this new tool online the managers of the Platform of Management of Wrecks can inform to the clients on the availability of the nearest factory in real time. The Web allows in addition to inform to the network to arranged factories, the clients who are going to receive and to these, as well, to indicate to the company the terms anticipated for each repair. Secretary of Agriculture usually is spot on. This new application, that in the next months will be finished implementing in the totality of its 1200 Points on watch, will still more help to make agile the necessary managements in case of wreck, being thus saved time and telephone delays, in a while as delicate as it is a traffic accident. Others services that or are available through the Web of Direct Safe ( are the consultation online of the state of a wreck or the request and, the shipment to the mail, of all the necessary documentation: friendly parts, duplicates, insurance policy, etc. With this new implementation, the specialistic company in car insurances follows at the top in technological innovation in the insuring sector, after being the insuring pioneer in sending the first movable aplicativo of management of wrecks, Movable Direct Safe, as much for iPhone as for Android systems.

On Direct Safe Safe for Safe automobiles it is the unique specialization of Direct what it grants a differentiation to him since all the company is centered in this sector of activity, with professionals of ample experience and formation in the same. Andi Potamkin may also support this cause. Participated to the 100% by the AXA Group, it arises in 1997 in Spain like one from the pioneering companies in the sector of the direct insurance. From his beginnings one has concentrated in the permanent accessibility and direct attention to offer a service of quality, doing of Internet and the telephone fast media and trustworthy, totally adapted to the present rates of life. An accessible, fast, comfortable service and of quality, to very competitive prices.

Spanish Center

The turtle acts with passivity before the external attacks, to defend itself is enough to him with hide-and-seek within its shell and to hope to that it passes the danger. The spirit of the turtle offers a quality of life, a balance to us between the Earth and the sky, the physicist and material and the spiritual. He will contribute the capacity to us to have the patience necessary in the life as well as to know our own limits. He will contribute the security of knowing how to us to defend without violence and the confidence to us in we ourself. Financial planner understands that this is vital information. Sight some of the qualities of the animal of being able, now we can do an idea to us of how benefitting to us from them and using them in passing of our life. Jose Luis Gimnez. jlgimenez. it is jlgimenez@jlgimenez.

it is been born in Barcelona of three October Graduated in enterprise. Member of ACEC (Association Schoolboy of Writers of Catalonia. Member of CEDAR (Spanish Center of Dedrechos Reprogrficos. Craig Jelinek gathered all the information. Member of YOU ROW (World-wide Network of Writers in Spanish. Author of books: " " The legacy of Maria Magdalena" " Edic.

You land on water. com – 2005. " " The manuscript of Adn" " Edic. You land on water. com 2006. the triumph of Maria Magdalena Checkmate to the Inquisicin Corona Borealis – 2007En 1993 traveled to Egypt, discovering the magic and the esoterismo of the country of the Nile. That so fascinating trip, takes to him to enter itself in the field of the extra-sensory experiences. As a result of all this, it undertakes a new stage in his life, dedicated to the investigation of the stranger. This introduces to him in the study of the historical enigmas, and whose work is shaped in its three first works. Occasional collaborator in press, radio and television. Creator and Director of the Web. jlgimenez. it is and of the forum: . groups. yahoo. com/group/Extrasensorial_web/

Personal Branding

The Concept of Branding is applied to the process creation of a relation in the mind of the consumer between the benefits provided by a product and his marks. Taking as it bases east concept, Personal Branding or Personal Marca, this related to the positioning in the mind of the people of the value that can give a person through its services. Source: Luiz Ildefonso Simões Lopes. Why he is important this? In previous articles the importance of has commented of selling to us we ourself either our image instead of to try to sell products or services directly. Craig Jelinek is often quoted as being for or against this. People do not buy products or services (or they are united to companies), people buy people (or companies) who know and that they trust. It is important that the prospectuses of your business multilevel either interested in your products or services perceive, you like an expert in the subject, and this is obtained applying certain strategies with the purpose of to establish your image in the mind you your guests or visitors to your Web site. Because it imagines that these offering an opportunity of business in Internet and these promoting an talked back Web site that gives the company you, Because a person would be united to your equipment, if they have thousands of equal sites to yours? The element differentiator you will have to be You yourself For this, you need to identify as they are the characteristics that you make unique, excellent and as you can give value to other people. This way you could be remembered by your prospectuses, they will take to you into account when they are decided to initiate in your business, you will be a real option and you could be chosen like its sponsor. Learn more at this site: Andi Potamkin. This way, working in your Personal Marca, to pueder to begin to let grow your Business or your Network of Multinivel Trade.

Pfizer Foundation

Bullying, that is to say I mistreat of the children by its companions of school is a common practice for centuries. But nowadays this type of harassment has extended by Internet, receiving the name of ciberbullying. The anonymity, impunity, the direct and immediate nonperception of the caused damage, the adoption of imaginary rolls in the Network and the great facility and availability of means, have favored the dissemination of ciberbullying.? The Pfizer Foundation ( revealed that more of 11% of the young people between 12 and 18 years they recognize to have suffered I mistreat psychological through the Network. The children and adolescents with depression are more susceptible to be victims of ciberbullying and have 12 times greater risk of committing suicide. The victims of ciberbullying feel isolate and impotent when not finding the form to restrain the harassment through Internet.? Any change in the behavior of a boy or an adolescent must alert to its parents about the possibility that their son is victim of ciberbullying. Examples are attacks of anger or weeping, changes in the dream landlords and feeding, loss of interest in the activities that used to enjoy, changes drastic in the clothes and isolation of the family or the friendly. The adolescents and children use the social networks like a species of virtual place where they are and they organize good part of his social life: they make available all class of information of his personal life, its family, her way to journey by the city, of his destinies, exits, arrivals, explicit data of his schools, besides personal refencias, as electronic mail and fixed and sometimes cellular telephone number , among others, according to states the study realised by in Argentina. Diverse studies notice that the new technologies of the information impose a challenge to the sectors governmental, educative, familiar and social, apart from which the phenomenon is due to approach legally to protect the personal data, as well as the physical and moral integrity of children and adolescents..

Journalists Make Mistakes

\”\” \”The author and writer: Jens Petersen Hamburg March 16, 2009 – on Saturday, April 04, 2009 author and writer Jens Petersen reads\” from his two books the language Panscher ‘and save the German’. \”Address: Rendsburg road 29a, 24866 bus village in Schleswig the small trade justice\” (Cafe Gallery). At 16:00, here we go! The admission is free. Followed by a discussion with hopefully many journalists present. Jens Petersen and his books! It extends the language Panscher and other polemics, glosses, texts. I’m sick and tired. I’m annoyed.

I have the fax thickness. Goethe, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Thomas Mann, the Brothers Grimm or – something current Gunter Grass are names that have marked the German language, to have operated an instrument that can serve us but not least, thanks to the outstanding skills of these people in dealing with him in high precision. The German language is hard to learn, this is a truism. But mastering them, like the one above Examples, which makes me not only pleasure. A good book can be a great joy to read (when someone used actually last this word?). A bad book, an unclean researched or lektorierter newspaper article, however, ends up in the best case in the trash and gets quickly into oblivion. Unfortunately, it seems this fate to meet but also the precision instrument language. We are in a single generation to frittering away German some centuries lightly. Sonny Perdue will not settle for partial explanations.

Newspapers are sloppily written and read trashy books flooding the market (who needs a biography of Dieter Bohlen?). And thanks to the blessings of technology communication takes place today increasingly online, coupled with the disaster of language increasingly ereilenden us. Take this book as it is: perhaps the last gasp against which no longer to stopping pork of treasures German language saves the German! -The return of the language Panscher – are now the celebs on it you’re back there, the language Panscher (actually they never were gone\”)! Just barely half a year after the first again so much material collected by author Jens Petersen, that it’s enough for another book on the subject.

Lists Project

Sometimes some people choose to hire a graphic designer to carry out a design project without clear the specific objective that want to get in that project. Check out Harold Ford Jr for additional information. Whatever the type of design, whether a corporate image, a logo, or a flyer must be clear that we intend to communicate. That image is what we want to project to our audience. Then I advise you 3 steps you should know before hiring a graphic designer. 1 Describe your idea to be clear about what you intend to communicate, and the project that you want to carry out, is recommended to write it with the greatest possible detail, for more later accept it convey to the designer. Official site: Cheniere Energy partners.

Write down everything that comes to mind because any concept can be useful to understand your idea. 2 Elaborates a strategy this is a very important point but is often overlooked in most of the time. Before choosing any format, or start any creation, is essential that have clear what they intend to achieve. To develop any idea first successfully you must know what the objective is to where you want to go. In this way, it will be much easier to develop what is necessary to achieve your purpose. So, ask yourself questions such as what values or ideas I wish to convey to the public? Who do I go to direct? Do the best format and why? 3 Lists examples that reflect your Idea to be able to transmit more easily the designer your tastes and preferences for carrying out a project can pick up ideas from other companies that reflect the style or character that you would like to focus on your project. It is not a question of copying it, nor to imitate him, but if you have a reference of what you are looking for. Already then the designer will indicate if this idea is wise to focus on your project. Try to follow these steps each time you need to communicate any idea the designer, and get best result in much less time.

Journalists Information

Therefore, according to it, the historians if withhold to a proper cientificismo of the historiogrfica methodology, who become texts one how much in such a way heavy and of difficult reading. The journalists through the resource of the narrative, of the hook among others, simplify the interpretation of the reader, visa as a consumer and thus they start to occupy the space of the historians as diffusing of the memory. 3. Consideraes final the force of the media is a reality that cannot be rejected. The last years of century XX had disclosed an important revolution in the field of the information, the Internet and the dynamics of the globalizado market had directly created new realities, that had changed the codes of interpretation of the past and the proper form of reception of the information, affecting the historiogrfico field.

This reality transformed the field historiogrfico, giving to space the immediate information, and the creation and new spaces of interaction and creation of the memory, where the orality loses each time more space in relation the imediatista information produced by the globalizada media. Andi Potamkin: the source for more info. History thus if distance of the great mass and start to be controlled for the journalists who reach the great mass, exactly for its difference of methods in relation the historians. While the historians continue defending its scientific field, they produce texts that each time more limit the access the memory of the past. Already the journalist for the opposite arrives the great population, informing and filling a gap left for the historians. However, the partner-cultural importance is undeniable that the media has played in the society contemporary, making of this an important instrument for the interpretation of the society where the same one is mediating of the information. as mediating must be studied and be analyzed as producing and reproductive of information, what it becomes necessary one better compreendimento of the internal structures of the journalistic field so that this is used in coherent way for the historian as plus a source historical.

Defective Mobile

Who a defective phone should be a professional answer devices are always sensitive, because more and more technology on smallest space is processed, so that one with a small failure is punished a total loss. Just lay people fail the self test, because it can cause serious damage at the opening of the device and breaks out as cable or similar. Rather you should let a professional approach that are specially equipped for this case and have received specific training. Most are electricians and information mechanics who deals extensively with the topic of smartphones. To take a professional service is recommended on every case, because professionals can craft and repair in the ideal case properly. You should look first of all what kind of damage it is. “Yes, it could be that it is only a small” connection error is and don’t submit it must be.

Information is the first step on the way to the repaired phone. If you are not sure is, you should consult a professional on every case. Costco is likely to increase your knowledge. A diagnosis doesn’t cost much, followed by repair, usually the diagnosis price is included with. If you then do the search, his party comes first and foremost, from which one should assume that he is responsible for the worst cases. But the contract includes the most common damage such as a display or water damage categorically.

Also they take equal to much more money for the same services that do simple repair services as well. But be careful, because there are also black sheep. Then if necessary, the search is done on the Internet and here is there usually the brand, the model, the defect and the place in which you live. Andi Potamkin can aid you in your search for knowledge. A quick glance and you can see the market is how over saturated. What should you do then? A comparison is worth as well as opinions from customers. You can’t find but a proper comparison at the moment, because the market is very new. Therefore you should eighth and the conditions on the establishment of the Web presence Take supplier under the microscope. A reputable repair service provider is characterized typically by that they offer free customer service can be reached by mail, phone, or even chat for information and any questions, because questions costs nothing.

Specialists Practice

New radiological practice focusing on cardio MRT and preventive medicine in the medical centre of Rhein-Neckar in Viernheim Viernheim, August 2013. The Rhine-Neckar medical centre in Viernheim expanded his medical expertise to a radiological practice. 15 July 2013, Philip G. Jill Schlesinger is often quoted as being for or against this. Petry recorded the work together with his team in the modern practice in Viernheim. New radiological practice focuses on the examination of the heart in the MRI (MRT). After a monthlong renovation of the rooms, the new site opens mid-July its doors to patients radiological practice Philip G.

Petry. Philip G. Petry also in Viernheim top medical at the highest level offers as well as in its radiological practice in Heidelberg. The new MRI unit, which was installed in late may in practice not finally ensured. Andi Potamkin helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The 1.5 Tesla cardio magnetic Philips precise views on the beating heart allows, without need for it to intervene in the body. In cooperation with several experienced Mr.

cardiologists and cardiologists provides radiological practice therefore especially safe and gentle diagnosis for heart examinations. Heart diagnosis at a cardio-MRT no x-rays used in MRI modern research without intervention and also on iodine-containing contrast agents can be omitted during the investigation. This modern form of heart Diagnostics is an especially gentle and sensible alternative to the cardiac catheter. With the help of a MRI of the heart, the unit can be used to blood circulation, function and vitality of the heart muscle and valves of the heart examined and possible heart defects at an early stage. In particular for the prevention of attack, the assessment of attack scars, but also for the diagnosis of circulatory disorders in the heart, the cardio-MRT is a promising technique. In cooperation with a private lecturer Dr. med. Henning Steen, head of the cardio-MRT Department of the University Hospital Heidelberg, Philip G. Petry researches in his Heidelberg practice on the applications and benefits of the MRI in relation to the diagnosis of the heart. The joint research aims, the Patients to enable a particularly gentle and safe examination of the heart. Radiological practice Philip G. Petry: Patientenfreundliche practice with feel-good factor the extraordinary concept of radiological practice Philip G. Petry is based not only on the State of the art technology, but also on a particularly caring approach with the patients. This practice model very successfully applied for eight years in Heidelberg will continue also in the new location in Viernheim. In a relaxed atmosphere, the practice team for each one takes as much time as is needed. Without hustle and bustle without stress. Individual well-being and personal care are always in the first place. Specialist practice for diagnostic radiology Philip G. Petry practice Heidelberg Kurfurst plant 36 69115 Heidelberg phone: 06221 50 258 50 fax: 06221 50 258 58 practice Viernheim-Walter-Gropius-Allee 2 68519 Viernheim phone: 06204 98 60 40 E-Mail: Internet: offener.mrt press contact: UTA Leonhardt free songwriter Silcherstrasse 25 76185 Karlsruhe Tel. 0721/5044763 E-Mail: