A Tour Of Buenos Aires

One of my best experiences was visiting Buenos Aires. It is well known and to know that Buenos Aires is very similar and similar to certain streets of Madrid or Paris. Indeed Buenos Aires is the most European city in Latin America. The first thing that caught my attention was the quickness and quackery of Buenos Aires. Another peculiarity is the beef of great quality that you can eat in the restaurants including Buenos Aires. Here are some tips: The places or streets badges not to be missed are the streets of Corrientes where are famous pizza, books and theater not to mention the intense nightlife. Largisima Corrientes is a street and you have to choose a particular section, that is, between Avenues Nueve de Julio and Callao where you can eat pizza than a thousand variants, go to the movies on the beautiful Leopoldo Lugones, buy new and used books in Oedipus Bookstore. Another very interesting street Honduras at the heart of Palermo that leads to the Plaza de Cortazar and dilapidated and bright cafe in El Taller.La conversation and the word are very important issues in this city and you realize next to the quality of the locals as talkers and communicators and also his interest in reading and the theater (there are hundreds of literary workshops in this city).

There are a total of 55 cafes protected from possible renovations that will steal your heart. Among them we quote the famous Tortoni.Tambien can be considered to Buenos Aires as the city of design and creativity that can be seen throughout the city especially in Palermo Soho, the neighborhood that has the same level as for example New York's Soho. It has many important museums like the Museum of Latin American Art (Malba). Another important museum is the Museum of Modern Art (Mamba). In Buenos Aires he has had the Rio de la Plata, very great, very wide and brown, about fashion is the district of Puerto Madero. You already know Buenos Aires brings together the refinement and sophistication of a European city and the meaning and philosophy of living intensely LatinoAmerica, an enviable formula when traveling around the world.