AdServer Publicity

If you are below this number I I would recommend to you to use Google Adsense instead of to use direct publicity. Other factors like Google Pagerank, subscribers RSS and the ranking of Alexa also could help. (Ten in account that small Web sites also could be able to sell the direct publicity, but generally the spent time does not correspond with the result)? A clear approach: Still having the most popular site of Internet but you do not have defined a niche of market and a defined hearing, to the advertisers not them it will be very attractive. This means that you must avoid to speak of hundreds of subjects in your Web site. The advertisers want to give a message to specific people and at the most specific they are far better. A design of professional aspect: If you are gliding to mint your Web site, perhaps he was recommendable to invest something of money in a design of professional aspect. To the advertisers to them usually it likes, normally, to associate his product or service with the site and the majority of them is not arranged if the site is not tuna. To give visibility to the sponsors: This point has direct relation with the previous one.

All the groups and subjects will not be adapted for the sale of direct publicity. Preferably you must have an idea that type of publicity you are going to sell (for example, banners 468 60, banners of 125 125, text connections) and the design of your page Web in agreement with these objectives. The advertisers want visibility, so he reserves a good place for them. Adserver software: With the purpose of to serve your announcements, banners and to rotate statistics you will have to install a AdServer. If you are looking for a simple solution this it could be WP-Ads.