In this article I want to touch on the diversity of directions of Aikido. Few people who have decided to do Aikido, is looking for any particular style. It's no wonder – who will understand them? Especially because the names of these styles, most cases, to the untrained ear is no more value than any other meaningless set of letters. You can try to translate these names and if they are not derived from the names of people who founded them, then at least know what they mean. However, one name, even clear, in the sense of style will not work. Plays a significant role as the number of these areas, and the fact that the two schools in one direction may differ significantly from each other, and two schools in different directions will be doing the same. Each of the representatives of different styles, will say that his style – the best and the rest at all sad fuckers. Therefore, most people are doing all the logical – choose a school closer to home.

Someone lucky and he immediately finds that what I was searching, and some do not and he is still a long time can not make a final choice. I will not even try to compare different styles, bring their positive and negative traits and to describe what people are doing. I have you even name transfer will not. Just try from his own point of view to describe the whole picture. Founder of Aikido Morihei Ueshiba once said the phrase: 'Aikido should be multifaceted' And he knew! Now we discuss the basis of Aikido Ueshiba. Somehow, all the techniques and guidelines based their art existed long before he was born. He did not sit at home and invented Aikido. For information on how it came into the world you can find in any book on Aikido, and can in this humble site.

He systematized the existing elements, reflecting the resulting system of his understanding of these elements. I would even venture to say that Aikido – this style of Daito Ryu Aiki Ju Jutsu, which Ueshiba studied with Sokkaku Takeda. Any person engaged in martial arts in prevnosit have an understanding, a piece of their soul. At the output we have a unique Interpretation of a martial art. How many people practicing Aikido, so many different Interpretation, not to mention the fact that the views of people with time, may undergo significant changes, followed by the changes and his art. Many students Morihei Ueshiba, studied with him at different periods of his life caught completely different facets of one of Aikido. A opening their own schools, calling their style of other names, they have continued to change Aikido, each according to his views. A set of trainers within each style as well prevnosyat it part of himself, not changing names. How many people, so many styles. A Aikido – it is one and the same everywhere. Technical and fundamental differences between the directions of Aikido virtually none. Something is mutated, something abolished on something a little more emphasis. The main difference – in teaching methodology, but here too the taste and color You just have to go and try and the more the better. And so it goes that hundreds of people poured wine from one barrel and each claims that his tastes. Play have all, and must choose what prompts the heart. Discuss here