Keeping the garden requires time. There to mow the lawn, remove weeds, paid field and make sure there are no fungal or insect pests. Some periodic tasks which be omitted if you choose to install artificial grass, artificial turf. At first glance, the result is similar. In addition, there are studies that confirm the saving in the consumption of water in the artificial turf. However, artificial turf has a degree of abrasion on the skin more than natural grass, so it falls on these surfaces may cause major injuries. Artificial turf is a kind of floating cloak that imitates natural grass in color and texture and is widely used in the fields of cups artificial grass is a kind of floating cloak that mimics natural grass in color and texture. The first uses were almost exclusive football fields, but increasingly used more on landscaping, gardening and Xeriscape: public parks, golf courses, private gardens, terraces and balconies, attics, swimming pools, playgrounds indoor or roof are some of its usual destinations.

Its resistance to the passage of time and simple maintenance make it ideal for spaces that are looking for a different decoration, more welcoming, which imitates nature and invites you to play small and to walk pets. In addition, artificial turf is optimal for little sunny areas or with shadow, since no irrigation or natural light needed to grow. There are three aspects to take into account when choosing the type of synthetic turf: quality of the mantle, the fill and base or pavement on which it is placed. The variety of types of artificial turf allows from monochromatic robes to others of different shades with very realistic finishes. One density greater than fibers can also obtain a more lush garden and maintain the verticality of the grass, even after being tread or crushed. Although the texture and smoothness of the artificial turf is not always equal to the natural lawn, synthetic grass is considered more hygienic in terms of filling, that it is placed as the top layer, it is usually composed of granules or silica sand, this can be found in different colors to obtain original landscaping work. On the other hand, the most practical bases are those capable of absorbing large amounts of water, although they are used mostly for soccer fields. These pavements get that water does not accumulate on the surface, so avoid moisture problems and become loose sand or gravel, with the consequent risk of falls. This type is also suitable for geographical areas in which rains a lot. Original author and source of the article.