Asana Antislip

3. The length of the rug. The length of the pad is calculated as your growth + 5-10 cm for most practitioners of sufficient length 183-185, see if your height is more than 180 cm, or you're doing a special practice with the forwarding of the body, we encourage you to think about purchasing a length of 200-220 cm mat also available There are mats length 170 – 175 cm in our store you can buy a mat for yoga 'Rishikesh' length of 175, 183, 200 cm longest mat, we have submitted – this mat for yoga 'Ashtanga', length 220 cm 4. The width of the rug. Standard width yoga mats – 60 cm This is quite enough for most people.

If you stand a large build, you can opt for the mat 80 cm wide 5. Thickness and weight of the rug – what does this affect? The thinner the pad yoga, so it is lighter and more compact, while at the same time, this mat harder and worse retains heat. The optimum thickness of the rug 4,5-6 mm. On this mat you will not freeze on the cold floor, and will not experience discomfort in the palm on the knee or inverted poses. Thick yoga mat is already losing in sustainability.

In travel and storage, of course, is more convenient for yoga mat thickness of 3 mm. Such as a yoga mat for 'Special 3mm'. 6. Absorbent pad moisture. Many practitioners during the practice of actively sweat on the mat and plastic humidity can cause slippage. If you have this problem is urgent, we recommend purchasing carpet made from natural material – cotton, natural rubber, or with the addition of jute fibers. For example, a mat for yoga 'Jute' (with jute fibers), or yoga mat for 'Samurai' (natural rubber). Excellent solution slip during practice will purchase a special Anti-slip 'Asana Antislip'. 7. Environmentally friendly material mat. In recent years, manufacturers of rugs are increasingly offering a variety of eco-friendly rugs. This carpet can be made as of the all-natural materials, and with the addition of natural fibers. If you are a responsible approach to what you buy, and are concerned about protecting the environment, pay attention to eco-friendly mats. 8. A few words about the care and custody. Manufacturers at the factory all the mats cover the special grease to separate them in storage. Therefore, immediately after buying a new carpet should be cleaned with soap and water. Many mats are well tolerated and machine washable. But it is better to clarify this point with the purchase. Feature extraction use is not necessary, it can damage the rug. The extent of pollution yoga mats will also need to wash or be washed in the machine, it increases its "sticky". Keep yoga mats can be folded. Minimize the need to pad the bottom of the inside, otherwise the edges over time begin to curl upward. Do not recommend folding mat, and leave it in such a long time, this can lead to clear grooves, and rubber in these areas will quickly fade.