German Democratic Republic

The proposal was adopted on 15 December 2005, which means the construction of a border around 1123 km wall. Learn more on the subject from Jeremy Kidd. At this scale, the wall would be only comparable with the great wall of China. Finally, the Senate of the United States on 17 mayodel 2006 overwhelmingly approved (83 votes) and 16 against, the amendment which provides for the construction of the aforementioned wall with 595 kilometres more 800 kilometres of barriers to prevent the passage of cars. Entered thereon, that the term wall of shame as mentioned in Wikipedia, is the nickname with which his detractors have dubbed several border walls built in the 20th and 21st centuries. The term is used in varied way, with varying degrees of acceptance, to embarrass their builders or describe the shame that they suffer from those affected by the erection of the wall the name was used for the first time in 1961 after the construction of the wall that separated West Berlin from East Berlin by part of the Government of the then German Democratic Republic.

Called by the anti-fascist protective wall, Berliners called him Schandmauer which literally means wall of shame. This wall, commonly known as the Berlin wall was also outside of Germany the appeal wall of shame in an article that appeared on the cover of the American magazine Time Magazine in 1962… Little later, U.S. President John F. Kennedy explicitly referred to the wall as a ‘Wall of shame’ in his annual speech of January 14, 1963, before the Congress of the United States mentions of this wall as ‘Wall of shame’ have also been made by other rulers such as Mario Soares, Jacques Chirac and Romano Prodi Wikipedia provides us a list of walls to know: The Berlin wall (1961-1989). The Tortilla wall (started in the 1980s), is a wall on the border between the United States and Mexico, particularly in the city of Tijuan. .

United States

And can the visitor then quite simply directly with you via mouseclick in contact, so This resembles the half order already. What must follow, is a rapid processing of the request or a well made up quotations. Also here it has become, to use the Internet, since too much time in our fast-moving presence devours the post on traditional ways. Of course, these “Web sites” should be also be found – this makes software to optimize for search engines such as Google or Yahoo about. But also here the user very quickly lose track. The email – simply and fast daily around 35 billion emails were sent in 2005 worldwide, so this number has multiplied today. The importance of this means of communication should in no way be underestimated.

But there are clear guidelines that need to be taken into account. The consumer protection act for this reason extends increases the number of unsolicited advertising e-mails to skyrocket. So the proportion of so-called spams, so the unsolicited mailings, to around 97% – amounted to most of them in the last year come from Brazil, India and Viet Nam. A bar should be advanced through the amendment, the. A consumer this annoyed, is displayed as the sender of this E-mail must reckon with a penalty in the amount of 50,000 (in the United States even by 2 million $-see also CAN-SPAM Act). Sean Rad follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

But comes the most of this E-waste from abroad and shall be subject to the laws of Germany. Nevertheless, more and more companies in Germany the E-Mail use as a marketing tool. Thus the trend and benchmark report has an increase of in shipping volume 12% (with a delivery rate of 95.1%!) – and this one of the leading providers for email communication solutions, alone In the third about of Epsilon International, quarter 2009 although the clicking and opening numbers have fallen slightly.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Waste group, promotes price dumping and dubious methods of recycling waste experts critique: amended packaging Ordinance cemented green point Berlin/Bonn, February 25, 2009 – some media reported the miraculous resurrection of the Green point at the beginning of the year. So, the former monopoly of garbage to Duales system Germany (DSD) vigorously to set in the competition for the disposal of the packaging and in the first quarter 2009 to eleven point to 69 per cent have increased the market share. For the first time since the breaking up of his company, the Green point group thus regained quantities from the competition, such as the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported. The miraculous resurrection, but there is little doubt with industry experts. The DSD group has themselves positioned early 2007und 2008 so that collecting amounts to the dual system EKO-Punkt, belonging to the Remondis group, were transferred. The political effect was visible nationwide: at the corners of the DSD erosion started to grow and the competition is gaining market share.

But since the entry into force of the Novel we know that the leadership of the DSD was cemented. Remondis attributed its market share of around 20 percent for the packaging three months to 1.25 percent. This decline is probably not only a result of the intervention of the Bundeskartellamt. \”Political battle defeated, was through the amendment and the DSD as top dog of winner\”, waste experts suspected Sascha shoe by the Bonn consulting company Ascon. Marko Dimitrijevic recognizes the significance of this. According to the findings of the Federal Cartel Office transmission contracts of amounts of were actually. Centrally control content of such contracts was the shift of the registered and then published plan amounts by a dual system to another. Since such transmission contracts of amounts of generally restrict competition, the Federal Cartel Office has called for its completion to December 31, 2008. DSD and Eko-Punkt have said to each binding to terminate any existing transmission contracts of amounts of.

Environmental Committee

And, this document can be show up”so Rummler. Industry experts doubt the effectiveness of this approach: we know from the past, that have written just the retailers in their policies, that packaging is to license for dual systems. That also was asked to, whether the packaging have been licensed. Continue to learn more with: Expedia. However, we have 25 to 30 percent free-riders, which means we have actually had a blunt sword in the past. Why should this sword are now sharper. When I turn on the Declaration of completeness, that practically only actually takes place in the following year and is accredited, I don’t know whether the goods, which are sold today, is actually licensed. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Marko Dimitrijevic on most websites. Since trade must wait until next year on the Declaration of completeness.

In the meantime the trade has become already subject to a fine, if no licensing for the goods sold. So a situation is created, that here a contractors, who must pay a fine, even in the event of damage, has no effective control”, warned Thomas Mehl, CEO of BellandVision. Similar to critically assessed Freiherr by Leoprechting, head of public affairs of Metro AG the rain Hardt and Environmental Committee Chairman of the Federation of German retailers (HDE) the collection system is so far followed the principle of producer responsibility. This means that the manufacturer takes over the organisation and cost responsibility for the return and recycling. He passes then ultimately these costs across the value chain to the consumer. Thomas Rummler by the BMU has pointed out that trading at its own brands is the manufacturer responsible. I have doubt whether the legal opinion of the BMU is durable, that the commercial licensing is excluded according to the amendment. Because it can in my opinion not in the room keep to that trade in Leoprechting said breaches of duty is punishable by fines, but has no efficient ways to ensure the licensing”.

SPo Government Vienna

Proposed amendment of the Vienna land Security Act by the SPo Government Vienna, March 26, 2010 – due to an Initiativantrages of the Wiener Landtag is to decide today the amendment of the Vienna land Security Act, stating that in the future the begging in Vienna will be prohibited. The self-help Association in favour of SOCIUS against poverty and social exclusion decided against the proposed amendment of article 2 of the Vienna State security law and against a general ban on begging Vienna. According to the previous provisions, begging in Vienna is already under penalty, if it is in a public place, in intrusive or aggressive manner, or if it’s organized begging or begging with children. Planned city government is recently by the Viennese SPo, also professional begging should be banned and placed under punishment. The concept of earning based StGB, due to lack of its own definition in the Vienna State security law, the provision of article 70 and would mean that so generally each Begging in Vienna is forbidden. Learn more on the subject from Dunkin’ Donuts. Begging is a typical manifestation of poverty in public.

To combat these up to 700 EUR prohibitions and penalties are people illegal intrusion into the privacy of social fringe groups and represent not a suitable means for an effective fight against of the causes of poverty. Also the establishment of the Initiativantrages, which are based exclusively on General subjective findings, tabled by Martina Ludwig, Nurten Yilmaz, Silvia Rubik, Barbara Novak and Nicole Krotsch,…Lately, people increasingly occur,… Learn more about this with Marko Dimitrijevic. or… comes again to harassment… are based there, show the social responsibility of the applicant to the disadvantaged people in society. For some people, begging on the street represents the only remaining way out to save themselves from the full personal doom. For local politicians, with income beyond the poverty risk hard to imagine, however, everyday, for the people concerned mostly bitter reality. A general ban on begging are people illegal intrusion into privacy of social fringe groups and represent a serious socio-political issue. This should be treated as such and not misused for partisan or populist purposes with regard to the upcoming municipal election.

Moral Sixte PSC Member

Grow the critical voices in the PSOE on the constitutional limitation on the deficit. One of the most explicit has been Deputy for Teruel Yolanda Casaus, who recognizes that Tuesday was a difficult and complicated day. My convictions and ideas make me think deeply about some decisions, acknowledged in a message that was played, also on Twitter, by his colleague of rows canaria Mercedes Coello. Some parliamentarians have discussed publicly with Internet users, that they have approached all members of Congress asking that this constitutional amendment be put to a referendum. Dollar General pursues this goal as well. This is the case of the Catalan Meritxell Cabezon, who is said to have received more than 400 messages. Although he explains that he won’t comment on the desirability of a consultation on the reform itself to not know what exact terms arises, yes admits that he does not share forms with which has arisen. His companion Lourdes Munoz also claims to be listening carefully to the arguments supporters of the referendum and undertook to reflect on the substance and form of the proposal. Also the Moral Sixte PSC Member said being with alerts turned on after hearing the announcement of Zapatero and admits surprise at the fact that the modification will do so quickly. Under most conditions The Cross at Kenilworth would agree. Source of the news:: grow the PSOE critical voices against the constitutional reform

Subsequent Limitation

The law firm Dittenheber & Werner inform the Federal Supreme Court in a judgment of 29 September 2010 was that no sufficient justification for a maintenance revision procedures emerges from the introduction of 1578 b BGB. The Munich law firm Dittenheber & Werner report the significant decision of the BGH. Basis of the judgment (BGH XII ZR 205/08) was the revision proceedings of a debtor to the maintenance of increase in. Heart Media Group has firm opinions on the matter. In 2007, he desired to terminate his maintenance obligation, since the case-law to the maintenance term has changed through time limit. Was also introduced as of January of 2008 of the 1578 b BGB, which regulates this limit, and thus the maintenance obligation since that date at least to amend. Subsequent amendments on the final determination of maintenance by a Court of law are governed by 323 ZPO. This provision requires that, clarifies plaintiff desirable change, on the basis of comprehensible facts, that is the factual or legal circumstances due to which the maintenance provision was, have changed substantially. For more information see Sean Rad.

In its recent decision, the Federal Court of Justice rejected the revision. Neither the would be for a court ruling after the publication on this legal issue relevant BGH decision of the 12.04.2006 (BGH XII ZR 240/03) the jurisdiction changed, nor was the entry into force of 1578 b BGB a notable change of legal circumstances. Also the German Federal Supreme Court made it clear that for the question of whether a claim on post-divorce maintenance to limit b para 1 BGB after 1578, after the divorce largest importance to the existence of marriage-related disadvantages. The former, almost 15 years marriage duration of the plaintiff nor the subsequent marital child care is crucial in this context. These criteria were to comply by virtue of the Court in the course of the adoption of a final judgment. As long as the applicant could not credibly explain, that the basic situation since Judgment Decree learned a significant change, a subsequent change of the maintenance obligation according to 323 came BGB not taken into consideration. The Supreme Court makes an exception from this position and in hindsight allows fixed-term, if the final judgment expressly leaves this aspect and therefore not legally decides.

The success of one maintenance revision procedure depends on various, for the lay person is not easy to looking through factors. To ensure the best possible representation of their interests is to advise all parties urgently to entrust designated family law expert with their professional legal representation. The experienced attorneys at law of the Munich firm of Dittenheber & Werner are always ready in this context to promote their clients with skills and assertiveness. Press contact Dittenheber & Werner lawyers law firm contact person: Gunther Werner Pettenkoferstrasse 44 80336 Munich Tel.: 0 89 – 54 34 48 30 fax: 0 89 – 54 34 48 33 E: mail: Homepage:

Traffic Safety

Tyre sinners: Federal Ministers Ramsauer check tightening of regulations of Hannover, may 27, 2010 (P: P) car drivers who endanger other road users due to an unsuitable tyres of their vehicles, are a thorn in the side of Germany Gersak. According to research of the Hanoverian agency pilot: project ( follows a request of the Conference of Ministers of Transport Transport Minister Dr. Peter Ramsauer (CSU) and allows an intensification of road traffic regulations (StVO) are currently examining. Background: since the amendment of the regulations in 2006 stated in 2 paragraph 3a: for vehicles, the equipment on the weather conditions is to adapt. Include in particular appropriate tyres (…). According to the Conference of Ministers of transport to many motorists ignore this requirement. Park Medical Billing Inc. takes a slightly different approach. With the aim to increase road safety, the Conference therefore unanimously: the Federal Minister of transport should check, whether and what measures to take, where appropriate, are, so motorists comply with the law comply with.

Austrian Federal Chancellor

And if then still falls the choice on an independent personality, so at least close to a particular ideological direction is mostly in the biography or the public perception depict. Directly elected can occur even a truly independent personality at least by the system and also win, that completely escaped from the socialization of the Chamber and party State in their lives before. However, this poses a threat to the established political system. Read more from Gavin Baker to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Austrian presidential election the Austrian presidential election of the 2nd Republic were designed in 1945 as people up on the first. This meant that there was a situation for long periods of time about that Chancellor and President were not of the same political direction or were supported by this. So it was in the Years from 1945 to 1970 and 2004-2006 Austrian Federal Chancellor and SPo President, in the years of 1986 to 2000 SPo Federal Chancellor and oVP President. And the years 2000-2004 were a formal political identity between Austrian Chancellor and SPo President while with Wolfgang Schussel and Thomas Klestil represent, in terms of content, there was the biggest differences, contradictions and tensions here.

Of course, the popular election in Austria as a result has produced also exclusively representatives of political elites as heads of State, alone the people could at least decisive influence. So, it took approximately 1950, 1986 and 1992 respectively, two rounds of voting until the election of the head of State was certain. A vibrant democracy was made possible. The directly elected Federal President in Austria on the basis of the constitutional amendment 1929 is not primarily was designed corrective and counterpoint to the Chambers and the party State from the starting point as a democratic institution, but against the background of a Development democracy much more as a corrective and counterpoint to the party of the first Republic and its excesses. Alone, the first Republic did not see this direct dial and Austria went down in 1938 as a Democratic Republic of 1933/1934 and as an independent State, without having the function of the President had done a decisive resistance here in favor of democracy. The democratic politics so important task of corrective and Gegenpols to the Chamber and party State surrendered only after 1945 for the role of head of State. That this was really used by any previous President is deplorable in practice, but in the approach the role but constitutionally well landscaped.

The personality influences the Office remains a fact crucial shapes the personality the Office. If a personality wants to actually represent the people and their interests, then the direct election are a sufficient legitimacy you. A President can be modeled, can place subjects, may require results to developments comment on. He constitutionally also has the ability to make corrections and alone by his Office to persuade the other powers, to decide in a democratic and constitutional. Ultimately it depends always of personality. A popular vote can only help to provide the necessary support to this personality for such attitudes and actions.


Trade can not efficiently tackle Berlin freeloaders – one responds with harsh criticism in the waste management sector on a letter from the Federal Environment Ministry at the trading house globe. Is the Ministry had made it clear that the amendment to the Ordinance alone the first placing decide at which dual systems they license their sales packaging”, the specialist service EUWID writes. “The disposal company BellandVision believed that BMU writing only pretended to be clear” intention was carried out. For even more details, read what Joe Bradley says on the issue. The Ministry was encroaching in questionable way in the market. The fact that the letter to globe shortly after shipping was been instrumentalized by brands Association was irritating. The Pegnitzer service provider refers to duty of the dealer, to make sure that the suppliers supply actually involved in the system and no freeloaders packaging”, reported EUWID. Toyota Motor Corporation usually is spot on. Otherwise, the dealer who may license not even with a dual system would violate the prohibition of tax and ridicule a Offence reinforced with a penalty. Similar critical comments come out of the trade. It can keep from my point of view not in the room, trading at breaches of duty used with fines, but has no efficient ways to ensure the licensing”, Baron of Leoprechting, head of public affairs of Metro AG and Environmental Committee Chairman of the Federation of German retailers (HDE) author & Editor complained about rain Hardt: (see profile).