Sousa Rivers

The necessary memory dosindivduos to be preserved, when we initiate our colloquies eramcomuns you say in them of our narrators, expressions of the type, ‘ not if today fazmais isso’ , ‘ in our time he was assim’ , make reference to reference its time outrapoca, is as if in the gift it was not its time, would be the time of maisjovens, the memory is in constant adaptation to the moments, let us see quePortelli says in them regarding this subject. So that the accountant if recoups of tempoe if he puts into motion for front in the time, the necessary story to be preserved. This seaplica in such a way to the individual narratives how much to the collective ones: one also applies aosmitos that mold the identity of a group, as much how much to the memories pessoaisque molds the identity of the individual. 3 the time paranossos narrative at some moments is in something distant, that it cannot seralcanado, distanciado, ‘ it is the time of the myth of the story of fadas’ 4. The narrativasno is invariant, therefore as the narrator is in constant experiences with opresente acquired new possibilities, new aspects is placed in the suasnarrativas, new elements are incorporated its histories. A person to deveter counted its entire life, in a short and direct narrative, but is diferentede to seat one afternoon and being inquired for somebody with a recorder the contarhistrias, of its life, infancy, the tone of the narrative normally will be another one. Narrativassobre stories, lobisomem, saci, caiporas, botijas and other assombraes dasguas do not find a time determined, in some histories as of serperseguido for one they lobisomem its Dion if it remembers the dark night of fifth prasexta, in that beginning of winter, but it does not remember the year, however suanarrativa it goes if transforming into something real in its image that it creates dahistria, knia Sousa Rivers in its article ‘ It dries in the shortcuts of oralidade’ nosmostra as the narratives the past in the voice of narrador.

Travelling The World

What time is it? I’m sure that everyone played well you respond to that phrase interrogative or ask a Alguena. Finding the answer to that question so common is not so easy. Concerning this question for nearly 450 years passed a mistake that many people worried. After almost three years he traveled in a ship the first expedition around the world. The issue in question was addressed by Magellan died during the voyage. a The journey undertaken five ships of which only the ship a Victoria returned to the city of Seville on September 6, 1522. On this boat returned only 18 people, weak, sick and thin as skeletons.

It should be noted that the trip was undertaken by 258 people. a Immediately from the boat carrying 18 people lit candles above, reeling from weakness, he went to the cathedral of Seville to ask God for forgiveness of sins that had been made unintentionally during the long trip. What sins have been committed? to walk back the sailors of the ship a Victoria landed on the islands of Cape Verde for provisions and water reserves, they realized that time in the islands was Thursday, but the a Victoria according to the Logbook was Wednesday. The day the Victoria a landfall in Seville was no doubt that the Journal-Board had erred in one day. They had left a day without counting. to be that the sailors had entered all the religious festivities a day early, so that everyone in the church asking God’s forgiveness for their sins. a For oddly enough then the sailors were not wrong, since in the Logbook all dates were mentioned. Where was the mistake? a The Earth turns a full circle from west to east over a period of 24 hours.

Sailors of the a Victoria traveled opposite direction, ie from East to West. The three consecutive years, which lasted navigation, a the victoria gave a complete revolution around the Earth, but in the opposite direction that moves the world. Thus, during the three years they walked around than our planet, and that was the day that they lacked. a If the expedition had made the trip in the same direction as Earth rotates, that is, from west to east, had gone the other way around, that is, they’d been around more than Earth. a When distances are small, do not take into account the time difference, since this is small. But keep an eye makes us put time and clock. For example, at 12 pm on December 31 sent a message by email from the city of Vladivostok to Moscow, the message will be received in the capital to Lhasa 7 pm on December 31. On 26 August this year I made the trip to Nicaragua, where I spent 25 days. Visit many attractive places, tourist attractions, among which were the Masaya volcano, zoo. To mark this I mounted the web.

Juan Antonio Samaranch

Other, small, dreamed of becoming famous athletes. He, however, preferred to be sports director. So rare that child, instead of having to retire from the sport after 30, like others, follows the 80 in front of world sport. Is that Samaranch is, above all, perseverance. With the methodical and patient dedication of philatelic. So, perhaps, has one of the best collections of stamps on the world of sport. Another unique feature of this quiet man is adapting to circumstances.

There are people so attached to his convictions can not change course even if you are directly to crash. Unlike them, Samaranch intelligently navigate the difficult waters of compromise. Thus, he achieved everything he has proposed. Chairing the International Olympic Committee. Bringing the Games to his native Barcelona. Integrating professionalism in the Olympic sport. So too, he immediately put all your heads of state of the world.

Even so, Samaranch is a simple man. Even a little timid. In ways exquisitely polite. Aware of the social importance of communication. In future books about the sport will be a chapter that says nothing was the same after Samaranch. Because, it sounds pompous thus, it is true. This brief biography of Juan Antonio Samaranch who died recently appeared in the American newspaper “News of the World,” August 30, 1997. Later, with another 109 reviews historical protagonists, was published in the book “Character of Life” (ARIAS ENRIQUE VEGA .- Centro Francisco Tomas y Valiente, the UNRD Alzira/Valencia.- .

Mount Crest

To deal with the alterations human beings in the space is to cover a way of the agreement, over all of the cultural questions. (CLAVAL, 1999). The aesthetic appreciation of a landscape depends on a joint enters the culture of the observer and its capacity to apprehend and to understand the culture and the observed environment. In if treating to the look of the tourist occidental person it has a haste in receiving information historical and to extend the vision to the landscape, over all natural landscapes. Evidently that it is not the landscape for lived deeply it already attracts that it, that is, it wants to see what he does not have in its place of existence.

Being thus, the differential of the landscape that attracts the tourist has that to be referenciado to the community (as the people they live and they produce on this landscape). A problem faced in the idealizao of spaces for the practical one of the ecoturismo is in the current massificao of the culture, where although the different landscapes the people are constructing common references of other places. It is evident that for practical the tourist one it is necessary to observe the construction and adequacy of structures to receive the tourist and to take care of it in its more diverse necessities, however, in a less refined evaluation of the current period of training of the tourism in the planet is verified that what is looked today is the diversity pautada in the regionalismos and the communities. Object of this work, the track of the Mount Crest, follows for the River Three Bars and goes up the Mountain range of the Sea until high of the mountain range, having the existence tied to an occupation description and use not yet defined well, little studied and larded for many legends. As in all South of Brazil and the Southeastern region, many legends they bind to the ways to the existence of Peabirs, that is, an aboriginal way that supposedly would take the civilizations of the interior of the continent until the Atlantic Ocean, being that, although not yet to have a scientific evidence on the subject, many studious and curious ones they look to the Staircase of the Mount Crest to study this hypothesis.

Nokia’s Plans in 2010

Buy nokia mobile phone can be anywhere, the range of models from this manufacturer is impressive, but unfortunately Nokia recently announced that halve a model line of smartphones. The first half of 2010 will be pretty difficult for Nokia without a viable device that could exceed the desire to rivals, said analyst Tero Kuittinen MKM Partners. He notes that sales of Nokia N97 and continue to fall further decrease, while the stripped-down model of the Nokia N97 Mini generally not been hit since the early sales, especially high volume of sales was through the Internet shop nokia Competition to be diligent: the part of the market that lose Finns, claim line BlackBerry, iPhone and Android-smartphone. Analyst Kuittinen adds that Nokia smartphones running Symbian 3 linger until the second half of 2010, as successor to the N900 Maemo released only in 2011. Nokia plans for the first half there is no flagship device – an alarming sign, given that the new Business E-series smartphones are similarly not sold too well. In the past few years, flagship companies such as Nokia N96 or Nokia N97, were announced in February, but final products entering the market in the second half. Perhaps this situation will be repeated again in 2010. The decision was made in order to not put on the market similar to each other device, differing only in the design and only certain functions (such as the Nokia N97 and Nokia N900, Nokia N97 and Nokia N97 mini).

Concentrating on small smart phone, Nokia will try to make them unique, grind them. In addition, the analyst notes that Nokia can not rely on the device from low-end, because they do not bring Company sale. Only appeared on the market touchscreen Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, which became a hit online shop nokia phones it would bring good profit, but he was more than a year. And here is one of the cheap smart phone, Nokia 6303 classic, that without a contract worth 177 USD, even new was not popular. Several technologies have either recently launched or are being finalized, and hope for them in the near future is not necessary. The strategy, which led to the problems of Nokia, sharply contrasts with the to the behavior of the company's competitors. Apple, HTC, RIM and others are rarely allowed a large number of devices to be in the market for over a year. Sometimes successors were after several months of each other. So, HTC has released in the spring of Magic only only for the summer in order to produce improved Hero. The company's success in the face.

Amor Bizarro Artist

Clara Hdez. 20 m the Galician training obtained, among other recognitions, the best artist and best album of the year for his work Holy year. Hello everyone, El Guincho or Los Delinquentes were other groups awarded in the sample. Minister Angeles Gonzalez-Sinde presided over the gala. The Galician band and Xabi Triangulo de Amor Bizarro was erected Monday in the III Edition of the independent Music Awards winner, a few awards organised by the independent phonographic Union (UFI) in order to promote the work of artists, labels and promoters who work apart from the more commercial channels. Although the only corunenses were four of the nine awards for which were initially nominated, were the two most important – of best album of the year by his Holy year album and the best Spanish artist-, as well as the best rock album and best direct. Best song went however to the topic black Pop-El Guincho, a Canarian young man who has managed to seduce to international criticism and part of the national with its original combination of samplers and miscegenation.

Pony Bravo (best band revelation), Hello to everyone (best pop by their self-titled album), Depedro (best album by clouds of paper world music), Orion Child (authors of the best heavy disk) or Los Delinquentes (best CD of flamenco) were other winners overnight, which also recognized the work of Rap Susklei in the rap category or Delorean’s electronics and the best music video. The violinist Ara Malikian was commissioned to deliver the trophy to the best classical album to Judith Jauregui. The musician acknowledged that the sample had taken into account forgotten classical music and claimed with humor, while it shook its huge curls, that classical musicians are not as bland as they seem. Sinde, a the Minister of culture, angeles Gonzalez-Sinde, unexpected godmother was unexpected from this Act of NULL budget godmother, as he stressed the organization.

Serenade With Mariachi Music In Weddings

The wedding music planning is as important as the planning of the party itself because the music creates an ambience of elegance and grace in the ceremony, music must be planned depending on the style of the wedding, if done inside or outdoors, the music must always evoke a sense of intimacy and comfort of all those present at the ceremony. One of the more traditional styles of music in the festivals of marriage is the Serenade with mariachi, Mariachi term is an acronym for a French word which means wedding. Therefore the Mariachi music has an indissoluble relationship with the matrimonial ties and ceremonies. The unique style of the Mariachi created by the combination of guitars, trumpets and violins makes a traditional and festive atmosphere to live at the ceremony. Mariachi music has crossed ethnic boundaries and they have become a popular genre in the celebration of weddings in all of America. The mariachis set the pace for the feast, among their repertoire they include from the traditional Mexican music to the romantic ballads and rhythms from other countries with the folk style that prints the Serenade of mariachi.


Empdocles de Agrigento, when developing the theory of the four elements ' ' land, air, water, fogo' ' it defended that the combination of these elements would define the existing things. Corroborating with Alcmeo, Empdocles affirmed that the illness elapses of the disequilibrium of the constituent elements of the body. 5. HIPCRATES the school of the island of Kos had a destined temple the Asclpio and had incorporated the doctrines of Alcmeo and Empdocles, among others. In this school it studied Hipcrates. He was contemporary of Empdocles and Plato. It wrote the Hippocratiun Corpus, elaborated in 53 books, however, currently, knows that nor all had been written by same Hipcrates. In this workmanship descriptions meet clinical among others that make possible the diagnosis of illnesses as Tuberculosis, Pneumonia, Drop and Malaria.

Many of the illnesses were associates the climatic, racial or cultural factors (derived from the ways of life). The relevance of Hipcrates it was the aiming of the knowledge of the art of the cure of the mitolgico knowledge for the scientific, approximately parallel way to the beginning of the philosophical reflections. In this attempt of aiming the Humoral Theory elaborated, according to which has four corporal moods: blood (heart), fleuma (brain), yellow bile (liver) and black bile (bao). A disequilibrium of these moods if would become an illness. For the cure, it guided the Greeks to search its balance, therefore the physical importnica of diets and exercises. As secondary resources, Hipcrates prescribed medicines. 6. CONSIDERAES the myths had constituted a form of dogmtico and previous knowledge to the philosophical one.

They had been very important for the knowledge of the antiquity and, although the advent of the too much forms of knowledge, had not left of being searched and being renewed. According to mythology Greek, the god of the medicine was Apolo, but when removing of pira funerary of its loved its Asclpio son, this started to be the god of the medicine. Asclpio was represented supported in a serpent envolta in a baton, that originated the symbol of the medicine. The knowledge derived from the myth of Asclpio established the schools of medical sciences of old Greece. In the school of Kos it studied Hipcrates. Hipcrates left a coletnea of books (Hippocratun Corpus) and in these the medical oath can be found, until today repeated. It searched to base rationally the art of the cure, influencing the medical research until the present time. 7. REFERENCES SPIDER, MLA AND MARTINS, MHP. Subjects of Philosophy. So Paulo: Modern, 1992. BLACKBURN, S. Dictionary Oxford de Filosofia. Rio De Janeiro: Jorge Zahar Ed., 1997. HE HISSES, MJA. A rooster the Asclpio. Cinica and Vida: Special philosophy. Year II, v. 7. So Paulo: It scales Ed., 2010. HIPCRATES.Conhecer, to take care of, to love: the oath and other texts. So Paulo: landy ed, 2002.

Traffic Inspector

On the other hand – works like a proxy and bannerorezka. This means that the program blocks annoying advertising banners and window and caching of pages, images, and DNS-queries reduces not only the traffic but also time. In addition to these objectives, the program provides money and traffic records for the month and a day, keeps statistics on the days and months, the division provides access to different computers on a network. If providing access through an additional server is not desirable, it is necessary to focus on programs that help save bandwidth by other means. Which tasks should be deal with such a program? Reduce traffic by caching data, images, and files. Reduce incoming traffic by browsing the Web by blocking banners, pop-ups.

Reduce traffic by banning download multimedia files, or files whose size exceeds a certain value. Reduce traffic by deny access to certain subjects. Reduce traffic by limiting the speed of access to time for users. Keep records and billing of traffic as a whole and for individual users. And beyond that – to protect from intruders, viruses, spam and other malware from. Such requirements are met programs intended to organize a unified access to the Internet from the LAN, and simultaneously address issues related to the distribution of access rights to resources and files, the speed limit, a ban on downloading advertising banners and pop-ups that provide caching downloaded information for re-use of local storage. Typically, this integrated solution, providing multi-level savings. Among these solutions is worth noting Traffic Inspector, which in addition to detailed accounting and ad-blocking sites has also individually controlled filtering and caching.

Private management is so efficiently, the savings can be up to 35% of the total traffic. Mail Gateway provides additional cost savings by blocking spam without downloading the messages and the program has a system of timely locking out users with increased network activity, because we all know how much traffic can pump up the virus. By the way, to program against viruses, Traffic Inspector, you can connect additional modules from the Panda and Kaspersky. How to save bandwidth, you decide, whether the data is confidential and whether or not to trust them to relay through the server, or implement a comprehensive savings in itself, and can be used both ways. The conclusion is still one – save can and should be, because online budgets and shrinking of the previously available under the circumstances, traffic may not be enough.

Pitfalls Of Heating

Often, people involved in the construction of town houses, faced with the choice of heating system. They face the question – how and what to heat the house? We consider several solutions to this problem. The cheapest cost for equipment and installation and unpretentious in operation is heating homes with electricity – a "warm floor". The heating cable is laid in a screed on insulation, or under tile, combined with thermostat and connects the network 220. Once the screed finally get up (21-24 days), heated floor can be turned on and he is ready to work.

Consumption of such a system is 120 – 150 watts per square meter. meter. Modern Thermostat allows you to program the heating system so that in those times when you are at home – the system maintains a comfortable mode of heating, but in your absence, it turned on and off in advance you came in time to warm the house, thus saving electricity. Another undoubted advantage of underfloor heating is that heat comes from the lowest point of the room and leaves no unheated areas. We can say words proverbs – feet are always warm. The next type of heating that we consider in this paper – gas. Provided that next to your site passes gas, you can install a gas heating. Prior to its installation to do the project and coordinate it with the gas service.

Often this stage of work is the most expensive. Next you need to purchase the equipment (gas boiler, radiators, pipes, extra pumps, fittings and other connecting elements) and to its installation. This heating system requires a large initial costs of coordination, equipment and installation of the system. Costs can increase if you decide to make water system floor heating. This system is more comfortable than a system with a conventional radiators, but it also has its disadvantages. In screed floor mounted a large number of copper or plastic pipes, fittings and fasteners that turn reduces its reliability and makes system maintenance more difficult. In the operation of this system is cheaper than heating with electricity – a "warm floor". But those capital expenditures spent on gas heating system, will allow you to heat your home with electricity 10-15 years. In the absence of the main gas boiler is often used with liquid fuel. This type of heating system does not require such high capital costs initially. Warmly received in-service is more expensive than the produced gas system, but slightly cheaper than heating with electricity. Comparative table of costs for the heating system. Costs soglasovanieZatraty on oborudovanieZatraty on in ekspluatatsiiTeply