Of Travel To Antarctica

If we travel to Antarctica, the first thing we will need is warm clothes. The outer layers we recommend for beauty, Gore-Tex clothing preferably because it is para-viento and para-agua. For the inner layers, never cotton. We can choose clothing from synthetic fiber or wool Apparel 100%. To protect us from the Sun, sunglasses and cream with a very high protection factor. For the feet, waterproof boots. For the hands, Gore-Tex gloves too. Of course, wool hat and woolen scarf.

It must be borne in mind that trips to Antarctica are conducted during the austral summer, and although we are going to Antarctica, the temperature is usually above zero in those moments of the year. If we travel to Antarctica, do not forget the camera take pictures of several cards of memory, several batteries and battery chargers. Also of the camcorder of your cards memory, batteries and battery chargers. And, how no, the tripod to assist us in the more complicated pictures. It is also interesting carry a backpack of Gore-Tex, to be able to put all this in the backpack and that does not become us nothing on the way to the landing beach. What else we may need? Many wanted to know the most beautiful place in the world. You will find the largest glaciers in the world, crystal clear waters, quiet bays, a lot of amount of wildlife and a highly variable climate in Antarctica. So let us not be visit by environment and provided that we leave the boat, making it ready to cope with any climate change. Good journey, explorers! Original author and source of the article

Coaching With Systemic Perspective, A New Approach To Learning

Coaching a systemic perspective, a new approach to learning a The teaching there, there is only learning from the dialogue Socrates direct.At the a Cuando was playing better, I was not trying to control my shots with auto instructions and evaluation. I saw the ball clearly, chose where I wanted to paste it, and let it happen. Surprisingly, the blows were more controlled when not trying controlarlos.a a Tim Gallwey's carriage Kocs: coaching icon a Between the XV and XVI Kocs Hungarian town, situated some 70 km. Budapest, became a must for travel between this city and Vienna. On these trips began to use a carriage with a unique suspension system. This system allowed to go faster with more stability. Allowed the acceleration process of the carriage, make the horses run faster, change them more often or strengthened, could be done without losing balance. Thus, soon Kocs spoke of the carriage, – kocsi szeker Hungarian, "as symbol of excellence in the function of transporting people from one place to another.

The term passed into Spanish as kocsi car, and Kutsche German, Italian and Cocchio …. The English word coach, a is therefore of Hungarian origin. It meant a horse-drawn covered vehicle to transport people. Metaphorically, the coaching also transports people from one place to another. On where they are where they want to go. a As the etymology of the very significant coaching role, the symbol of excellence a carruaje of Kocsa can be a coaching icon. a The all-time coaching to any theory about the origins of coaching and essentially uses the figure of Socrates as a reference.

Publish Book On The Internet

The book of the exiles, prize Ibero-American celebration 2010, Carlos Esquivel and Diusmel Machado, was presented at the last quotation of the book Saturday in Havana. Pedro Peglez Gonzalez, journalist of workers, to give details of the volume in space said that from a first reading, the jury considered the worthy text of the lauro, by ethical and aesthetic values. According to Carlos Esquivel, the volume highlights the lyric, that even outside the island, cultivated Jose Marti, national hero of Cuba, the romantic Jose Maria Heredia, and Gertrudis Gomez de Avellaneda, La Tula. The next literary proposals of Diusmel Machado include books for children school notes, project that won the prize giver, and dreams of cloth, well nobody never nothing, written in the form of sonnets. With 13 published books of poetry, Carlos Esquivel ventured into narrative and essay, once in the year 2011 I saw the light your first novel, a Wolf, a hill. During XLIII Edition of the Cucalambeana day, carried out last year in Las Tunas, which paid tribute to Juan Cristobal Naples Fajardo on the 181 anniversary of his birth, both authors received the award Ibero-American celebration.

The jury was composed of the poets Pedro Peglez Gonzalez, Renael Gonzalez and Jesus David Curbelo, who found in the solid work structure literary, formal elegance, efficiency of discursive resources and high poetic height. In the 1951 film, Esa pareja feliz, of the tandem Berlanga-Bardem, were the adventures of the couple formed by Elvira Quintilla and Fernando Fernan Gomez trying to get out of their plight of realquilados and find their piece of happiness in the world. To do this, one of their highest hopes was commissioning a course by correspondence, was Fernan Gomez, of what was supposed to be a profession of the future would be and which had as motto: happiness by the electronics. What could be the equivalent to the motto previous past 50 or 60 years? One of the strongest candidates, could certainly be a happiness by Internet.


And what if they do not it? Then on whose likeness is looking for his half? Intuitive! Every child has some sort of "own" the concept of father and mother. Even if someone in the family was not, a little man can gain this information from friends, neighbors, TV or stories from her great-grandmother. It does not matter where. It is important that the views of both parents in the child turn out. We continue to march to a conclusion. Thus, the opinion has been formed. Depending on like this young genius or not, and will build its future relations.

Take a look at depth itself. Find where the image of the opposite sex of your parents (if you are a woman then her father, and vice versa), and if it was not, so just the image of a man and look at your spouse, your partner or your hobbies. The similarity is? And the differences? You may not like that you beat your father, but what you yourself have chosen a partner? The same abuse or vice versa, reporting to you? And as you raise your child? As well as brought to you, or against all the rules of your family you picked a different tactic? Here we are at the finish. Can our intuition to be a mirror image of our education? Or even simpler, its continuation. There is a huge mestohranilische, which lie about all of your experienced moments (and not just yours) under the name – the subconscious. It was from there follow all the spontaneity, dreams, reservations, etc. That's where it lies and the image of the ideal mother (father) not fitting that you fall into a depression. Each image of this own.

And each, he is repelled by his life experiences. Childhood experiences. If your parent as a child you have offended, and still you insult that a wear Wrap yourself in their eyes and look.

Cheap Flights to USA

When one is to obtain cheap flights to New York we must understand that there are many possibilities of obtaining to our aerial tickets for different dates from the year from a price outside the common thing. Many of us we visited the city of New York several times the year for reasons of business, because we have relatives who live in this city or because simply we make tourism at least once a year. Who does not have the necessity to obtain economic aerial tickets? I believe that all we walked looking for something of economy and the way in like reducing the cats that commonly come off themselves our trips. We always want to spend less possible in aerial tickets as well as imposed for this way the money that we saved ourselves in this we pruned it to use somehow in other subjects as they are expenses, consumptions and purchases in stores that are generally one of main the attractiveness from the trips to New York. In this article, I know the clearly intention of mostrarte some basic recommendations that are come off the idea of how to secure cheap flights to New York that we prune to buy or to acquire in line in stores, agents of trips in the Web and businesses that sell located electronic aerial tickets in different localities in the world. 1. It verifies the paid announcements that they are come off its searches: When we make searches normally in Google, Yahoo or Bing- we will have like results dozens of paid announcements that directly are related to the type on watch which we are trying to secure cheap flights to new York and in this sense we will be able to find the main travel agencies and aerial ticket points that reserve the cheap flights to us to New York which we are looking for.

It is very important that you verify in these vestibules Web firstly before moverte to any of the other options. 2. It causes that the time is their better ally: I believe that your better ally as far as the subjects that are related to buy in time or to make reservations with sufficient time of advance can be very beneficial for you. In many occasions to reserve cheap flights to New York with 2 or 3 months of anticipation is one option truly people practice even amucha who can even save hundreds of dollars. 3. She looks for the supplies of season: The supplies of season are always a good option for the travellers to the city of New York. By pure law of supply and it demands the low seasons are the ideals to secure to economic flights and ahorrarte an amount of considerable money.

4. Trip when better it agrees to him: If very you are not pressed with time, to travel to New York at the moments where he is more favorable for you you are the best thing than it can do. The time in this case is something that can also use to its favor. 5. It plans with an agent of trips: An agent of trips informed on this subject can help it to select to the places and vestibules of Internet that are going to him to favor in this sense. Original author and source of the article.

Coolest Gift – A Balloon Flight

Birthdays me on August 30. In early childhood, and was waiting for that date forward, and a little disappointment. And now Approached me, (Lord, would not go astray from the invoice) forty, probably the first birthday. During the summer I worked driver for now, at the end of the summer season, when the influx of tourists a little sleep, it was possible and very little rest. The more so approaching 'holiday heart' – a forty day there's birthday. Throughout his already adult life, not counting service in the Soviet Army, lived in the Crimea.

And in the best part – Sevastopol. "Human life is given once and live it should be in such a way that was not painfully In short, you understand what I mean. Why am I here crucified? There is a concept – "velvet" season. " With the start of school went to the Crimea 'respectable uncle' with the young ladies of Auntie and mature with young stallions. That contingent of tourists, which is easy to rounding, traveling by taxi 2,5 3 kilometers to 10, and watered the driver in such institutions that would not even dream, and asked 'wait' (sometimes during the day, then dumped half a ton of bucks: "You know, bro, I'm sorry, I forgot '). Sometimes asked to turn away. But where to turn away, if I go, steering wheel and looking forward. Stopped the car, went out and waited longer 'krolyachit' car. Drawn cigarettes – had finished, thank God, we can keep going