Bill System

Still don’t have the package to Bill electronically?, what are you waiting for? It is required to have this system, taxpayers who stated 4 million pesos or more, if you’re one of them already necessary that you mudes to digital in 2009. You’ll be thinking that it is going to be very expensive but on the contrary, electronic billing package get it 580 pesos that it really is a very low cost and in addition to not spend on software you’ll be saving every day because you don’t already bargains on sheets, ink cartridges for your printer, in shipping costs and above all boxes that you previously used to archive all your invoices. ion. Enough with the boxes and boxes and constant work of accommodating invoices per order, with electronic billing can do with just click Save in addition to all this saving electronic billing makes your company a more modern and especially productive. Is not the same make your clients wait for the invoice to arrive them or go yourself to give them to with a single send the invoice arrives at the moment. The system for issuing electronic invoicing is easily found because as it is mandatory for a portion of the taxpayer, if you’re one of them do not delay in purchasing the system.