Bolshaw Parquet

It is therefore natural linoleum in hospitals and care institutions. The service life of 10-15 years old linoleum. pvc linoleum is made of polymer mud pvc, with various additives. There are two types of pvc coating: homogeneous and heterogeneous. Homogeneous pvc coating has a thickness of 3 mm, and made cheap enough way. Therefore, homogeneous Linoleum was used in public places.

Heterogeneous pvc coating has a thickness of 6 mm, and the method of manufacture allows for Bolshaw diversity patterns. The service life of pvc linoleum 5-10 years. PVC-linoleum is indispensable for repair of flats of class "economy", tk is a very inexpensive floor coverings. But over time, and linoleum in the apartment can begin to unravel. Performing the repair of offices, shops and other premises with high level of traffic we use the tn "commercial" linoleum, which has a greater thickness than the consumer, but also has increased durability.

Flooring – a natural floor covering made of wood. For manufacture of flooring use birch, oak, beech, ash. And tropical trees – mahogany, wenge, and even bamboo. Shared by several types of flooring, depending on the method of installation – it's parquet, solid wood and wood block flooring. Parquet is convenient because it can be easily repaired by replacing the necessary elements. Artistic parquet – one way of laying parquet, when elements of parquet stacked in accordance with the pattern. Massive board – has a larger size compared to the parquet, and therefore more easily in the packing. Parquet board – has a three-layer structure which is resistant to a change in the level of humidity.