BTL Promotion

Cooperate with us 6000 well-trained regional promoters and promoters of our 1200 in Moscow, you can choose any number of performers, focused on solutions to even the most complex tasks. In matters relating to BTL, to have no nothing is impossible. Not only can we develop any type of event for our clients but without any pads make it a reality. Over the power of all – from the busy crowded chamber to show promotional activities that we can to both scenarios and fitter clients, and according to plans developed by our forces. We use in their work an individual approach to each client, so our services are much broader than the list of our opportunities that we present below. Promotion. Sonsumer promotion, or promotion of consumer activity, it is impossible to imagine without this kind of promotional activities. Promotions, perhaps one of the most popular and sought after types of promo.

They are not only effective for increasing sales without them is hard to imagine any promotions, which aim to conclude the goods on the market. Promotions – is a reliable magic wand and in the case where buyer needs to be reminded of an existing product or to show it to the new party. A distinctive feature of our btl agency in providing this service is not only an individual approach to every promo event or the client, but also the fact that we always introduces new ideas in the rigid framework of standard mechanic. Most Popular btl action – this tasting, as close as the lead-in customer to product, and leafleting.