Buenos Aires Economy

The domestic economy is the complement ideal where the market is inapplicable. Gain insight and clarity with Medical billing career. The work of the Chilean Renzo on solidarity economy and democratic market, is one of the foundations of this sort of reinvention of the economy Domestic; now with more technological availability and trained by the educational system, what was possible over six decades ago when it discouraged it deliberate, or implicitly, by the economic industrialization policies unsustainable or by the effect of imitation of the american way of life radiated by the media of communication particularly for film and television. Worth reiterating in this sort of consolidation of our previous developments, which the domestic economy involves the production, processing and preserving of food for family consumption or to barter with other neighboring families. In addition to food includes the manufacture and repair of footwear and clothing, the family Orchard, small animal raising and artisanal fisheries; as well as breastfeeding and other practices of hygiene and preventive health. The payroll in any way intended to be exhaustive. Domestic economy is a tool likely to discourage consumerism practices superfluous to have made much impact on the adolescent universe.

The domestic economy is something that is practiced with more frequency in the settlements we have visualized as receptive agents of deconcentration, the same that in the rural population dispersed. In the culture of those groups of families, the deactivation of the promotion of these activities, made less impact perhaps because, in meat own experienced to the full industry employment came at least in lasting form – and it behaved that the life style they saw on movie screens, on the television or in magazines that arrived in the city of Buenos Aires was illusory when not ephemeral and frustrating. At the beginning of this communication, we referred to the notion of prodromos or advances. Fortunately, when it has had the opportunity with criteria of participant observation, explore the Argentina and complement it with the pre-or post-processing analysis of profuse existing documentation, although little disclosed, we note that there are numerous corporate, governmental and community initiatives that are spontaneously giving answers, denoting the perception of these situations whose complexity may infer the reader or reader, if he has reached this point of exposure.