The Offspring Group was established in 1984, classmates of California Orange County city of Dexter Holland (real name Brian) and Greg Kriselom. The band came to him under the impression from concert Social Distortion. Holland started playing guitar Krisel – bass guitar. As the singer was invited to Doug Thompson, the drummer became his friend, Jim Benton. Kevin Wasserman, the school security guard, was invited to join mainly because of all its participants, he reached the age of one, allowing to buy alcohol. The original name of the group – 'Maniac Subsidal'.

Soon, Thompson and Benton left the band, and Holland took the role of vocalist and drummer James Lilja was. In 1985 the name group was changed to The Offspring. In 1986 he released the first single: I'll Be Waiting / Blackball, published independently in their own "label Black Label record company, named in honor of the same brand of whiskey. Circulation single was 1000. Lilja soon as The Offspring decided to leave for the continuation of a career in medicine, and the drummer Ron Welty was replaced, which at that time was only 16 years old. In late 1985 Holland attended the University of Southern California (University of Southern California, USC), in Wasserman While finishing college, Krisel worked on a degree in economics, he studied electronics and Welty in a local private school. Despite the tight schedule, the band was rehearsing on the weekends at home Kriselov. Writing in 1988 demo, The Offspring signed a contract with the record company Nemesis Records, and in March 1989 recorded their debut album, entitled The Offspring, was produced by Tom Wilson, who previously worked with groups of Dead Kennedys, Social Distortion and The Vandals.

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