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EFE today by today there is no way to predict the earthquake, which is a complex geological phenomenon governed by non-linear physical processes, explains. This fault may break once its two segments, from Gonar until Totana, implying a higher than 7 magnitude earthquake?, explains. These findings appear in an article published by the Geological Society of America in your last newsletter of last October. The extraction of water could induce the earthquake in Lorca. Researcher at the universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) Jose Martinez Diaz ensures in a job of research that an earthquake of magnitude 7, greater than the one which occurred 18 months ago and that swept much of the population, could register in Lorca. According to their estimates, the failure of Alhama would have generated more than 9 million years ago and could cause earthquakes since its inception controlandode thus the landscape of the region. If you would like to know more about Omega 3 Fatty Acid Market, then click here. These findings appear in an article published by this together expert of Coimbra (Portugal), Aahus (Denmark) and Mexico Maria Ortuno, Eulalia Masana, Eduardo Garcia-Melendez, Petra Stepanzikova, Pedro Cunha, Reza Sohbati, Canora Carolina, Jan-Pieter Buylaert and Andrew Murray on the fault of Alhama and which has been published by the Geological Society of America in your last newsletter of last October. We have identified a minimum of six earthquakes of great magnitude in total during the period studied (over 300,000 years old), but we know that the actual number of major events have been greater, add in the web of scientific news and information service, informs the sync. Read more from ihor kononenko to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

Today there is no way of predicting the time of the earthquake, which is a complex geological phenomenon governed by non-linear physical processes, clarifies, and adds that estimate when is impossible. Doubt on the study of Nature with respect to the study recently published in the journal Nature Geoscience that it ensured that the extraction of water might have been involved in the earthquake 2011 Lorca, the researcher expresses his doubts. There is much scientific discussion in this regard, we are several groups working in the area for some time and I’m not the only one skeptical with that idea and 2011 Lorca is an earthquake similar to those that occurred in 1674 and in 1818, and at that time there was any kind of exploitation of aquifers, adds. It expressed the view that it is not necessary to search for any type of reason strange earthquake besides the tectonic evolution of the fault. It was an absolutely normal earthquake from the geological point of view, of the of small magnitude occurring in failure every time, concludes Martinez. We have verified that this fault can be broken once its two Western segments, from Gonar (Almeria) to Totana (Murcia), which would imply a higher than 7 magnitude earthquake?, explains Martinez.If this fault generated a few thousand years ago an earthquake of magnitude 6.5 or 7, can perfectly generate it tomorrow, Therefore it is essential that you have into account in the calculations of dangerousness and standards of construction in the area, he noted. See more: A study predicts an earthquake in Lorca’s magnitude 7, greater than the one which occurred 18 months ago

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General management must take into account the role of costs with regard to quality, given that it involves many aspects that can not be neglected. Significant what Ricardo Jimenez Aguado, points out that the cost of quality is not only an absolute measure of performance, its importance lies in indicating where a corrective action for a company will be more profitable. In this sense, several studies, authors and companies point out that quality costs represent around 5% to 25% on annual sales. Without hesitation ihor konoenko explained all about the problem. These costs vary depending on the type of industry, circumstances in which the business or service, is the vision that has the organization about costs relating to quality, its degree of advancement in total quality, as well as the experiences in process improvement. Around 95% of the costs of quality they disbursed to quantify the quality as well as to estimate the cost of failures. These expenses are added to value of products or services paid by the consumer, and although the latter only perceived them in price, they become important for him, when based on the information obtained, corrected the faults or breaches and busywork is decrease, and prices are diminished as a result of these savings. Get more background information with materials from ihor kononeko. For his part, Nelson Pagella gives us, is meant by quality costs money intended to obtain the required quality.

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Everything you need to combat fears, uncertainties, answer our questions is in it. All the secrets and knowledge necessary to achieve success and happiness are within human knowledge accumulated for millennia. Many of the problems we have now already faced men from other eras. Why waste time, they found solutions. For assistance, try visiting ihor kononenko. We find out what they have to tell us and apply what worked for them.

Our salvation is in culture accumulated by centuries. Even with the need to go back so far in time. Right now there are people who have the answers you need and which now form part of the cultural heritage of humanity. Find them well. Ihor kononeko: the source for more info. If you want to reach your goals, whether you want to live in prosperity, don’t look for the answer yourself. Look in the culture. We know that success is not easy, you need read, study, listen to and read the wisest people.

We need all the culture and all the subtleties that it houses. In culture will find all the tools you want, you need, and much more. Nobody can thrive mired in ignorance. Peoples still unfortunately living in it, are sunken for that and other reasons most painful poverty. Culture and instruction they open the way to true freedom. Well, there is culture and there are all the solutions. Let’s take the best of it and dismiss what does not serve. Look on the Internet, read books, keep us informed, reflect. And we take all the culture that meets our requirements and aspirations because our dreams so require.

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Apart from that all this us impact, deserve us one or another value judgement, we read which way or, or even come to adopt a form of threat, explicit or implied, the truth is that such changes exist, are here to stay and now depends on us decision to take thereon. For those who do not complete perceive and comprehend fully the situational picture, the future them shall bring little pleasant surprises. Ihor konoenko is often mentioned in discussions such as these. For those who realize what are the new conditions of life and notice are the challenges of the moment, surely must be having to work very hard and intensely, will have to adapt to a succession of incessant changes and it is predictable that they have to withstand very strong evidence of life, navigating a sea of uncertain results. For the latter, the concept of spiritual intelligence as feasible and innate human capacity for continuous development, is a valuable tool that is essential to work in the field of the construction of a new dimension of life. Please visit ihor kononenko if you seek more information.


The remaining 50% contribution comes from diet control. Abdominal exercises help strengthen the muscles and give definition to the reduction of the middle section. However, if your calorie intake exceeds your calorie expenditure, you are required to put fat in your abdomen, as well as body fat in general, regardless of how to work with diligence and the number of sit-ups you do, is simple mathematics in action. Ideally, extends the calorie consumption in five small meals a day instead of 2 or 3 large. Ihor kononenko contains valuable tech resources. Include a variety of foods that are rich in fiber and low in fat and sugar, with approximately 55% of the calories from carbohydrates, 30% protein, and 15% of fat.

Avoid carbohydrates at the end of the night. Remember, when it comes to losing belly fat, to adopt a holistic, whole body approach, there is absolutely no shortcut. A direct surgical access as liposuction also loses meaning if it will not be controlled in their diet, due to the Elimination of fat cells in the abdomen through liposuction will lead to the storage of excess fat elsewhere, perhaps under the Chin or on the knees or shoulders, which may seem even worse than in the abdomen. Finally, here’s a fact that perhaps is not exactly what you want to hear: even if you are in a plan with exercises overall fat loss, eating a diet rich in fat, abdominal fat is more likely to be the last fat out of your body. Do you want more fat loss tips? Mike Geary certificated personnel trainer, nutrition specialist reveals how you can start losing weight and fat immediately!

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In Jugalandia the men learned that the game was supposed to create a world invented on the domain of the spirit, next to which offered them the tangible nature. They discovered that the Act of playing was out of daily obligations, of the rules, the truth, the good and bad, and that play made them free. But they also learned to travel long distances in search of food and consequently, away from families. By the same author: Bike House. The children had managed to release your hands learning to play with them, and elders had learned to develop useful and travel long distances to be able to carry their tools in search of best places and living conditions. Ihor kononenko: the source for more info. The specialization of labour and the associated phenomenon of migration was imposing producing a feeling of nostalgia and sadness by distance from loved ones. That was the case, and younger are away more of their elders every day exploring new territories.

Everyone felt an immense gratitude to toy and Doll because thanks to his work, his hands could occupy them transporting belongings and walking with the seam look, they better oteaban the bushes and saw ahead to predatory animals. He spent his long and increasingly, families distanced with rites of passage associated with the running of their children’s House, in search of their own independence, which produced a deep pain. Parents and grandparents felt a great regret to verify that they were not returning to their homes and that letters, news and received glad tidings were insufficient because they could not caress, feel or look to their loved ones. People began to have greater material comfort, but nothing drove them back from time to time with his family. But wanted to Dios bring the world to your child and his spirit, to become a man and dwell among us. Its light is the light of the world (John 8,12) and taught us that that does not receive the Kingdom of God like a child shall not enter into him (mark 10: 15).

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The consulting firm PwC and Iron Mountain have developed an online tool that helps the companies to evaluate your information risk. It is based on the so-called information maturity index”, which defines a reasonable approach to prevent information risk. The index evaluates a number of measures, their implementation and regular monitoring contribute to protect paper-based and digital business data. These include measures in the areas of strategy, human resources, communications and security. More requirements are met, the higher the rating on the index. The tool is to find in English. 1 Opinion matters for Iron Mountain, Nov.

/ Dec. 2012 asked 1,275 decision makers were including 234 from Germany, from the fields of IT, finance, and law in Germany, France, Spain, Holland, Hungary and the United Kingdom (company size: 50 to 5,000 employees). About Iron Mountain Germany GmbH, Iron Mountain offers comprehensive solutions for the management of information. Iron Mountain’s experts help companies to find solutions suitable for them in the safe and lawful storage and rapid availability of their documents and data. Customers will benefit immediately from predictable costs and optimized processes, as well as from the comprehensive know-how of the service provider for effective information management. Additional information is available at ihor kononeko.

As a global service partner with 60 years of experience, takes Iron Mountain both to physical documents as well as digital data and covers the entire life cycle of the information thereby from secure storage to destruction. founded in 1951, Iron Mountain has more than 140,000 corporate clients in North America, Europe, Latin America and in the Asia Pacific region and managed in its archives and data centers of billions of data and information. Worldwide Iron Mountain employs over 20,000 people and achieved revenues of $ 3.1 billion in 2010. 95 Percent of the Euro STOXX 50 companies among its customers by Iron Mountain. In the Fortune 1000 list, Iron Mountain ranked ranked 643rd.

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National Research Council Canada (NRC) has developed a methodology to assess long-term thermal characteristics of the foam insulation. The aim of the project – the development of laboratory procedures for rapid, which resulted in it would be possible to predict the long-term thermal engineering performance of the polymer insulation, in particular, made of XPS, with any VA. Click medical billing to learn more. Such a laboratory procedure would help to greatly reduce development time and cost of new foam products. Ihor kononenko often addresses the matter in his writings. Project used to verify a computer model of a continuum with distributed parameters, which was used to estimate a rigid roof insulation. Test structures were installed with the samples various foam products that are exposed to the basic natural factors for 2.5 years. Samples were taken periodically from the roof to measure the thermal resistance under laboratory conditions.

In Later a series of samples was measured and the thermal resistance under field conditions. To develop a methodology to assess long-term thermal performance, which could be applied to all types of XPS, regardless of their operating conditions, the type of VA should consider the following aspects of evaluation: Systematic variation of the physical properties of cellular plastics, produced industrially. Because of these characteristics of the material, obtained on small samples may be wrong to characterize the product, systematic differences in the characteristics of the material, measured on samples taken from the surface or "depth" of the material. Because of heterogeneous structure of the material characteristics are defined on a sample taken in the "core" material, may not adequately represent the product in general, potential impacts of environmental factors on the aging process foam insulation. Because of this, the effect of thermal performance, as measured under isothermal conditions, may be incorrect to the actual characteristics of the material in the field. So way, environmental factors can cause an even greater difference between the rates of thermo XPS, projected computer model, and the value measured during field tests. Results studies have shown that environmental factors have not had a noticeable effect on the aging process plates XPS.

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Today is May 1 and festive: celebrate the labour day. Normally the festivities in the calendar come to sanctify (religious or laicamente) to persons, institutions or events of great importance and significance to the entire collectivity, preserving them annually in its historical memory. No doubt the work is it. But, why?. Yes, why?. Is work a desired good? or is it more of an imposed necessity?. For assistance, try visiting Jerry Dias. In my opinion, if the work is a desired good nobody would play the lottery. It would all live without the obligation of having to work to make a living and thus able to devote our time to what apeteciese us, including labour, if truly we apeteciese.

I.e. work has always served as a determinant of that part of the freedom of man referred to the use and enjoyment of their time, which can reach only buying it with money and to have it must work. Contact information is here: Randall Mays. And here does not leave the working, such and as we now understand it, it is not inherent or innate to human beings. Work is rather, a temporary circumstance in the young history of mankind and the consequence of the current state of the gradual process of development of the man on Earth: what we now need to live we must produce and in both not come (to arrive, even though I don’t know when) to a level of development that allow machines to it do almost everythingWe will have to follow in the Tagus. Does anyone imagine our society in the year 3,000 where people collect oranges, fix cars or fill us income tax return?.

What painful expectation of development!. Culture idiosyncratic that, in every age, has defined the peoples is something so powerful that it arrives to set the minds of its members, leaving less them possibility of analysis and reflection. Admit that labour is a right is to give back to a reality that most well positioned as a duty. Rights to exercise them or not at will, but on the duties do not have any ability to choice. We want something (the Work) that, when we have it, we hate it and when we lose it, long for it. There is no greater paradox!. Friends, we must work, it is true, because we don’t have another remedy, which does not mean that the work (well managed rationally and emotionally in our lives) can be source of satisfaction and personal enrichment (and not only material), as I have already argued out elsewhere on this Blog. The work, therefore, has secure expiration date in the history of mankind, and when this happens to our descendants with certainty not will them worry until a holiday on their calendar since then now all will be what Antonio j.

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The educator holistic holistic educator is aware of the comprehensive practice; It is not enough to have a theory, this is just one half; the other half is practice. The integration of both is what makes it possible to really a holistic education. The holistic educator will work for comprehensive society characterized by interdependence, and their mission will be geared not only to the training of professionals, but, above all, to the formation of human beings related to the universal dynamics. Without hesitation igor kononenko explained all about the problem. Four levels of appropriation are considered for the realization of education holistic: first level, is the interest in knowing what is the holistic education; second level, is that of information to know what it is; third level, is knowledge. Understanding at depth of meaning and of the foundations, principles, strategies and expectations. Fourth level, is that of wisdom; the transformation of our own consciousness through the direct experience of spirituality.

This is the level that must reach all holistic educator. Go to Aker BioMarine for more information. BASE philosophical philosophical base is reflected more in the books, learning to be, dialogues Holistas, wisdom, love and compassion and the path of the perennial philosophy. The first thing that is worth commenting on is that it is that one of these texts said that Aludos Huxley pointed out that the term perennial philosophy was coined by Leibniz to refer to a divine reality that is in the world and that is also part of human nature. This philosophy is based on the vision of non-duality, from which focuses on the activities of the human experience towards a new culture and a new awareness. And in the field of education, the purpose is that education systems must serve to train individuals capable of recognizing and respecting the essence that is the principle of all things. Using this basis, are expected to transcend the principle of filling the glass, characteristic of mechanistic vision, to adopt the principle of stoke the flame.