Compact 5-door Volvo For The 2012

If there is a persistent rumor in the recent history of Volvo (apart from the now you buy-now not that we had to endure for months), is the emergence of the C30 hatchback. And we use the term appearance almost with dentera, because the issue leads us dizzy since the launch of the Compact itself. But the fact is that Stefan Jacoby, CEO of the Swedish manufacturer, wants to put 800,000 cars in the world by the year 2020, and bearing in mind that in 2009 Volvo managed to move 350,000 units, that is not trivial company. So much meat fresh as new customers, is needed so that while Chinese consumers begin to fill the dealers, trite and desired hatchback have already almost ready for Gothenburg. Inside Line picks up the statements of the former head of Volkswagen USA and now leader of Volvo, who has made them know (or rather you left Intuit) that your company works with boldness in a new compact five-door the size of Golf. heir opinions as well. Curiously, see no direct references to this model C30 Asiad, while Inside Line mentioned that logically shared platform with the compact that as we all know. And will have a new face more distinguished, we assume that influenced by the factions of the new S60 and V60.

Its release would take place in the year 2012, which does not seem a bad time to go on renewing the C30. And motors? As well, thank you. Speaking about mechanical is launching us to the more purely speculative terrain, though Jacoby already have things clear for the Volvo range in general: there will be no more V8 engines, and it is even possible that six-cylinder blocks are replaced by new modular engines of four and five pots. Sounds interesting, and more still when we consider that the development of this new compact has taken precedence over the next generation of the XC90. Spy begins countdown to the arrival of the first photos. Original author and source of the article