Comunidad Valenciana

Jobs already to be pretentious, called talk La Comunidad Valenciana, spearhead of the future of Spain. Neither more nor less. With a pair of noses. () There is something to which step I want to leave before advancing one paragraph. To review the index of names containing entries that are made of people with name and surname at the end of the book, the character who appears more times is Eduardo Zaplana. The fact is manifestly obvious and is well justified. The most important person in the community during the period 2000-2004, which is this book, which covers was who just presided over during the greater part of that time.

By esa reason, the name of which he was President of the Generalitat appears with great frequency. In addition, overflowing activity of the character has made it necessary and essential protagonist of many articles or, at least, mere reference en passant of others. I here tell an anecdote that I’ve already mentioned somewhere else. When I arrived in Valencia, a protocolariamente must-visit was made to the then President of the Consell. In that initial conversation, remembered you that we had briefly seen once, in Group: was the occasion of a meeting at Castellon Grupo Zeta newspaper editors, years ago. At the time alluded, Zaplana was still unknown leader of the PP, party with perennial opposition vocation. Brought a sincerity that has caused me more than one annoyance in my already long life, during the first official visit of the Palace with the President of the Generalitat, espete le: the day I met him had not given a penny for their political future. Rather than bother, as they had done some instead, Zaplana laughed out loud: neither you nor anyone else! That was the first of the few encounters I’ve had with the character, bound by my professional work.