Construction Conditioner Unit

The construction design of the air conditioner air conditioner look at an example of a split system wall type. Split systems with other types of indoor units consist of the same sites, and differ only in appearance. Outdoor unit air conditioner outdoor unit consists of the following elements: 1. Compressor – compresses the Freon and supports its motion for refrigeration circuit. Is a piston or scroll (scroll) type. Reciprocating compressors are cheaper but less reliable than spirals, particularly at low ambient air temperatures.

2. Four-valve – set to reverse (heat – cold) air conditioners. In heating mode, this valve changes the direction of refrigerant. The internal and external unit, as it were swapped with the indoor unit operates at heating, and external – for cooling. 3.

The control board – usually only installed on the inverter air conditioners. In no inverter models tend to place all the electronics in the indoor unit, as changes in temperature and humidity reduce the reliability of electronic components. 4. Fan – creates a stream of air blowing the capacitor. In inexpensive models have only one speed. This air conditioner can operate stably in a small temperature range of outdoor air. In the higher-end models, designed for wide temperature range, as well as in all semi-conditioners, fan has a 2 – 3 fixed speeds or smooth adjustment. 5. Condenser – a radiator, which cools and condensation of refrigerant. Purge air through the condenser, respectively, is heated. 6. Freon filter system – installed in front of the compressor and prevents it from copper chips and other small particles that can enter the system during installation conditioner. Of course, if the installation is made in violation of the technology and the system has got a lot of debris, the filter can not stop him. 7. Choke connections – connect it to copper tubes that connect the outer and internal blocks.