Cooperation Between MasterSolution AG And ENTIRETEC

Innovative multimedia and entertainment package for hospitality and healthcare in cooperation with ENTIRETEC, the internationally active specialists for industry-specific solutions, the MasterSolution AG developed a graphically unique multimedia front-end for the in-room application ENTIRETEC ETAIN. IP-based communications and multimedia content are at the heart of the development such as audio, video and TV streams, Web and mail services and the integration of social networks. So Premium Hotels and clinics offer their guests and patients a wider spectrum of services with more comfort, more mobility, or the feeling of being at home. Even while on vacation, on a business trip, for treatment and hospitalization requires the user of today modern multimedia and entertainment possibilities. ETAIN provides the desired content guests and patients at any time on various devices available and enables access to videos and others in real time, Web TV, Instant Messenger and a direct connection to the social networks of Web 2.0. Through the Customers in hotels and health care get a scalable, intuitive and technologically excellent multimedia solution of the future, available even in the own CI. Sandy Schindler combination of ENTIRETEC applications, advanced Web technology and the interactive control concept of MasterSolution AG