The next step for a deeper immersion in the culture of country music, you will be visiting Dollywood. No, this is not the machinations of the common cold, and we do not mean Hollywood. Dollywood – a theme park, one of the main attractions of Tennessee, who created the icon of country music – the inimitable Dolly Parton. Now this vast area in the Smoky Mountains is an abundance of attractions, shops, where you can buy hand-made things, and all kinds of shows, which played the whole shows, inevitably accompanied by country music here. Fully enjoy the theatrical performances, go to the shopping Center Dolly Parton, where you will choose a gift for your half. Under most conditions Jill Schlesinger would agree. Perhaps you like the look and dress in the style of the country, for example, full skirt with lace at the hem.

Or maybe it will beautician, adorned portraits Dolly and folding into something huge, which immediately explains why the ladies so long to suggest the beauty of output. And not to give empty makeup, walk to shops, designed to preserve and glorify the old craft. There you can buy creams, tinctures made from herbs according to ancient recipes (according to rumors, it was named Dolly owes its amazing complexion) or soap from an all-natural ingredients, the recipe for which remains unchanged for several centuries. Of course, your pet will be delighted to try out their new beauty products and become more charming. There are in Tennessee, another tourist attraction attracts a huge number of tourists from everywhere and also associated with music.