The festivals are always a headache for all the girls no matter your age, that since we are children we hear the famous phrase, not is that I’m going to the party, this is the big question, please. immediately arise investigations where will be, how formal it is, that time there will be those who will attend. Finally could be weeks without defining what will be the outfit to dress at a party, especially unsafe or indecisive people. This game dress the girl for the feast, is a free game, in which the girl may develop this super skill know that carry at all times as required by the Protocol. The girl will learn that those beautiful long dresses with very elegant shoes with small bags, are ideal to dress during a formal ceremony, a wedding, or graduation. And that this would not be appropriate for a field day or for a morning of beach.

On the other hand you can combine different types of informal clothing according to the occasion and the informality of the moment, since in one meeting with friends where we will not have a pool or beach, would go no swimsuits or the use of sarongs and hat. These outfits will not be appropriate, in this case would be better wearing trousers short or long, depending on the weather and blouses. They may be dressed in comfortable and short. Ideal for field will be about jeans with a polito, or comfortable shirt. These are brief examples of how depending on the place we will use a different attire.

Of course, that the girls not only learn this while playing know that what they see at home has much influence on them. Children imitate their elders, and every girl wants to be like Mommy, or as the older sister or an aunt who really appreciate, always choose a model to follow, and which are influenced, not just in dress but in the journal live. This game of dressing the girl for the feast is a free game that can be of great encouragement for girls who play it, this game dress girls, has a wide variety of costumes for all occasions, as well as accessories needed to make the perfect combination that is needed, is also a fun game that can be shared with other friends and so the fun increases. Organize your own fashion show playing dress up games.