Dynamic Publishing

InBetween allows the complete range of print publications including Web-based editing of DTP documents and is with all common PIM systems compatible Stuttgart, October 1, 2012. The world of data processing, integration and its distribution in different communication channels are focal points of the bmk consulting and management. In addition to advisory services and project support during the introduction of new data management systems that created by Dr. Erich Koetter enterprises on a regular basis studies on these topics. The latest study of PIM 2012 better with PIM “is the continuation of a PIM study from 2009 and specifically highlighted the aspect of the PIM (product information management) for the marketing area. By comparing the main available on the market today PIM systems as regards functionality, the market overview wants to offer assistance to decision-makers in the selection of the most appropriate solution. Read more from Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

Rounding out the PIM study 2012 through the presentation of the dynamic-and Database publishing software by InBetween. An editorial contribution to modern dynamic publishing as well as a current case study illustrate what opportunities arise when PIM systems to a powerful solution for the automated creation of catalogues, price lists and brochures are added. InBetween allows you to create the complete range of print publications including Web-based editing and correction of DTP documents and is compatible with all popular PIM systems,”Dr. Erich contains Kal the importance of the in-between solution relating to the PIM systems considered together. His conclusion: “a valuable tool for customer communications with excellent handling.” InBetween is in particular at numerous industrial customers in the use and has special features that enable it to automatically create highly complex tables. In addition, InBetween supports the various scenarios in the creation of multilingual publications. Cost savings through automated processes can then also exhausted, if many language – country variations are required. Country-specific publications in the respective language and with an own product assortment can be InBetween as quickly and dynamically build as highly automated catalogues for a single range in a variety of standard languages. An extensive network of partners and alliances with numerous well-known PIM vendors ensure smooth interaction of the in-between solution for integrated workflows at media production.