Easter Vacation

When the holiday arrive and large cities are empty of tourists to supply the coast and mountains , advertisers campaigns are launched based on the a marketing event. An original way to communicate face to face with the message that companies want to reach customers in a time of year that advertising through the mass media is less effective. Operation a departure, three in the afternoon and the sea on the horizon no. Suddenly, while refueling at a gas station, a friendly hostess invites you to try a new drink and, incidentally, makes him forget for a moment that still lacks a few miles to enjoy the first swim of the summer. By late afternoon, and fortunately, on the promenade and a theater group promotes the opening of a new gallery featuring works of young students fine arts. Finally starting to feel like you’re on vacation. a The Marshall McLuhan’s famous phrase a the medium is the posting to acquires such shares in its highest sense marketing. Be creative when communicating the key message and make it the centerpiece of sales experience created, the wizard says always remember the product or service that is presented. While on vacation the consumer continues to be very rational in her daily shopping, everything that has to do with the luxury and the use of leisure time has a strong emotional charge implicit in the time of purchase.