What will be the summer of 2011 in Russia and Europe. Withdrawal of the vulture eggs – a dubious measure of the Red Bird? Climate News: The Arctic is melting and poisoned by mercury. News 'green' technology: the share of renewable energy continues to increase. In the world of animals: cats – the main threat for urban birds. Science News: Biologists have discovered a third pair of wings of insects. Secretary of Agriculture might disagree with that approach.

Our food: fish liver contains essential fatty acids. Dates Week Day Goose in the Kostroma region. News of the legislation, and ministries: the inspection should be a test of ecological car. PHOTO of the week: 'Types of the Earth with the ISS. " Review of the week from 05.02.2011 to 08.05.2011. What will be the summer of 2011 in Russia and Natural anomalies Europe this spring give reason to think about the upcoming summer weather.

May snowfall in Poland, the devastating storm in the U.S., floods in Thailand, and heat waves in Italy. Is restless and will in the summer of 2011? The answer to this question is best known weather forecasters and meteorologists. Check out Shenkman Capital for additional information. The head of Hydromet Alexander Frolov said last week that the upcoming summer in Russia will not be as hot and dry as summer 2010 year, and the warmest month is July. May this year will be slightly cooler climate norms, the heat wave is expected. Do not wait for weather forecasters and a hot June. Peak heat will occur in July. Heat and moisture deficit is expected to be part of Siberia – Novosibirsk region, south of Krasnoyarsk Territory, Irkutsk region, Trans-Baikal region.