Economic Factor

The specialists of the ATAGIS say the economy of the future Institute for competence and development of the company manufacturing companies as well as wholesale and retail need new strategies and creative ideas in order to compete successfully on the market in the future. Even if the recovery there is: you must not rest. Why authenticity and emotion in the management and distribution play an important role, describes how master trainer and consultant Clemens Adam on the occasion of the presentation of the new lecture and workshop program, he worked together with his business partner Rolf Gartner. From our experience of the last years in many companies from different industries, so Adam, we can say that entrepreneurs and their sales staff greatly suffer under the pressure of the market. For more information see this site: Kodak. We, Rolf Gartner and I, have visited countless meetings and training to find a method that quickly brings help and takes the pressure. The result can be seen.

We call it Authemotyp leading and Sales. “But what’s behind such a concept of art? Clemens Adam explained it in simple terms: at the beginning of our projects is a two-part lecture, where we show you what hard and soft factors will play a crucial role in corporate governance, the team process and the sales in the future. My colleague Rolf Gartner indicates the economic factors that emanate from a corporate culture and associated identification of employees and customers with the company. How you controls in the future as an entrepreneur in calmer waters and how can you increase the company’s success through the effective utilization of existing resources, without being burned out or having to bend? Only those who remain authentic, works honestly. I go communications in the second part, on the factor. Here I show how to communication can give rise to conflicts and avoid, as you can see from the INSIGHTS MDI structure types of communication and then communicates with the ease type.