Paint 'Hammerayt' base on modified alkyd resins with little addition of styrene, which provides better adhesion of iron surfaces. Contains scary fast evaporating solvents, which promote rapid drying of the paint. Its membership includes nanoparticles order tempered glass, creating a very mechanical procedure insurmountable barrier moisture. Hammer paint 'Hammerayt' comes in different colors packaging from zero twenty-five to the twenty-l l 3 textures: a hammer, very glossy and matte. By its very protective properties of these paints do not differ among themselves.

Hammer Enamel contains duralumin flakes, order creating a 'patterned' sketch, and special silicones that stabilize this actually draft and provides unparalleled water-repellent effect. Quite apart from traditional paint, there are also special paints 'Hammerayt'. A series of very fast drying inks designed high-temperature paint for heat-loaded surfaces. These paints vyderzhrom). Novelties in the middle of the paint for slate on the basis of synthetic resins. Paint podrazivayut temperature of 450'S (dark matte) to 600'S (silver duralumin with sufficient effect by applying only enough humevaet actually one of the first layer on the roof of the dark or non-ferrous metals, also on the pre-practice painted surface. Does not ask for the application of soil has the highest hiding power, needs little preparation of iron surface.

Two. Field implementation of paint 'Hammerayt' Paint 'Hammerayt' is used wherever is the greatest danger of corrosion than steel, designed for use underwater. The uniqueness of paint is that it can be applied specifically to a rusty surface. What does the industry on as necessary to protect the surface from rust corrosion of the forthcoming 'a profound transformation of rust by means of special formulations, applying a primer for the creation of the adhesive, applying the final layer for the creation of color stability, gloss and very ornamental species. Paint 'Hammerayt' is almost an entire system of 'one jar', acting as a rust converter, and a final layer of pound at once, at all actually This color can be produced in one day! Paint 'Hammerayt' use and for the restoration of some previously painted surfaces of iron, it is compatible with virtually all in reality paints materials (alkyd enamel, acrylic, urethane, silicone, etc..), except for bituminous materials basis.