The famous epitaphs epitaph is a brief inscription on the tombs and can be written either at the will of the deceased or as a farewell message from family and friends. In the latter case there are traditional ways such as “always live in the hearts of those who knew you”, simple as a souvenir of your wife and children “; nostalgic as:” Do not say goodbye because you will continue to live in our hearts ” or final farewells as: “You were a brave until the last minute. Your fellow circus always remember, and most austere as those found in cemeteries,” was born on 8 November 1931. He left on November 8, 2004. “Unlike earlier there are other rich in poetry, ironic language, metaphors and stories of life in a tiny text summary whose length does not exceed three or four lines.

Others have a good deal of humor to demonstrate that the human race continues to cling to the hope of overcoming death and, if not achieve at least reserve the right to sneer. One of the most ingenious is that of Groucho Marx, the famous American actor of Jewish origin who ordered to write to his final resting place: I’m sorry I did not get up, lady. But not only the characters are inspired to write these little works of literature funeral. In an unmarked grave in an unknown cemetery in the world reads this epitaph dedicated to the memory of a father (or mother, the message does not help us determine) and the stinginess of one of his children: With love from all your children, less Ricardo gave nothing.