Develop an efficient financial system. Enrich your personal financial indicators of leadership so that you can learn what resources you have, how much you spend what you have goals and how to plan to attain them. Question mudrostiPosle review work, family time and money, as well as ways to assess the efficiency, optimization and navigation in each area, a break and look at them as complete system of life. As work, family, money and time relate to each other and create everyday questions about life balance, such as: whether to stay after work to finish a project, do a new work; to pay for a nursing home for their parents or take them home, or whether to stay at home with a newborn baby. To these questions can not be answered using the approach 'balanced weights. Perceived imbalance in fact represents an inconsistency with the principles, the best way of making decisions about this daily dynamic equilibrium – is the use of wisdom, or navigatorskogo mind. Wisdom – the ability to make choices, creating positive effects that we want in our lives.

In each of these areas, balance is important to always refer to the three constituent parts of wisdom: – Value principles. – Evaluate your experience. – Involve the inspiration. Effectiveness of all these attributes of wisdom rises alone, so it's important to choose a time when quiet and nobody prevents you to be able to increase their communication with immortal truths, knowledge and inspiration. Most importantly – the nature of final factor that allows to implement this dynamic balance, is the character. It's the difference between knowing that yields positive results, and its implementation. Many people know what to do to improve its financial position or does not waste his time, but they are slow with this or leads in the direction of the path that seems to them easier. Solution that you take to do what's important and not something that just immediately makes your character stronger. Nature is tempered in the difficulties of everyday life.