Others are contracting specialized companies to monitor and to search what the consumers are commenting on its mark, product or service. Some applications Web 2,0 allow the personalization of the content shown for each user, under form of personal page, allowing it information filtering that it considers excellent. The used concept is comparable with the one of free software: if it has many people using, all the errors are corrected easily, using the beginning of collective intelligence. For this communities that if auto-moderate, through the participation of the users exist indicating to the system which user do not have more to participate of the community. Don Tapscott and Anthony D.

Williams (2007, pg. 66 and 67) dicutem that the econonmia of ' ' new web' ' it depends on the contribution in mass. They remember despite it is very important for the company that enters in the one in this new media to find ways to invoice with the aid of Web 2.0. The economy based on the called Internet ' ' Wikinomics' ' it goes to depend on the beginning of the opening, sharing and acting globally. 2,3 2.3.1 SOCIAL NETS and TWITTER Social Media In accordance with Comm (2009, pg.2) social media can be some things at the same time, and can be produced in some different ways, but the simplest definition of social media is that the content is created by its hearing. Facebook for example is not a publication company. It does not create none of the published contents.

Not it writes articles nor postagens and it does not load videos nor images for entertainment of the users. The Facebook allows the users to make everything this in its name. The growth of the hearing in the social nets is amazing, is easy to enxergar that the social media and its tools (sites and softwares) are a mass phenomenon that if transforms the moment all – when we create and we use the content.

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