Familiar Relations

PONTIFICAL UNIVERSITY GOLDEN CATHOLIC MARCIA LIMEIRA the IMPACT OF the ILLNESS OF ALZHEIMER IN the FAMILIAR RELATIONS UNDER the OPTICS OF the CUIDADOR So Paulo 2006 GOLDEN MARCIA LIMEIRA ' ' THE IMPACT OF THE ILLNESS OF ALZHEIMER IN THE FAMILIAR RELATIONS UNDER THE OPTICS OF THE CUIDADOR' ' Presented monograph as partial requirement for the attainment of the heading of Specialist in Familiar Therapy and Couple of the Nucleus of Family and Community of the Pontifical University Catholic of So Paulo, under orientation of the Teacher Doctor Mathilde Nedder. PUC – So Paulo 2006 GRATEFULNESS To my person who orientates, Teacher, Doctor Mathilde Nedder, for the precious contributions for the accomplishment of this work, for the patience in hearing and clarifying my doubts. To the Teacher, Doctor Maria Luiza Rodrigues Meijome Pieszezman who, since the beginning, supported me in all the directions and for believing that this project was possible. To all teachers of the course of specialization in Familiar Therapy and Couple, examples of great professionals in knowledge, respect and ethics. The Isaura Amaral Arruda Oliveira, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, for received having me, stimulated and for its unconditional affection. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from The Middleby Corporation. The Rosilene Alves Rasp, Psychologist, Gerontloga, for the chance to participate of a so special project, its availability in clarifying my doubts and professional incentive.

To Golden Claude L. for the incentive, support and for believing my potential as professional. To my dear family served who me of base so that I could become me an important person with values and moral principles for my development. To all the families of Carriers of Illness of Alzheimer who had contributed direct or indirectly for my knowledge and sensitivity to its sufferings when facing this experience. With Affection, Very Obliged! SUMMARY the IMPACT OF the ILLNESS OF ALZHEIMER IN the FAMILIAR RELATIONS UNDER the OPTICS OF the CUIDADOR Marcia Golden Limeira NUFAC? Nucleus of Family and Community of the PUC- So Paulo Currently questions on the healthful aging they have been a recurrent subject enters the medias, since specific for professionals of the health until novels, thus enclosing the population in general way.