Whenever my family asks for to go to it I besiege my mother and my father accepts with the biggest taste, always with the same disposal, and the same thing always happens all goes they is to arrange baguna done for people who do not give the minim if I besiege it this clean one or not when they arrive, if this dirty one or not when they leave, or even though with who goes to clean the dirt. after this I started to think oque I already I made for my mother to be proud of me? I arrived the reply, nothing. This is traumatizante for me, is clearly I still is very new to have done spectacular things in the life my mother to die of pride of me. with this thought ' ' To make my family mainly my parents to have pride of mim' ' that I to decide to become me a better person, simply of the nothing I started to study, to read, to think about different things me to form as, thing that I cogitated clearly, but never I had stopped to think about the subject. I started to think, when I will be forming myself, I want my mother applauding me of foot with the full eyes of tears there, 1 month later I want to arrive in the house of it to jump in its arms and speech ' ' Mother I gained mine primero wage as a professional formado' ' , thing that can seem simple but that not only mine, I can guarantee that thousands of mother would be proud to hear the son to say this. when my son to be born I want my mother there, to catch its grandson in the col and to say ' ' Oi my name is Vaine, and I am its grandmother ' ' .