Fed Ex

I do not accept cashier’s checks, including U.S. customers. A common misconception is that they are as good as cash. They are not! There have been cases where stolen cashier’s checks blank checks or forged. Also do not accept credit card payments from foreign buyers.

They offer no protection against fraud as they do in the U.S.. Even when the Master Card or Visa, they are not governed by the same rules and laws United States. Shipping product internationally is more work, but the reward can exceed the time required. Unlike shipping products within the U.S., the first big difference is the form of “customs.” These forms are free and provided by the shipping company you choose, if the U.S. Postal Service, Fed Ex, UPS, etc will have to indicate the weight of the item and its value, purpose, etc important lesson – I learned this the hard way! I have a Fed Ex account, which allows me to print a label and send an item from my computer without having to go to a shipping company. I can get a discount on my post instead of taking it to a mailbox, etc, or home delivery. I sent a computer using my account. I realize that taxes are charged on the topic target, which was an additional $ 150.00.

Ouch! Now, when international shipments only use the United States Postal Service, and the total amount paid on time delivery USPS delivery. Taxes on the fate of the country will be collected by the buyer, not you. Shipping internationally can be rewarding and interesting! Make sure that only accept payment in the methods described above, be aware of shipping procedures, and send via USPS.com.