Feminine Beauty

Women have made themselves like that, and humbled took it for granted, living with a man in a burdensome way. That it neither are non-binding. Freedom! So begins and degradation, the population of humanity is waning. Relations between people lead to the fact that We spend ourselves for what is not true. Dive into a career, a hobby … and so on.

A family becomes a burden … Every single woman wants to find love, get married, have kids. But not everyone recognizes this, it is easier cry into my pillow, than to admit ‘successful’ in this case, the girls that you’re a loser … What you can not find a man with whom you can relate your life. These women are pretending that they are successful in another, or indeed achieve in some success.

Usually always look good, beautiful yet can age. But time passes and the woman’s beauty fades. And they succeed, the beautiful and lonely can only teach her friends how to live, and inculcate in them the idea that all men goats. Do not try to seek advice from a single woman about love and family relationships. What can recommend one? Who never had, or was unable to create (unlike you) and save! Advice on the relationship between a man and a woman can ask only one who lived all his life with one person and was very happy with it. And so in every case, do not become homeless you have to ask how to get rich? Why is this going on? The answer is simple as always, but for others it will be unacceptable. The world is coming to an end, call it whatever you want, not necessarily that it will be through 50-100-300 years, maybe more. But what does it mean time in comparison with all the history of mankind? Still think it saves us just love, love sincere. She referred to in such programs as “not likely, but the fact ‘… What is your female beauty? Legs, face, or spiritual beauty? Can monitor their appearance, be irresistible beauty with which all men do not reduce eye. But at the same time to be alone. And you can not be outwardly remarkable, at home, walk in robe and slippers in front of her husband, and to be the most beloved and beautiful for him. It is love. That is not cheating, it does not need the stereotypes imposed on us advertising: expensive clothes, perfumes, makeup. She lives in my soul. This is precisely the beauty of women, to be attained.