Feng Shui Colors

Finish cottages on Feng Shui – a complex designs, which provides a choice of colors to create a harmonious environment, thus it is necessary to take into account factors such as: Functionality every room in the house orientation to the cardinal lighting depending on the orientation of the cardinal, cottages, made using cold or warm shades of paint. Warm colors – for rooms oriented to the north, northwest and northeast. Cool shades – for rooms to the south, southwest and southeast. Also, trim cottages on Feng Shui provides a choice of colors based on the distribution flowers on the sides of the world: the compass, which overlook the windows of related primary element Preferred colors of Feng Shui North Water Blue, white, gray, celadon, and various metallic shades, All shades of the water South Fire Red, orange, yellow, different variations of these colors, earth tones West Metal Grey, white, various shades of yellow, also for Western space suit green and blue hues East Quiet tree colors are possible blotches of red and orange tones of the North-West Metal Grey, white, yellow, various shades of Southeast Wood Green and blue colors, there may be blotches of red and orange tones North-east, south-west central part of the house earth brown, beige, red and orange colors, as well as other shades of the earth regardless of the orientation cottages around the world, for finishing the kitchen or dining room is best to avoid blue and purple shades of cold tones, as, according to the canons of Feng Shui, it reduces appetite and slows the digestive process. When choosing colors for finishing a child's room should be preferred sufficiently bright tones, and the predominant color in the design of children should be selected on the basis of the feeding element birth of your child. Belonging to a particular child element you can learn from the Millennial Chinese calendar. Finish cottages on Feng Shui – the process of making harmony, so you must choose between a combined shades of different colors so that you and your family feel comfortable.