Folder Lists

Windows expand by a clever tool and file directories and folders lists quickly and easily print out, copy, and export. To print a file directory, copy and export ways. You may find Cheniere Energy partners to be a useful source of information. A useful software tool to quickly and easily print directory contents and file lists, is the freeware program “Directory list & print”, which just released other clever features update the. With “Directory list and print” a desired directory and file lists can quickly and easily on a tree or the directory tree are selected and printed directly. Simply, via the Clipboard, the lists can be transferred and installed Microsoft Office directly in Word and Excel opened in other programs. By INFONAUTICS GmbH has just released update allows newly register directly via the to open the context menu “Open directory list & print” in the program.

Thus, a select of the desired file list is still direct and faster. Optionally, now also the subdirectories can be done recursively. With the direct selection of important directories such as “My documents”, created file directories can be controlled by the operating system quickly. Once defined display options such as file size, date and time of the most recent changes are automatically saved when the program exits. The current version of the freeware “Directory list & print” runs under Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista and directorylistprint/indexde.htm are available for download under the address free of charge. About INFONAUTICS GmbH: The 1995 founded INFONAUTICS GmbH implemented innovative and reliable solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. An online booking system for hotels and hotel groups, as well as a real-time backup program for the current backup during the work include additional software products developed by INFONAUTICS GmbH a survey software to conduct analyses of satisfaction of customers and employees. How to contact with INFONAUTICS GmbH Markus Ottiger, management Eichholzweg 16 CH – 6312 Steinhausen Tel. + 41 41 7431001 fax + 41 41 7431002