That Nice might result in a man perceive a particular fragrance, while on another person the same perfume, sorry up offensive. Do we wonder to that effect be?. And it does not come to be other than choosing wrong at the time of purchase the fragrance. Firstly, we must take into account that the smell of a perfumedifiere between one and another person to influence the PH of the skin, body temperature and the Sebaceous secretion. Also says that what determines that a perfume will endure more is that some possess more Fixer than others, but this is totally false, since it was proven that is the degree of acidity of the skin which gives place to do so. Take into account the following when you take the decision to buy a perfume: the best way is to spray a little in the air and feel the trail that leaves the fragrance, if you want to try skin, ideally the wrist. When you feel the aroma blends with your skin, harmonizes with your senses and adapts to your personality, then buy it.

Same thing you can do if it is a fragrance that you are going to give and know well the person who will receive the present. After purchasing it is important to know what are the strategic places where apply you it, this is where most feel the heartbeat as neck, nape of the neck, wrists, and behind the ear lobe. How to choose perfume?: If you are an extrovert and you characterize for being dynamic and resolute, smells that go with your personality are the floral, fresh aromas, lavender and citrus. Man sympathetic personality cheerful and spontaneous should opt for fruit and floral fragrances (mixture of essences give flowers and citrricos like Orange and lemon). Romantic?, you should use warm, sweet aromas and Orientals (perfect balance between flowers and spices). If you are a mature and balanced man, the fragrances that are more in harmony with your personality are fresh and natural aromas. For an introverted personality, shy and quiet go perfectly Oriental fragrances. For elegant, independent, men fine and self-confident, floral aromas are those that best suit your personality. Last man perfume is the face of your personality and only he knows in the depths of his being.