Fundamental Freedoms

Any human right – none other than the responsibilities of others. Instead of saying, "I I have the right ", you can always say," He must do it for me. " Approval of the second. In the relationship of people always comes first duty. Only after the appearance of duties can be said about right. When sewing clothing, along with face and clothes is always a wrong side. In a similar way relate to the duty and right.

Note to the second part: All normal people wear clothes face outside and inside the seamy. Part 8, in which the author tries to fly to the moon and get a job there in the author's right to walk on the moon? Of course there are, who can deny the author to walk on this beautiful celestial ! Only now, unfortunately, no one else's responsibility to deliver on the moon. Nobody wants to take on such responsibility. And just as there is no force would be desirable to realize their inalienable right to walk on the moon! "Citizens have the right to work, that is, to guaranteed employment. " So it was written in the Constitution of the USSR.

And every man really had in Soviet times, the right to work, and the right to work there was a man just because State necessarily suited man on the job. "Everyone has the right to freely use their abilities to work." So now written in the Constitution of the Russian Federation. As can be seen, right to work has disappeared in Russia. That's right it was, but somewhere around the mid-90s of last century it was no more. How is it right could disappear? Yes, everything is simple – the state abandoned its duty to hold people to work. Gone was the duty and then gone right. Part 9 in which the author pays tribute to the Convention on the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms Oh, it is fashionable today to remember the convention, when you need to talk about human rights.