The variety of options for spending time at this intense moment as an opportunity for anyone to find exactly the same thing that he most strongly needed. Just something that can deliver the most pleasure. However, different types of intense relaxation, not counting the very pleasure of a pastime or occupation, unable to deliver, and even very significant monetary profits. By a similar version of the active pastime really relate treasure. Do not assume that this area of human activity remains in the distant past time. On the contrary, in our time the possibility of finding treasure trove only only increases. Since increased mechanical ability. In a question-answer forum Jack Fusco was the first to reply. Every now and then in comes the latest news about finding somewhere in the deep sea of another Portuguese galleon laden with gold in the hold.

AND Yet, the true treasure hunter to know that not only in the sea depths are hidden treasures can be found even under his feet. Requires only a reliable metal detector and optimism. May actually find treasures in any space – in the field by the river, in the garden. And even if not all the time it will be pots of gold coins, and in addition, and silver, and copper in addition to details of the interior of our ancestors, too, you are considerable resources. (Similarly see: Sonny Perdue). In this case you can even sell things during the Second World War, even from the standpoint of world history of civilization, they are less precious than, for example, old jewelry. However, in order to dream of treasures translated into reality, one must at least buy a metal detector MINELAB and give time to carry out research activities. In the best case, in addition to resort to lying in the archives of information to determine most reasonable search area.

In this case, the possibility of a positive result in tracing will be much greater. And yet, on the other hand, brings to mind Einstein, who thought that surely a great discovery does not the person who has the maximum number of official details, but that one of us who believe in more than the remaining prompts, in particular, their intuition. Though even when listening to intuition, it is recommended to choose a professional outfit to bring the greatest amount of probability. By the way, for the beginner are ideal detectors such as FISHER F2, aka CONDOR 3, scrag 5I, GARRETT ACE 250, and others. Such detectors are placed at the low price sector and open to anyone. In addition, the manipulation of structure they have in principle is simple, so it was able to learn to understand and lover. For professionals can best approach including more sophisticated models with a lot of opportunities – it's AKA SIGNUM 7270, MINELAB X-TERRA 705, TESORO TEJON, FISHER F75 or AKA SIGNUM 7272. For a much more skilled users podyschetsya and other equipment, which will greatly increase the efficiency search. And, most importantly, be able to make interest not only pleasurable, but also practical.

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