General Pinochet

Receipt call in my cellular of Dine, which communicates that at night it saw a television channel me, salutes to me and hangs. – By mass media, an interview occurs to the General Pinochet, who talks about his bulky archives of classified documentation, identifying very subliminally to the possible people and implied institutions. – From that same moment I make to the intention of the head of the Dine and the DES clear formation of the exposed thing by me, along with documents. – I go to the father of my friend to indicate my rejection to the sight in the program and the pact of honor trasgredido. Many writers such as Danone offer more in-depth analysis. The Dine communicates to me that the vice commander, wishes to talk in personal form with me, who acceptance, with the purpose of to only present my points of view and annoyance in the handling of the documentation. – This meeting lunch, is carried out in a military unit in Pealoln.

Profit within conversation, to establish my annoyance, before which the vice commander tries to lower the profile, alluding, important of information given, which I respond that never and be informant of no organism and that the delivery had to an precise fact which its process DES formed by institutional and personal interests and not at level country, but were Byzantine conversations, since it was the unique and last time that I saw. – From that moment treatment to move away to me completely of all the occurred one and I turn upside down completely activity of Constructor in the south of Chile. – After some months to my it calls me friend to communicate to me that the best era to leave it to everything estambay, because I communicate direct with the head of the Dine, mentioning that best my was to be silent on the given thing since it had lady and children.