Gift Of The Year 2010

The readers the gift ideas 2010 chose the Internet portal, along with his readers, has the gift of the year 2010 “awards. In a vote could choose the readers from 10 previously nominated gift ideas. Now, the three winners and a trend are fixed. The nominees in the numerous proposals that have sent our readers us in the nomination phase, has the team picked out the 10 best gift ideas. And the choice was difficult because so many great suggestions here were.

The gift ideas that were available were: Wall decoration of individual letter image by sparkling wine with personalized label from. own candy mix by handmade designer chain personalized by olive oil by individual jam by gift box “World tour” by bad chocolate by trees as a gift from who were winners in total almost 1000 part readers to vote. The Now, a cup and a presentation on the home beckons victors. All information about the action gift of 2010 are compiled on the Web page. The company DeinBonbon ranked 1 with almost 30 percent of the vote”. At you can assemble a sweet mixture according to your own taste. First, you select the amount from 250 to 2000 grams. Accordingly many different candy types fit into the candy mix.

Then the choice starts and it goes to the selection of candy. In addition to fruit, herbs and coffee & co, there are also special varieties such as eggnog, caipirinha, Musli banana or chili cherry. For everyone there is something. 2nd place went with around 25 percent of the votes on the cosmetic manufacture SOAP Empire”, which has for example failed SOAP creations in the program. The bad chocolate is ideal for lovers of bath. The bath chocolate looks like tasty slab of white chocolate and contains much healthy cocoa butter. In addition, chocolate fragrance has been added, so that they also like correct chocolate smells. Through the included cocoa and shea butter bath chocolate especially for people with dry skin is perfect, because the skin is optimally maintained and moisturized. “The portal with 8 percent of the vote secured 3rd place on the podium”. On the Web site can wine and champagne bottles are provided with an individual label.The special thing about it is that you can design the label on the bottle with its own text and photo. In this way, an ordinary bottle sparkling wine becomes a personal and individual in a bottle. There are in addition to the ability to design, even pre-made labels on all possible occasions the labels themselves. The trend is one particularly striking: two of the three podium places are occupied by products that are customizable. The trend towards the personalization, which is already visible in the gift industry, seems to confirm so.