Until a few years, Lake Como was almost a secret. Compared to the two well-known Upper Italian Lakes, Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore was the Lago di Como, like the Lake Como in Italy is called, somewhat on the sidelines of the great tourist interest. That has changed in recent years, the perspective is something not least thanks to George Clooney, who has acquired a few years ago on a Lake Como villa in the city on the southwest arm of the lake and Laglio found regularly here in the summer months. In addition, the Lake Como in recent years has become known for big Holywood productions that have used the fantastically beautiful landscape on the lake as a backdrop for her film set (eg Star Wars Episode II, Oceans 12, James Bond – “Casino Royale”). Despite the newfound popularity, which has confirmed all those who have the Lago di Como has always been known as the most beautiful lake in Italy, it’s even on Lake Como in the summer season to more contemplative, even if one of a few tourist hotspots apart. One such tourist hotspots is Domaso, a former fishing village, which is due to its location at one of the wind jets of the lake in recent decades has become a Mecca for all windsurfers on Lake Como. So it can happen quite time that we in July or August on the 2 km long beach area of Domaso has difficulty finding a place to dry on the beach between the outstretched surfboards. But Domaso is the proverbial exception to the rule, because, fortunately, is the Lago di Como in total so far been spared from mass tourism more..

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